Sunday, June 8, 2014

Glendon says I can simply buy gold

I was watching Glendon Cammeron on his YouTube site yesterday. He said that he bought a lot of gold jewelry from people who don't know the value of gold, through garage sales.
Maybe I could do that. I wouldn't have to go traipsing throughout the country trying to find gold. I could just go to auctions and garage sales and pick up what people have for sale.
I could finance it with a credit card. I have a Visa card that hasn't been used much. I hate to get even more in debt; but I think it's a good idea to have gold. I just don't trust the currency. That's why I'm planning on going to California and panning for gold.
My plans to go to California took a hit last week. I had to pay $385 to get the fuel pump replaced on my van. That set me back by at least a month.
If I spend money on gold here, I may not get out to California until next year.
I'm looking into shipping the motor home out to California by truck or train. The owner of an RV dealership told me that it might cost $1000 to have an RV towed if it breaks down. If I have it shipped I would not only save on gas but I would eliminate to possibility of it having to be towed. I think a train would be even less expensive than a truck.
Maybe I'll just forget about fixing it up and ship it out to California, first. After all, what I need a motor home for is to live in, not to drive around with. I've got the van to drive around with.
Another thing I have to look into is whether I bought bitcoins during the summer of 2010. I remember reading something about bitcoins on the Internet, then. I think I went through the process of buying them. The computer and hard drive that I had them on died and they probably went to bitcoin heaven. But it's possible that I opened up a wallet on a site named Coinbased. I'm going to send them an email this week and see if they had a record of me, back then. It's not too hopeful.
Well, I've got to go home and unpack some boxes.

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