Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm down again in Crypto.

I'm down to about $380 in crypto currencies. My high point was $1200. That was a week or two ago.
I quit my job at Walmart and I now wish I hadn't.
I made a little, yesterday, by holding a sign for J. C. Penny's going out of business sale. Today, it was too windy to work there. The sign is 10 or 12 feet high and the wind whips it around like crazy.
Tomorrow, I'm running by Manpower and seeing what jobs they might have. They are pretty good about keeping me employed.
If I just force myself to stay at home and not go out and eat a lot, I can keep my expenses down to where I can live on my Social Security. I don't really have to work if I don't want to and I can escape my credit card bills by declaring that I'm disabled and not able to pay them. That's what the company that contacted me about debt forgiveness is a about.
I think I'll go to Manpower and keep working and pay off the cards anyway. That way I'll be in better position to get a trailer when it's time.
I still want to have a small acreage and a garden and a few animals as well.
I just have to face the fact that crypto currencies is not the way to wealth for me. It's too volatile. For every big up, there is just as big of a down.

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