Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm applying for another loan.

I've got an account at US Bank. It's only a checking account with a debit card.
I would just as soon close it so I applied for a loan through them. If I don't get the loan I'll just close the account. I don't need it.
If I do get the loan at a low interest rate I'll pay off one of my higher rate credit cards.
Then I'll give them an ultimatum; either they give me more credit at a lower rate or I cancel that account.
I'll go through all of my accounts until I get a reasonable rate of interest on all of my credit card.
I also want to expand my credit as well.
That might help me get through the currency collapse.
Ideally I'll have a lot of credit with no debt in the next year or two.
I also want to buy a trailer that I could live in.
That will give me a lot of options such as living on my own land, or traveling while looking for gold.
Right now, I'm listening to T. Harv Eker.
I like his talks because it helps me move towards getting rich.
Something I'm learning tonight is that I should have my own business that I concentrate on to make me rich.
I've never really had my own business except for snow shoveling.
Harv says that you should do what you love. I need to figure out what that is.
I spend time fixing laptops, investing, and shoveling snow.
I'm too divided with my attention.
My idea tonight is to help people invest in silver and crypto currencies. Maybe I could make a living at it.
It would probably make more sense than working at Wal Mart.
I was thinking about having a store for prepping; but I think that was my fear for the future confusing me.
I'll have to listen to Harv talk about this and see what he says.
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