Thursday, July 9, 2009

Troubles with the camera

I'm having trouble getting my camera to work with Linux. I won't upload a picture today.
I got a new, old laptop in the mail today. 2 of my hard drives won't work with it. I got a hard drive with Ubuntu Linux working. I think I'll give it to Dave's wife. She's going to school, this fall. She'll need a good computer, but I think this one will do the job.
I went to see Patty Judge, yesterday. I didn't get to talk with her and I left my camera at home.
I did get to talk with Mary Jo Wilhelm. She's a state representative. I told her that we should legalize marijuana. I'm for the recreational use. It's still cheaper than beer. It would be an important cash crop for a lot of people in this state.
John Franzen butted in and came out for industrial hemp. I guess it has a lot of uses, none of which will get you high.
Well they are about ready to close up Bookends and Beans. I'll have to get going. Maybe I can go to the co-op and upload some pictures.
I never did get the camera to work with Linux but I uploaded a picture of Bookends and Beans. It's where I drink a lot of coffee.
On the disability front. If you are disabled, have you gone to support groups. I've been to many.
When I was in college I had a drinking problem so I joined AA. It was a lot of fun. The people attending participated a lot. Everybody had a lot to say about whatever the topic was.
I developed a gambling problem with commodities. I went to those meetings for a couple of years and it was similar to AA.
I feel that the 12 step programs spend too much time on guilt trips. I never harmed anyone other than myself so I don't know why it was so important for me to take an inventory. It was good to talk with people who had similar problems, though.
I tried starting a Schizophrenics Anonymous group. I ran it for a couple of years but the other people were so (out of it) that I didn't feel that I was accomplishing anything.
Something I found interesting was how many Gamblers Anonymous people were also schizophrenic. A Gamblers group I attended had 10 regular attendees. Out of those 10, 4 of them told me that they were also schizophrenic.
I now attend a group called WRAP. That stands for Wellness, Recovery, Action, Plan. It's attended mostly by mentally ill people. I kind of like it. Sometimes it turns into a pity-party. Sometimes people go on and on about their troubles.
I think self-help groups are a good thing but nothing replaces just taking charge of your life.
Personal responsibility is one of the main tenants of WRAP.
The market didn't seem to do much today. Tomorrow there will be news about the GM bankruptcy.
See you then.
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