Friday, May 12, 2017

Two Things

There are two things I feel like bringing up today in my blog.
The first is something about getting back my bitcoins which I misplaced back in 2010.
To that end I’m going to find the hypnotist that I went to last Fall.
At that time I wasn’t able to go deep enough into a trance to go back in time.
This time I’ll spend more time and effort in the process.
At least I should be able to remember just what I was doing about Bitcoin.
That should give me a sense of what to do for the next step for getting back my bitcoins.
The second thing I want to talk about is stocking up food for the financial collapse.
I found that the best bargain for store-able food is at Wal Mart. I can spend $84/month and start stocking up for the future disasters.
I’ve been spending too much on silver and guns; food is the thing that people will really need.
If I stop spending on silver and investing at E trade and spend it on food I’ll be much better prepared for whatever happens.
That reminds me, I saw something on the Internet about Ebola. Apparently it is starting to show up in Africa again.
If I’m right about it hiding in the body and then coming out like shingles, then we are in trouble again. It might show up all over and overwhelm our defenses.
Maybe I’ll have to bug out again. That was one of the main reasons I went to California a couple of years ago.
We’ll see.

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