Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Lack of Focus

I feel that I've been demonstrating a lack of focus, lately.
I should be doing everything that I can to get to California and panning gold. Instead, I've been buying gold and silver and fixing the motor home.
Of course, I need the motor home to live in while I'm panning gold; and getting gold and silver is why I want to go to California in the first place.
Maybe I'm just being impatient. Lack of patience is something I learned in the Marine Corps. It's essential to getting things done on a timely basis.
I'm also trapped by having a part-time job. I'm bringing in income that makes the move possible in the first place. Without the money coming in from my job I would never have considered going to California. I almost hope I get laid off so I can run out there immediately.
I feel that I'll make more money out there but I have a sure thing going on here.
My present plan is to wait until after next March to make my move. That way I can bring in some income by shoveling snow. I do quite well at that. Of course, I'll end up spending most of that money on gold and silver from EBay.
I've cut my expenditures a lot by moving into a different apartment. Not only was the rent less but I'm getting free Internet. I figure that I'm saving over $100/month by living here.
I just need to find ways to make more money in the summer. I got a landscaping job on Fridays. That will help.
I need to sell more of my etchings. I collect etchings by an artist named Malcolm Childers.

I put one of my favorites above. It's named "Frenchy's Flathead Flyer". It's an etching of a vehicle that a junkyard mechanic (named Frenchy) put together from various vehicles in the 1970's. I guess he used it to run around the desert in Nevada. It looks like a lot of fun. 
Well, I'm going home to work on one of my laptops. It doesn't charge up the battery correctly and I have the part that should fix it. 
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