Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Slow Saturday Afternoon

There doesn't seem to be much news about Ebola today.
Nothing is happening with my motor home.
The currency hasn't collapsed yet.
I'm just drinking coffee at Java Johns, listening to Pandora (Government Mule Station) and polishing off a bagel.
I have no idea of what to talk about.
I noticed that I have a lot of viewers from Ukraine. Maybe I should comment about that situation. Maybe not; I don't know.
I lean towards the Russian side of the conflict. It looks to me like flight M17 (or whatever it was named) was shot down by the Ukraine government to blame it on the rebels. I just don't see any reason the Russians or the rebels would shoot it down.
I hope that peace breaks out and they have a referendum or something.
I suppose I just offended half of my readers from Ukraine. Oh well, that's just the way I see it, now. I could be wrong.
If Ebola keeps doubling the number of cases every 20 days, nothing else will matter much anyway.
I see that the CDC is saying that there could be 1.4 million cases by the end of January. If that happens it will really take off, from there.
A lot of people think that it won't affect the U.S.A very much but I think that is just "Normality Bias". Simply put that means that people think that things will remain the same simply because they always have.
I think that once it gets into our cities it will spread almost as fast as in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia. Time will tell.
A lot of people on YouTube are saying that the economy will collapse this Winter. Most are saying I will happen during the latter part of October or the first part of November. Some are saying it will happen in January.
If it doesn't happen I'll have to rethink watching those things. Maybe the system is so corrupt that it can go on forever. After all, we've had paper currency since 1971 and it still goes up in value. Maybe it can continue forever. Even if it does, I'm going after gold next year. I feel that gold will always have value.
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