Monday, July 20, 2009

Another laptop bites the dust

One of my Gateway laptops developed an intermittent problem, this morning. It acts like I'm opening many options very quickly. This one is missing a CMOS battery. So I'll buy a battery and see if that fixes it. I don't think it will, since this problem has shown up on this computer,before. I think I'll just have to scrap it out. That's probably why someone sold it on Ebay in the first place.
I keep having problems with the word processor that comes with this blog. I need to learn how to use another one and then transfer it to the blog.
Another thing I need to look into is a list of recommended books. I read somewhere that you can add that to your blog.
I included a picture of the dining area at the co-op. It's where I write these blogs a lot. I can have a banana for under 40 cents and spend an hour or so just computing. One problem, though, is their connection. It's very restricted. I can't get to my emails, or Etrade. It's also so slow that it messes up my streaming audio. Another problem is that they have 50s music on their PA system. It's so loud that I couldn't hear my audio, if it was working.
I'm now trying to load my New Age music that is on the hard drive. I'm having problems with that, as well.
I got Banshee to work. Now I can listen to my own music. But the background noise is drowning out my music. I think I'll go to Bookends which is always quiet and their internet always works. If it wasn't for the bananas, I don't think I would come here much.
For the disabled. You are probably wondering what there is to do with your time, now that you have more time than money:
1. Take up reading. You can go to the library for free and check out books. They usually have books for sale, as well. You can probably get some paperbacks for 50 cents or less. They might have free internet access for your laptop as well. Ours has it. And its the fastest internet in town.
2. Get a hobby. Mine is fixing old laptops. It comes from my 35 years as an electronics technician. I like fixing things. I don't have the test equipment or the documentation to go very deep into repairing old laptops. But I enjoy the feeling of getting something to work.
3. Volunteer. There are places that need retired people to put in their time and expertise. SCORE Service Corps OF Retired People is one of them. They are retired business people who help others get and keep their business running. The library is a place to ask about such groups.
The co-op also needs volunteer dishwashers. They get a discount on their purchases.
4. Join organizations. I'm in the Democrat party. You might think about the United Way and other such charity organizations. The food pantry, here, is run by, and at the Lutheran Church. They need people to process the recipients of their food.
5. Hang out at coffee shops and read newspapers, and surf the Web. That's what I do with much of my time. It's also a good place to read books.
Feel free to list other options in the comments section.
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