Sunday, July 19, 2009

Intermittant memory problems

I got up early, this morning. The first thing I did was to go for coffee at Java Johns. Then I went home and started the memory check program that comes on the installation disk of many forms of Linux.
I discovered a memory problem on one of my Thinkpads. It appeared that all of my memory sticks were bad. When I tried them in the other Thinkpad, they worked. I tried replacing the CMOS battery. Then I tried swapping the cd players. The problem stayed with the computer. Maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard. I don't know. I decided not to give away that computer. It would just have intermitant problems. I'll use it for scrap. I might get another shell of a Thinkpad 390X and put everything into it. I'll see.
I got the other Thinkpad's sound to work. I loaded Suse 11.1, and then used alsaconf. It had to be run from the command line. I had to tell it not to modify modprobe. What ever that is. It worked until I loaded the updates. Then I had to do it again.
I loaded a picture of Barret. He was pointing his table cleaning sprayer at me, at the co-op.
He's back lit so I don't know if it will turn our very well.
I'm at the co-op now. I'm listening to New Age music on the Thinkpad while I type away. I'm being a bit cheap, today. It's Sunday, and I don't feel like going to the ATM. I've got a couple of dollars until I cash Dave's check for the Gateway.
The internet from the co-op isn't working at all. I'm hooked up to someone whose router is named Linksys.
That all for now. I think I'll go home and run the memory checking program on the 2 Gateways.
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