Monday, July 31, 2017

I can't seem to Hold onto a Job Any more.

I worked for a half an hour this morning. I was getting winded and sweating a lot so I quit.
I'm just getting too old to do manual labor anymore. I told the girls at Mampower to not find me any more manual labor job; I'm just not up to it any more. I'm too fat and old.
I worked the sign-holding job for 3 days this weekend. That's bad enough.
I'm trying to get Brian to go with me to Eldorado and look for gold.
He wants to go later in the season. It's a bit hot, right now. Sometime in September or October it will be cooler and the water level should be down a lot.
I've got gas in the car so I might go tomorrow. I also should go begging for food at the church pantry.
I would also like to go to church this coming Wednesday. They have a noon service in Onalaska on the first Wednesday of the month.
I think I'll go to church and leave the panning for gold for the weekend.
All sorts of things are happening, politically. I hope it means that the ruling class is being overthrown. It looks like a cesspool to me.
I don't have much to say today.
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