Saturday, July 8, 2017

I went to Eldorado to pan for gold.

It was a bust because the water was way too deep to actually get into the water and do any panning. It was a, somewhat, wasted trip.
I talked with Brian about the trip yesterday and he pointed out that it would have made more sense to google about the water levels in Eldorado before going there.
While I was doing research on gold panning in Iowa on the internet I found that gold had been found on the Volga River a long time ago. Since that is only 10 or so miles South of Eldorado I could have gone there as well as to the Turkey River in Eldorado.
I'll keep that in mind for the next trip.
Brian seemed genuinely disappointed that I went on my quest for gold without him. I simply didn't see him that morning so I took off on my own.
I still need a few things to adequately pan for gold, such as a bucket or two and some small flags on wire posts. I would use them to mark the place where I think there is gold.
I was thinking about talking about my schizophrenia tonight. I decided against it to a large degree. It's too embarrassing to admit to all of my wild hallucinations and delusions.
Let's just say that a lot of my delusions involve time travel to battles that (usually) the Marines were involved in for the last couple of hundred years.
If I really look into it I usually find small details that weren't as I remembered them.
An example is that the river at Trenton NJ flowed the wrong direction in relation to my memory. Today I did some research on the battle at Remagan Germany and it was nothing like I remember it.
It's strange when you can't trust your own memories. I don't know how much of what I think is just some sort of hallucination.
I hope I didn't hallucinate my missing Bitcoins. We'll see.

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