Friday, May 26, 2017

The Song "Dust in the Wind" is just Wrong.

I don't feel that we are just pieces of dust being thrown around by forces larger than ourselves.
That song has a nice melody and some good violin music but it's premise is simply wrong.
We are bigger than our circumstances. In fact we are creating our lives by what we think about all of the time.
For example, if i want to be lifted out of my job at Walmart the first thing to do is to be grateful that I have that job. Genuine gratitude will leave a vacuum that would be filled by another job or opportunity.
Maybe I'll lose the job anyway because of this persistent cough. It might be asthma or something. My mother had problems with asthma. It hasn't gone away and it's been about a week since it started. I've had this happen a lot but I wasn't working as a cashier in a food market, before.
We'll see how it goes.
On other opportunities, my ether coins whipsawed me again. I was thinking it had nowhere to go but up. Then it went down and I lost most of my profits for the week. I sold at a low and I bought back in at a high. It's coming back but I'm worried about future drops.
I'm just going to ride it out.
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