Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dropping the lottery numbers?

I uploaded a picture of the Upper Iowa River, viewed from Dug Road Trail.
I never did list my lottery picks, yesterday. That is because I never got around to picking them. I'm discouraged about dowsing for the lottery numbers. It just doesn't seem to work. If anyone wants me to continue, leave a message on the comments. Otherwise, I'll just drop that.
I'm still waiting for all sorts of computer stuff that should be in the mail. I've got 10 memory sticks coming and 2 laptop computers. I also have an AC adapter that should have been here. I sent an e-mail to the seller, asking about it. It's been a couple of weeks since I paid for it.
I think I'll load Windows 2000 on my good laptop. It will mess up my Ubuntu Linux. I'll have to reload Linux. I think I'll try Mint Linux. It's based on Ubuntu but apparently it handles the things like Adobe and Java better. I'll see.
On the disability front. Be prepared for a long wait to get your Social Security. I think there is gender bias, because most of the women that I know who got it, did so, in a few months. Men on the other hand, take about 3 years. You have to fight for it.
If you get almost any job in that time, you will be disqualified. If you are making a , significant income, (by their standards) you are disqualified.
Six months after you apply, you will probably be rejected. Then you file an appeal. After another six months, you will be rejected again. Then you appeal again. Somewhere in there you will talk to their psychiatrist or doctor. They will ignore him even though he may be on your side.
After about 1 1/2 years you will come up for a hearing. Then, you should probably hire a lawyer. Don't worry about the lawyer, he won't get very much of your settlement. It's either 25% of your settlement or $5300, whichever is less. In my opinion, the lawyer didn't do much for me. I did all of the talking and we just watched the key witness say that he didn't feel that I could be expected to work. That witness came from the Workforce Development. He was there at the behest of the judge. I don't think my lawyer said 5 words. It was really a slam-dunk. I don't know why they had to drag it out so long. I guess they do that with everyone.
If you are a veteran, keep in mind that there are all sorts of benefits that you might qualify for. There are 2 types of pensions from the VA. The most common is the (Service Related) pension. This applies if you became at all disabled, due to something that happened while you were in the service. This is on a scale of something like 10% to 100%. If you were !00% disabled, you wouldn't be able to move. The payout is something like $100/month to $2200/month. One of the advantages of this is that you can get all of your tuition paid for if you go to college for up to 4 years. You would also get a monthly stipend while you go to school. I think it is around $500 to $600/month.
The other pension is for being disabled after serving in time of war. It's all or nothing. You are either disabled or not. That is the pension that I was on. It pays $930?/month. It goes up each year so I'm not certain of where it's at now. There is no college with this one. And you can't make outside income while you collect it. If you did, you might not be considered disabled.
The market took a nose-dive, today. The Dow is off 223 points.
I think you should probably avoid stocks. As long as our jobs are going to China, I think unemployment will climb. The high oil prices will strangle the market a,s well as the world's economy. If you have money, maybe you should invest in bonds, for now.
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