Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wal Mart Surprised me.

I went in early to Walmart yesterday to tell them that I was quitting.
They surprised me by offering me a job as a cashier.
I put in most of my shift by working behind a cash register. It worked out well.
I wasn't overly tired by the end of my shift and I didn't make many mistakes.
After a while I picked up on how to do the job.
I'll be doing computer training for most of the next week but I'm alright with working on the line.
On a different topic, I'm still making headway in getting out of debt.
I emailed US bank to see how to go about closing my account. I tried to get a loan from them but they declined me; so it's time to close that account.
A loan company sent me an advertisement about a low-interest loan, today. I think I'll apply for it. I still have some rather high-interest credit card. Also the car loan I just took out is rather high-interest. My next account to close will be Chase. Although the interest rate is rather low, it's only for $500 so it's my lowest credit card account. I'll offer to transfer my other balances to Chase if they raise my limit; if not, I'll simply close the account. Either way I win.
I have too many low-credit limit accounts. I only need a few high-limit accounts. I would like to have some credit to help me buy more crypto currency and maybe silver at the right time. It also might help when I buy a trailer.
Things are moving right along.
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