Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I've got Three Things I'm Thinking about today.

T. Harv Eker has a program to help people determine what is their true goal in life.
I feel that having a goal is what is missing in my life. Most people have a family and simply raising kids and providing for them gives them a major goal for their life.
I don't have that and I tend to go from one "get rich quick'' scheme to another. I always lose because these schemes (like options, precious metals, art and crypto-currencies) turn out to be just something that the rich people set up to scam the poor.
A guy named Jordan Peterson was interviewed on Stefan Moleneux the other day on the same topic. He said that he has a program to help people (Sort Themselves out).
I may use Harv's program because I met him at Luther College and I will probably be loyal to him.
Of course, I'll probably go with whichever program is cheaper since that's all I can afford; if I can afford that.
I'm also thinking about going panning for gold in Eldorado, Iowa. It's about 30 miles from here.
I was thinking about riding my bicycle there to get more exercise and save gas money. It would be terrific exercise and I need to do something to keep in shape.
The third thing I'm thinking about today is mining for Monero. That's a crypto-currency that a person can use their normal computer to mine and get some coins.
My power is paid as part of the rent so it wouldn't cost me anything. It's worth trying to make some money and I like the encryption involved with Monero.

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