Friday, May 26, 2017

Goodbye to my Russian Readers

For some unknown reason I had quite a few Russian readers last month. They haven't shown up lately, so good bye. You are welcomed to come back at any time.
I  took a couple of days off of work because I was coughing from a cold. I feel fine but I'm coughing loudly and persistently for long periods of time.
I felt that it wasn't a good idea to be working with groceries (as in working as a cashier) and coughing.
I'll go in tomorrow and see how it goes.
On a different topic, I'm not going to pay off any credit card, right away.
I was going to pay off one of my First Premier cards.
Instead, I'm going to buy more ether coin on margin. I've tripled my money in the last week and I feel it will continue. So I'm going to risk it and hopefully make a lot of money.
On the topic of hunting for my 2010 bitcoins, I contacted a hypnotist in La Crosse.
I found a hypnotist in Onalaska but he was retiring and not taking new patients.
He referred me to another one in La Crosse.
He is available on Mondays; unfortunately I tend to work on Mondays. but we'll work it out.
On a larger topic, I'm disappointed with Trump.
He sold $100 billion of weapons to the Saudi's.
To me, it's just so much war mongering.
I figure that at least $5 billion will end up in the hands of ISIS.
They'll say that they are giving them to the Free Syrian Army but that is just a cover for ISIS.
That will continue the war in Syria and Iraq just that much more.
People are saying that the "swamp drained Trump" but I'm not that optimistic.
I have the feeling that Trump was put in his role by the ruling elite (probably the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's).
He always was evil; as in a war mongering neo conservative.
On that note, I'll sign off.
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