Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EBay is Acting Strange

I tried logging in to EBay several times, today, and failed. It kept saying that I had the wrong password. It finally let me log on even though I used the same password that I used before  
I figure that the NSA was messing with me. I don't plug into the controlled press so I'm probably seen as a threat to them. Maybe they are trying to take away the money that I made by selling one of my etchings.
Well, we are another day closer to the inevitable currency collapse. I don't know why everything has held together as well as it has. Today someone being interviewed by Greg Hunter on YouTube said that by his calculations we should have had a currency collapse  two years ago. So much for timing economic events.
I saw on CNBC that people on Wall Street were more positive than any time since 1987. I see that as an indication of a pending collapse.
Talking about pending collapses, the Ebola outbreak may actually be getting worse. Now, they are having trouble moving food because of the fear of spreading the contagion. It may be that more people will die of starvation than die of Ebola. There was really no good news about what is going on in West Africa, today. Only time will tell how bad things will get, there. I think the WHO's estimate that 20,000 people may die of the disease is overly optimistic.
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