Sunday, May 21, 2017

Things are Going Well

I've worked several times as a cashier at Walmart, now. It's going well. I'm not worn out by the end of the day and I'm picking up on how to do the job.
It's a lot more complex than you would think. There is a lot to remember about running the cash register.
I called Chase bank to get an increase in my credit limit on their card. They declined me.
I was going to close that account since it's my smallest credit limit; but I decided to eliminate the First Premier bank first. They are charging me 35% interest and they charge $50/year just to have the cards. It's a rip off. It'll take a couple of months but I'll get rid of that first.
I wasn't going to buy ether coin on margin but I did. Instead of 5 to 1 margin I'm only using 3 to 1.
I've only got $100 invested but it's already made me a 50% profit.
Tomorrow, I'm applying for another loan. Somebody sent me something saying that I can get 5.9% interest on a loan of $9,000.
It's probably a "bait and switch" scheme. That means they'll offer something in the mail and then switch it when I start filling out forms. We'll see.
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