Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Improved Password Recovery

They've improved the password recovery on Blogger. All that I needed was my phone number and email account to get the password changed. I'll have to write down the new password so I don't forget it.
Not much is happening here. I'm still working on old laptops. I got one from E-bay the other day that was quite sick. It had a checker board display and wouldn't boot. I charged up the battery and changed the memory modules and it seems to be good except for a dead DVD player. I have to save up money to change that. When I get one I'll sell it on E-bay. I also decided to sell one of my etchings on E-bay. I'm tired of being broke all the time. If I can move the etchings I'll have plenty of money.
I messed up a couple of my laptops the other day. One of them had a problem that appeared to be with the power board. So I tried a power board out of the other laptop. It turned out that the boards weren't compatible. I ended up messing up the logic boards on both of them. It will cost hundreds of dollars to repair. I might just pull the good parts out and get other laptops to working. I'm giving up on Ibooks. I can't get streaming video to work with them. If they have Macintosh software on them they are fine. Linux doesn't support Flash on PPC computers. That's probably why they are so cheap.
I had a surprise bill from an old credit card the day before yesterday. I'm still paying for credit cards from 10 or 12 years ago. I was afraid that I would have to stop having coffee at Java John's to save up and pay for it. It turned out that I've already paid towards my account here. I'll just cut back to 1 cup a day and I should be fine. It would be nice to have a little leeway when it comes to money.
I've been reading a book by Wayne Dyer that states "There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem". I started reading it last September and it took me until now to finish it. It's mostly been sitting and waiting for me to get to it. It's a good book and it's really inspires me. Dyer sees everything as being energy. He feels that everything is simply frequency vibrations. A person who is at a higher frequency has good things coming his way. A lower frequency person attracts bad things. I obviously have been on a low frequency for the last few months. That's why I have shingles and poverty. I need to break out of that thinking. I've been doing the daily lession from the Christian Science Church. I also have taken up reading Dyer's book. I'll read it a second time. There is also a daily meditation on the Internet for Christian Scientists. I'll break this cycle.
That's all for now. I'll try to get back to leaving more blogs.