Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm just hanging out at the co-op, swatting flies and bidding on computer parts on Ebay.
This morning I finished adding updates to a couple of Thinkpad 390s. They both had small hard drives, under 3 gig. I took some programs off of them so that they would load. It took about 4 hours at Magpies.
Magpie did a good business, today. Most of the time it was crowded. They only serve breakfast on Sundays, but that looked good. I'm trying to lose weight so I only had coffee. I'm also trying to get more of my money into Delphi bonds so I'm skimping on everything else. Right now I'm at the co-op with a 33 cent banana. I do have to get serious about saving money and losing weight.
I'm thinking about going swimming at the pool at Luther College, tomorrow morning. I'll have to get up early, and I'm thinking about taking a bicycle to Luther.
It would be a good habit to get into. The use of the pool at Luther only costs $15/year. I've already paid it. That and the bicycling would be a significant increase in activity for me. I think that would really kick my weight loss in gear.
That reminds me, I was going to mention some money saving ideas for people waiting for their disability to come through, or anyone who is really broke:
1. Buy off the dollar menu at McDonalds. Its cheaper than what you can cook at home.
2. Collect beer cans for redemption, if you live in a state that pays you back for beer cans.
3. If you still drink coffee at restaurants, go to places that have free newspapers.
4. Cancel your internet service and use a cheap laptop at coffee shops, with free newspapers.
5. Go to auctions for cheap furniture.
6. Go to Goodwill and such places for cheap clothes and general stuff. They even have cheap laptops.
7. I've already mentioned food stamps and food pantries in previous posts
Well I've got to go to Ebay and see if I bought anything.
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