Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So Should I Borrow Money at a High Interest Rate to Buy Ether Coin?

Ever the gambler, I'm tempted to borrow money to buy crypto currencies, especially Ether Coin.
I've already have over $100 in Ether, now.
A couple of weeks ago I had over $500 in it; but it collapsed and then in the last few days it's coming back.
I think I'll get some of my high interest credit cards paid off (either with a lower interest loan or simply paying them down).
I simply hate paying over 15% for a credit card or a loan. When I'm paying that much for money I feel that I'm being discriminated against due to my poverty.
I applied for an increase in my credit limit on one of my Visa cards today.
I also went by the credit union to see about a loan. I have to have a pay stub for them.
I'll get one tomorrow.
Bitcoin and Ether are both moving up strongly. Ether is taking the lead; actually Bitcoin was a little weak today.
I don't think I'll borrow to buy coins in the near future.
That has always turned out to be a bad idea. I always lose when I'm using borrowed money; then things turn bad quickly. That's when I lose jobs and get sick or something.
I think I'll just be a little patient and pay off my debts.
Of course, if I can arrange a loan at a lower interest rate it would help.
I wasn't going to but I bought an old laptop to fix up again. I just have so many good parts, laying around the apartment that I'm always tempted to assemble another old laptop from those parts.
I saw a laptop (an HP dv6000) that shouldn't be difficult to get running. I think I'll have it running in an afternoon.
I'm making progress in going metal detecting. Both Brian and Raymundo expressed interest in going with me.
I went by Seed Savers to ask Tom for permission to metal detect, there.
He wasn't there but I got a phone number for his direct line. I'll call him tomorrow.
That's all for now.
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