Friday, April 14, 2017

Two Good Things Happened Today

I was finally contacted by Wal-Mart for my orientation and I think I'm getting a loan for $5,000.
I've been running around, sending off things like car registration and such to One Main Financial.
I was hoping for a personal loan but it looks like I'll have to put the car up for collateral again.
The credit union wasn't willing to look at a loan for me for a few months; now it looks like I'll get one right away.  I'll get out of my payday loan and my high interest credit cards.
If things work out well maybe I'll be able to go pan for gold again. I want to go to Lee's Ferry in Arizona since Bix Weir says there is tons of gold in the Grand Canyon. Lee's Ferry is where the guy who found all the gold in the bottom of the Grand Canyon staged his operations in the early 1900's.
I want to start there this time. If I don't find gold, there, I'll head out to Sawyer's Bar in California. I belong to the gold mining club that has claims there and it looked to me like there was gold there.
I start my new job this Tuesday. I hope to have some money to buy pants and shoes for the new job.
I'm anxious about being up to unloading trucks all night. We'll see how that goes. If I can stick it out I should be able to get into shape for gold prospecting.
On the political front, it looks like Trump is a disappointment. Maybe it's all part of a sophisticated game he's playing but it looks like he was suckered into bombing the Syrian airport. He's acting like a neoconservative (otherwise known as "war monger"). Of course, that makes him popular with the news media. I hope he is putting one over on everybody. We'll see.
Not much is happening at Java John's tonight. There's no music and nothing going on. I'm listening to Clannad on Pandora. I think I'll watch some of my negative YouTube videos.
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