Friday, July 17, 2009

Cold day in July

It's July and it's cold enough to wear jackets. What's with the weather?
I walked from Freeport to Bookends and Beans and then back again. That's close to 9 miles. I had to wear a pullover sweatshirt. It's that cold. normally we would be dropping from the heat at this time of year. Maybe we have global warming to blame for the cold. It's probably warm as heck at the Arctic. I appreciate the cold, though.
I didn't post yesterday. I was so caught up in fixing old laptops that I forgot. I got the sound to work on the 2 Thinkpad 390X's. I loaded Linux Mint 7 and then loaded the updates. Apparently one of the updates fixes the problem. I had one of them revert back to not working on the sound, today. I tried everything I could think of. Then I reloaded Linux Mint and did the updates and it worked.
I got the bad Gateway 9300 working. I just put a working hard drive with Suse Linux on it, in. I had to find some good memory cards but the noisy problem went away. It is still missing the memory cover and a good CMOS battery. I'm tempted to use duct tape for the memory cover. The battery is on order at Venture Computers. I'm tempted to take the bad battery to Radio Shack and see if they have one.
I didn't get the picture loaded today because I left the Sandisk memory card at home. I might be able to load a picture of the huge cat, but you saw that a couple of days ago.
I actually sold one of my old laptops. Dave, at WRAP bought one of the Gateways. He's working so he isn't really a charity case. His wife will get a lot of use out of it, since she's going to school, this Fall.
I might be able to get some pictures, later. I'm going to the co-op to update the Gateway. I put a marginal hard drive into the good Gateway. I loaded Suse Linux, on it. Now, I'm going to update it.
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