Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The End is Near

I was just watching Greg Hunter interview a guy whose last name is Organ, on You tube.
He is an expert on precious metals. He was saying that by December we will run out of silver. There is simply more being used to produce solar panels and such than is being mined. He predicted that silver will go to $200/ounce. I can't remember how high he thought gold would go.
He thinks that we will have major disruptions, then. We'll see.
On the Ebola front, an official of the Liberian government said that Ebola could destroy Liberia. There was a lot of alarming news out of Africa, today. Travel and trade is being shut down.
The good news is that money is starting to flow to Africa to fight Ebola. Bill Gates donated $50 million to fight it. That is on top of other countries and agencies spending money for the fight.
The bad news is that it's getting harder to find doctors and nurses to actually put their lives at risk to treat Ebola patients. I think we are still behind the 8 ball when it comes to Ebola.
A lot more people are using the word exponential when it comes to describing the spread of Ebola.
I watched a YouTube video on RT that discussed Ebola as an STD. It made me wonder if they saw my blog a few weeks ago. I hope they did because that possibilty needs discussion.
Well, Nick came into the Co-op where I'm writing the blog so I'll sign off for now.
I'm back. I forgot to mention that I went prospecting in a stream in Decorah. I thought that the asteroid that made the crater, that Decorah is built in, might have some metals. I found that there was nothing but limestone rocks in the stream. Therefor there is no hope of finding metals in the local streams. I might keep looking but I'm not hopeful. That is probably why no one else has found any gold or silver around here.
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