Saturday, June 21, 2014

Got New Tires for the Motor Home

I got the new tires put on my motor home today.
I've taken to calling it "The Beast" for the way it drives. It reminded me of an old movie "The Beast". It was about the battle between an Afghan fighter and the driver of a Russian tank. This motor home drives like that tank.
On other news, the Ebola outbreak was called "out of control". I don't think I'll panic quite yet. It seems to be attacking health care people and people who bury the bodies. I don't think normal people will get it very often. It seems to be spread through body fluids.
It might hit Africa hard since they have a lack of infrastructure. I hope it stops there. If it mutates to an airborne contagion it will kill 50 to 90 percent of the human population.
I hope to have the motor home ready to run to the north woods if that happens.
I think that a financial collapse is more likely though.
That reminds me, gold spiked by over $40 last Thursday. I didn't see any real reason for it so maybe it's the long-awaited hyperinflation. Oil also went up on the Iraq crisis. Maybe that's what spiked gold. If it keeps going up next week it's hyperinflation.
I priced taking the motor home to California by train. They wanted $14,000. That's more than it would cost to get a fairly new motor home in California. I told them to forget it.
I'll have to rent a car trailer to tow my van behind my motor home. It looks like that will cost $400 to $500. It will be worth it.
My plan is to go by next March. I'm having trouble financing the move. And I can make money shoveling snow in the winter. That should be enough to get going. Maybe I can hit up Faye for some money to make it happen sooner. I could offer her interest and maybe have her hold my gold and silver as collateral.
I need to do some sort of landscaping to make money in the summer. I need the money to make my move. I do so well in the winter but summers are a waste to me, here.
I've run out of things to talk about for now.
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