Saturday, July 8, 2017

I went to Eldorado to pan for gold.

It was a bust because the water was way too deep to actually get into the water and do any panning. It was a, somewhat, wasted trip.
I talked with Brian about the trip yesterday and he pointed out that it would have made more sense to google about the water levels in Eldorado before going there.
While I was doing research on gold panning in Iowa on the internet I found that gold had been found on the Volga River a long time ago. Since that is only 10 or so miles South of Eldorado I could have gone there as well as to the Turkey River in Eldorado.
I'll keep that in mind for the next trip.
Brian seemed genuinely disappointed that I went on my quest for gold without him. I simply didn't see him that morning so I took off on my own.
I still need a few things to adequately pan for gold, such as a bucket or two and some small flags on wire posts. I would use them to mark the place where I think there is gold.
I was thinking about talking about my schizophrenia tonight. I decided against it to a large degree. It's too embarrassing to admit to all of my wild hallucinations and delusions.
Let's just say that a lot of my delusions involve time travel to battles that (usually) the Marines were involved in for the last couple of hundred years.
If I really look into it I usually find small details that weren't as I remembered them.
An example is that the river at Trenton NJ flowed the wrong direction in relation to my memory. Today I did some research on the battle at Remagan Germany and it was nothing like I remember it.
It's strange when you can't trust your own memories. I don't know how much of what I think is just some sort of hallucination.
I hope I didn't hallucinate my missing Bitcoins. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cryptos are Quiet.

Not much is happening with cryptos today. I'm in litecoin, unleveraged, while nothing is moving much. I'm waiting to get back into ether at 5 to 1 leverage.
I guess it just has to calm down for a while; at least it's not going down.
I went to Onalaska, today. I went to church and afterwards I went to Gander Mountain.
The metal detectors were gone at Gander Mountain. I was tempted to buy some store-able food. It was still a little pricey for me. They were also out of ammo for the Mosin. I guess their sale is moving along pretty well.
I went to the RV place but I forgot to stop at Lansing to price apartments.
The RVs I was interested in were too expensive. I could buy something at about the same price in Cresco.
I forgot to go to Manpower to see about the job in Lansing. My job search needs to be kicked into gear.
It looks like I won't be able to make any money in cryptos; so I'll have to actually work to bring in income.
I just need to find and easy job; I'm getting too old for most of the factory jobs that are available.
It's open mike night at Java Johns and the music just started. I think I'll listen for a while.