Sunday, July 5, 2009

Deciding on Disability

I missed all of my number for the lottery, again. Nothing I seem to do changes this.
I wanted to upload a picture but I forgot that my pictures are on the other computer. I've got some on a memory stick but I only have one usb port on this computer and I'm using it for the Wifi module.
At least the old Thinkpad 390 is working. It's slow and I'm thinking about getting the shell of a 390X to replace the CPU. I could use all of the other stuff off of this machine to get it going. I could use a decent battery. This one lasts less than 5 minutes. Uusally it turns off the second I pull the plug.
On the disability front. I think you should apply for disability even if you feel that you could work.
First of all the disability people will probably turn you down, anyway. That's their job. They keep the government expenses down by declining you.
If you get a decent job while you are waiting, you can always just drop your claim. If you lose your job, you can keep your claim active. I've mentioned going to school while you have an active claim. School doesn't disqualify you for disability. And you might have to drop out, anyway.
Keeping your claim active simply keeps your options open.
Also you may feel that you're not really disabled. For many diseases, denial is common. It's easy to feel that you are just going through some temporary setbacks. But if you look over your life you might see that it is a recurring pattern. Let the doctors decide whether you rate disability. That is their job. I'm presuming that you have a diagnosis, if not, take it up with your doctor.
After all, you've been paying into Social Security for your working life. Now is the time to get some of that money back.
I'm thinking of buying some more Delphi bonds, tomorrow. I can't see risking any more that $200 on something that risky, but the payout could be substantial.
I'll see about loading some pictures and then reconnecting to the internet.
I found a couple of old pictures from a 15 year old camera (Polaroid 320). I doubt that they will look as good as my new Sakar camera, but we'll see. Its a picture of my home in Decorah, Iowa.
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