Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disjointed Ramblings

This is just some disjointed ramblings about my present situation.
I hate my job but it is the key to getting out of debt and preparing for the collapse. Until I’m lifted out of it I have to hang on to it for dear life. I think it’s getting better.
I’ve got to remember to ask Brian if he wants to metal detect with me. We could find old homesteads and look for silver coins. I don’t know how much could be made at that but it would be fun.
I’ve got to start canceling bank and credit card accounts. Tomorrow, I’ll get rid of US bank.
By the end of the week I should get rid of Chase as well. After that First Premier is next in line. I’ll play them off against each other. I want to have a lot of credit with very little owed to anyone.
I also hope to get rid of my etchings. I would like to make money on them but it’s more important to be rid of them.
I don’t know where I’m going to find a decent job. I’m just tired of knocking myself out for a little money.
Dick might die but I think he’ll be cleaned out by the medical establishment before he does so I better not be relying on that for my sustenance.
I’ve got to clean up my apartment and make it habitable. It’s bringing my outlook down.
It’s also time to quit watching my negative YouTube videos. They are getting repetitive; the same people are saying the same things about the currency collapse.
I figure that it will happen but no one knows when and I’m too poor to adequately prepare anyway. I’m just too poor. I’ll just have to take whatever happens.
That reminds me, I need to have around $1000 in cash for the collapse. It would be good to have it in old bills so I could spend some if I get into time travel.
I think I’ll use this for today’s blog.

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