Friday, July 10, 2009

Day off at the fair

I went to the fair, today, thinking that I had committed to manning the booth for the Democrats. It turned out that I should have been there yesterday. I just left because I had laptops to work on.
I got 2 thinkpad 390x's in the mail. I'm trying to load Mandriva 2009 on one. It's doing strange things. Maybe they are just too old for a modern Linux. If so, I'll use an older form of Linux. I may have troubles with the wifi card, though. If I can get them to take ndiswrapper, I'll be ok. That is a program which enables a person to use Windows wifi card drivers in Linux. It even works with old computers.
I got 2 hard drives working with the Gateway Solo 9300. One of the laptops is pretty fast at 750 Megherz. I loaded the hard drives, one at a time, on that machine, and they both work. When I get a CMOS battery for the other Gateway, I'll put the hard drive into it. The other Gateway has an intermittent problem that is probably the CPU. It warms up and goes flaky. Maybe I can get all three to work.
Dave at WRAP said that his wife is looking into getting on the TAA program. That pays people unemployment to go to college if they lost their job due to foreign competition. Her job went to Mexico, so she qualifies. I'm going to see if she can use one of the laptops. The fast Gateway would be good for her. I think I'll ask for some money. I can use that to put together other computers.
The TAA program will extend your unemployment for up to 2 years if you are going to school. She is going to become a dietitian. I wish her well.
I uploaded a picture of the fireplace, at Bookends and Beans. It's such a nice place to download updates and all the other computing that I do. There are convenient ac outlets so you can always keep your battery charged up.
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