Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I might be able to buy crypto for fiat at Kraken.

I was researching where I can buy crypto for fiat and I came up with Kraken (where I already have an account).
I think I just have to upgrade from a tier 2 to a tier 3 account and I can use my bank account to buy crypto. It will require sending in more identification documents. I'll look into it tomorrow.
Gemini is still processing my passport. I don't know what is taking so long. Maybe the picture was fuzzy but it looked good to me.
I guess everybody is trying to get signed up at the same time.
Something happened tonight that made me think about things.
A friend of mine (Brian) was told that a freezer had broken at a grocery store and thousands of dollars worth of food had been thrown out.
He asked me for a ride to that store so he could scrounge through the garbage bins for some good food.  I turned him down because I didn't want to be in the freezing cold for some, thrown away, food.
It got me thinking about a lot of things:
First, Brian is probably in worse financial shape than I was aware of. A few days ago I was suspicious that he might be shoplifting for food.
I know that he was offended at a food pantry that was run by a church that they gave food to illegal aliens. I don't think he ever went back there even though that was the best place to get free food in town. He's probably having a harder time of it than I was aware of; and I should be aware because he hits me up for free coffee all the time at Java Johns.
Second, it got me thinking about myself. Why was I too proud to go and get some (perfectly good food). I'm not too proud to avoid going to the food pantry. I've been know to walk for miles to collect aluminum cans for redemption. I haven't done that lately since I can get by on Social Security.
So what makes me too proud to pick up food behind the grocery store?
Instead I just spend money at the co-op and look down my nose at Brian. What a hypocrite I am.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I may not be able to Arbitrage Either After All

I was just comparing the price of Either and Bitcoin between Coinbase and Gemini. They were identical. Tonight there is no opportunity to make money based on the spread of the prices because there is no spread.
I swear that a couple of days ago there was a big spread. Maybe somebody else is arbitraging in a big way and, therefore, they shut down the opportunity.
I'm still waiting to be verified at Gemini so there is nothing I could do anyway. I'll just watch the prices and see if it spreads again.

I Might be able to get the Arbitrage Thing Working.

I'm still waiting to be verified on Gemini. It's taken over 3 days to check my passport to be sure that I'm really me. Of course 2 of those days were on a weekend and the third day was Christmas. I have to expect it would take a while.
I sold some Bitcoin Cash for fiat in my credit union account. I was hoping it would take less than an hour but it took about 8 hrs. Of course that's better than the 3 days it said it would take.
Maybe there is hope that I can get one or two arbitrage things in on a day. I'll see.
I have to have accounts at both Gemini and Coinbase to make it work. Transferring the Either won't be a problem; that'll take less than 10 minutes. But getting it through a buy and sell cycle at the bank will take much longer. The more time it takes the better the opportunity that the market will go against me and I won't be able to do anything about it.
The banks get a fee of about $3.00 for a $200 move so that is $3.00 off of my profit.
I'll try it after I get my Gemini account opened.
On other news, there are a lot of articles about people going to hypnotist to help them find their missing Bitcoins. That's what I'm doing. I just don't have the money to pay the guy in N. Carolina a Bitcoin to try and then 5% of the found coins. If I had the money I would go to him but the guy in Ames is a lot cheaper and I think he'll help me find them.
I went to visit my brother, yesterday. I spent all day on the road. It's over a four hour trip to Holstein, Iowa from here.
It was a fun trip since I listened to Country Western Christmas music both going and coming from my visit.
He didn't want my laptop that I took him. I found out that he did have internet access. But he didn't seem to want to get on the internet for some reason. It didn't seem like him. Oh well.
A mandolin player is about to start preforming at Java Johns so I'll sign off for now.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Free Money?

I think I might have stumbled on to a way to actually make free money.
Arbitrage is loosely defined as buying something on one market at a low price and selling it elsewhere for more money.
I might have found a way to arbitrage crypto currencies.
I read an article last week about how a credit union association was using blockchain technology to speed up their transactions. Normally it takes three days to get money into or out of a bank.
If they are doing this they have cut that time to a matter of minutes.
This will enable me to buy ETH on Gemini and sell it at Coinbase at a noticeable profit (maybe $20 for every $1000 invested).
I noticed that my transfers to and from my Credit Union took a lot less time than I anticipated last week. I'm going to the credit union next Tuesday and ask them if they are using the new system. Maybe I can start doing it Wednesday. Monday is Christmas and I'm hoping to visit my brother on Tuesday.
About other news, Bitcoin is fluctuating a lot, lately. It went down by about 30 or 40% a couple of days ago. It made back most of the loses today. I consider it a normal thing for crypto currencies. I'm holding on for dear life in Bitcoin cash, Ether, and Monero. It's just the way it is. I hope it doesn't affect my arbitraging much.
That's all I have for now. Good luck with your arbitraging and I'll see you, later.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Not Much is Happening.

I haven't posted for a while because not much is happening.
I still have my cold but I started actually sneezing; so it's finally breaking up.
I've got some money in Bitcoin and Litecoin but they aren't really doing much. They just fluctuate. I think there is an upward trend but it's in a holding pattern.
I've been spending too much at the co-op. I like to eat there because it's organic and local but it simply costs too much. It's similar to Whole Foods which has a nickname of Whole Paycheck. Retired college professors and other rich people eat there. I shouldn't; I need to get food from Safeway and simply eat at home.
At least the snow shoveling has begun. I made $50 shoveling snow a couple of days ago. I hope it's a snowy year. The last 2 years it hasn't really snowed much. I barely made any money shoveling; in fact, I barely kept up with my coffee and doughnut bill.
Regina will be singing and playing the piano soon so I think I'll sign off for now. I really don't have much to say, anyway.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I Went to the Doctor Yesterday

I was worried that I might have pneumonia so I went to a doctor at the V.A.
Apparently the vaccine for pneumonia is working since I really haven't had that disease since I had the shot.
I just have a chest cold and she recommended that I take something called Muscelex.  I think I misspelled that but I couldn't find out how to spell it.
I went to the co-op and they didn't have it so I tried a honey based medicine. It seems to be working.
That led to a screw up yesterday. I had my medicine in my car while I was at Barnes & Noble in Onalaska. I went out to the car to take a snort of the medicine and I forgot that my laptop was still at the table at the bookstore. I drove all the way home before I realized my mistake.
I called them and confirmed that the laptop was there; then I went back today to pick it up.
At least the cold seems to be breaking up; at least I'm coughing more and getting more flem out.
I think I'll be fine in a couple more days.
I bought a few hundred dollars of Litecoin and Bitcoin today. At least I'm in position to make some money. I think I'll have some more money this Friday. I'll put it all into crypto currency.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Feel like I'm Coming down with Something.

I feel feverish and tired. Maybe I simply didn't get much sleep last night; but I feel like I might be coming down with something.
It's been a long time since I've been sick. i just hope it's not pneumonia. I've had that several times. I always feel like I'm knocking on heaven's door when I have that.
At least my car is working and I can make it to the V.A. clinic if I have to. Antibiotics normally cures it in no time.
I sold the majority of the coins. I went to a place called "American Rarities". I was disappointed with the price but it was the same that a coin shop offered me.
I might use the money for a down payment on a trailer. I could move to a reservation in Arizona and pay $500/yr. for the space rental. We'll see what happens.
The pricey coin will sell in March at an auction in Baltimore. It didn't grade as high as the folder said but it's still a good coin and I hope we get some interest in the bidding.
I'm hoping to do some traveling next Summer. Maybe I'll have a trailer that I can live in whilst traveling.
I watch all sorts of YouTube videos saying that there is a cabal of pedophiles who are about to be busted. Nothing ever happens. Maybe the justice system is so corrupt that they can't do anything. That's the way it appears. I guess I'll just stop watching those things. It's like the dollar; nothing happens no matter how evil it is.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Haven't Blogged for a While.

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged for a while.
I've been busy trying to get my car running and taking pictures of my coins and indexing them.
My car has had two problems: first the battery died and Dan the mechanic thought it was the alternator, then the front brakes wore out.
I can't afford the $300 that a mechanic wants to replace the pads and rotors so I'm trying to get it done by a friend of mine named Brian. I had to buy the parts and tools to get it done but Brian is a bit depressive and he doesn't get things done quickly. Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow.
I'll get the car up and take off the left wheel before Brian shows up tomorrow. Maybe I'll save myself a few silver coins and just do it myself. I have a YouTube video about how to do it. It doesn't look that hard.
I got my coins all neatly photographed and entered into a data base called "OpenNumismat". It's an open source data base for coins. It really helps me keep all the information in one spot.
It took a while to get it all entered but it makes it a lot easier to find info on the coins.
The music has started at Java Johns and it's a bit distracting.

Friday, October 27, 2017

I'm Making Progress on Marketing my Coins

I spent about 4 hours trying to get a Windows microscope camera working with Linux. It turned out that it was just so unfocused that no images came through. Once I got it focused a bit I was able to get it working. I'm looking forward to using it on my coins, next Monday.
I had some good news from the auction place in New York about my expensive coin. They said that they felt that it was properly graded as an MS 65. They are sending it to another grading service that is more reputable than the one that graded it in the first place. It looks like I'll have a lot of money in March; that is when the auction, in Baltimore, will take place.
On other news, my car didn't start yesterday. It turned out that the alternator isn't working right. I found a kit to repair the alternator on Ebay for $30. I don't have that kind of money this week. I'll wait until I get my Social Security money and send for it.
It'll take me a day to get it fixed but I can do it. That's what poor people have to do; I can't afford to spend $50/ hr. to pay a repairman.
Well, the music is about to start here at Java John's.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm Spinning my Wheels on Marketing the Coins.

I'm having troubles moving my coins. I don't have a good camera to take pictures for Ebay and potential buyers. I tried using my phone to take pictures of the coins, this morning.
I was able to transfer the image to the computer but it was too fuzzy to do any good.
I ordered a microscope camera from Wal Mart. It will take a couple of weeks to get here from China.
I'm broke so I don't know how I will get the pictures taken.
I'm trying to find someone who can help me with this; but so far I have no takers.
I have a couple of people interested in the coins. One  is in New York and the other is in Colorado; but I have no way to get good pictures to either.
I also left off 10 coins at a place called Game Exchange. They not only are into video games but they market things on Ebay for people.
The trouble with them is that they are not doing anything. I took those coins there last week and they haven't listed them yet. I'm getting exasperated.
On a different topic, I watched a video about something called C60 today. It's some sort of isotope of carbon that has benefits for health, apparently. If I could get my brother to take it (and maybe marijuana) maybe he'll heal his cancer. If I ever get any money I'll send him a bottle from Ebay. I'll get a bottle for myself because it's supposed to be good for everything including improving intuition.
I'm also not making any headway in getting my Bitcoins back. I was thinking today that if I ever get any serious money I should hire a private detective to help me find my coins. I think it's a good idea.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

All My Negative Videos are Getting Repetitive.

I'm getting tired of watching all of the YouTube channels that I normally watch. The same people are saying just what they've been saying for the last 2 or 3 years.
The Las Vegas shooting was probably a false flag event. Nobody believes the main stream media anymore so we notice when they change their narrative and such.
We're all convinced that the currency can't hold together for very much longer. Of course, the same people who've been saying that the currency will collapse this month have been saying similar things for the last 30 years. There's always something that will bring down the world's economy but for some reason it never seems to happen.
Gold and silver never seems to go through the roof because the currency never seems to collapse. That has to do with the "never happening" currency collapse.
There is a sharp divide as far as crypto currencies are concerned. A lot of people have jumped on board with them but the die-hard precious metals people see them as another massive bubble.
I'm all for jumping in with both feet on crypto currencies but I'm too poor to actually do anything about it.
If I could sell my coins (and it's turning out to be harder than anyone would expect); I would buy Litecoin on margin and clean up. 
Talking about my coins, I took some of them to Onalaska yesterday. Fedex has some sort of deal with Ebay; you simply take your stuff to Fedex and they have a thing called Ebay valet. It's a thing where they market your stuff on Ebay and do all the work for you. There is a 20% charge but I feel it's worth it to have your stuff marketed professionally.
Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I was unable to get anything listed. Apparently there was something wrong with their software. Anyway I drove 150 miles and wasted a day trying to make it work. I guess I'll have to buy a camera and do it myself. I couldn't find my old camera and I don't think the phone has enough resolution for the job. I'll have to take everything out of the back of the car and keep looking for the camera tomorrow.
Well the music is about to start so I'll finish this for now.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Lot is Happening, Now

While I was visiting my brother he gave me his coin collection.
Now I have to figure out what to do with the coins. It appears that one of them is worth a lot of money.
I contacted a coin broker in New York about it. He said that there is an auction next March that he would like to list it at. It is labeled as being an MS 65 but the broker said that the grading agency which graded it has a bad reputation for  overly optimistic ratings.
It'll cost $50; but he wants a more reputable agency to look at it. The difference between a rating of MS 64 and MS 65 is thousands of dollars.Here is a picture of that coin.

I'm contacting other buyers as well but the first one is the most interested. In fact, I've sent off images of the coin to several buyers and none of them has gotten back to me.
I took several other coins to a dealer in La Crosse and he insulted me with his offer. I'm giving up on dealers since they only want to cheat people.
In fact I was tempted to go to a coin show this weekend. I think I'll skip it since a coin show is just a collection of dealers who all intend to cheat a seller as much as possible.
I'm listing some of them on Ebay next week. I used a magazine that I bought at Barnes and Noble to set my beginning prices. I was happy to see that the prices in the magazine were within 5 dollars of what the Ebay sellers were getting. They'll be on the market next week.
My brother has bladder cancer but the radiation treatments seem to be helping him. He needs to be in a nursing home and maybe he will be soon.
I got the book about Bitcoins but it didn't add to my knowledge of the early days of Bitcoins. I need to hear back from the 2 people I sent messages to about my missing Bitcoins. I'll have to find different ways to contact them.
Java John's is closing soon so I'll sign off, now.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

I'm Listening to a Jazz Band at Java John's.

I'm spending Saturday night listening to a jazz band. It's too loud for me to watch my YouTube videos; so I might as well do a little blogging.
First of all I want to thank all the Russians who visited my blog a week ago. They didn't come back but I had 96 views from Russia one day.
I don't know why that happens but a few years ago a bunch of Moldavian's  visited my blog. Maybe they and the Russians are learning how not to use commas. That's a skill that eludes me to this day.
About my search for my old bitcoins; I sent a couple of messages on a site called One was to the guy who bought pizzas for bitcoins in 2010 and the other was to a guy who ran a bitcoin exchange in that era.
I haven't heard back from either one but I have hopes and at least I'm doing something about getting my bitcoins back.
About other personal news, my brother is having an operation for bladder cancer next week. I don't know if he'll make it through the operation so I'm going to Western Iowa next Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe I should ask everyone who reads this blog to say a little prayer for him.
I feel sad for him because he has had a very bad life. He is angry all the time and he spent most of his life smoking and drinking; which I'm sure has shortened his life span by decades. Now it's time for me and my sister to go to his side and help him either get a little better or face death. We're not a close family; I just hope we don't get into a big fight.
On a totally different topic, I see that there is a rumor that Amazon will be accepting bitcoins for payments. If it's true it will be a game-changer.
I'll be listing my etchings on Amazon and I hope I'll be able to help a deserving Chinese person get his money out of the country or at least into some fine art. Of course, my etchings could be sold anywhere in the world but I would prefer payments in bitcoins anyway.
On the topic of bitcoins, I see that has improved it's platform. They always accepted bitcoins for gold purchases but now they will store bitcoins and some other alt-coins. They also make it easy to get into other currencies. It sounds like a real improvement and I'm glad it's coming about.
If you are at all interested in crypto-currencies and gold and silver go there and tell them I sent you.
There is a payment for referrals.
On that note I think I'll sign off; they are playing Bruebek's "Take Five".

Monday, September 25, 2017

A Note of Gratitude

When I went to the hypnotist a little while ago he had me ask my angel for help.
It appears to me that I'm getting some help.
First, I found a new avenue to search to get my Bitcoins back. I found that there was only one exchange opened when I was buying Bitcoins.
I tracked down the owner of the now defunct exchange and sent him a message asking for help in finding my Bitcoins. I've yet to hear back from him.
Next, a very strange thing happened yesterday. In my apartment I felt something touch my left shoulder blade. It hit the floor and it turned out to be a missing flash drive that I lost a couple of months ago. I rationalized that it had stuck to my back whilst I was laying on my air mattress and simply fell off a couple of seconds after I got up.
That would be a logical explanation except I had closely searched the air mattress and sheets and stuff when I first lost the flash drive. It was weird but I'm grateful to get the drive back.
Another thing I'm grateful for is how easily Manpower is getting me jobs. Although I had to sell some silver yesterday, Manpower is keeping me in enough money to keep ahead of my bills.
Oh, I almost forgot, I've been having troubles with my hot water lately. It turned out that it was turned off because they are tearing down the neighboring building. It has my water heater in it.
My landlord is letting me move into the apartment next to mine and he will let me store stuff here because he won't be able to rent it out with out a water heater. So now I'll have a nicer apartment and storage space as well. I needed the space for my prepping stuff and my etching collection.
That's all for now.

LIVE: Antarctica "Electric Pyramid" Leak, Cryptocurrency Deep State?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Maybe I'm Making Progress on Getting my Bitcoins Back.

I was listening to the recording of my hypnosis session.
I got to the section where I was asked when I first bought bitcoins.
The date of May 8th came up.
I did a google search about that date and Bitcoins.
The date of May the 6th came up as the date that the first bitcoin exchange was started. It's name was Bitcoin Market. They went out of business in 2011 so I couldn't find them.
I remember making a bid for the bitcoins that I was buying. That would fit with an exchange.
Since that was the only exchange running, for bitcoins, at the time it would make sense that it's where I bought my bitcoins.
I don't remember transferring my bitcoins so maybe they are still there.
I haven't been able to find out much about that company.
I found a book that mentioned it and I ordered the book from Ebay. It's coming from Australia so it will take some time to get here.
I'll keep you posted if there is any more news about the search.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I went to Ames and two computers died.

Yesterday, two of my laptops died on me. I might be able to get them working by re-flowing the solder on the graphics chip; but that raises the question about how reliable are computers that had that fix done to them are.
I've got a good notion of saving up a hundred dollars and buying a new computer. Constantly messing with old laptops is probably a waste of time and money.
On a different topic, I went to a hypnotist in Ames, today.
I haven't found my misplaced Bitcoins yet; but I feel that progress was made. At least I got a lot off of my chest.
He said that I should expect some divine help in the near future toward getting my Bitcoins back.
I don't know how deeply under I really was but I know I spent an hour and a half there and it seemed like it was under an hour.
He'll be sending my a recording of our session so I can see if there is anything that will help me in my mission of getting my Bitcoins.
I'm jobless and I'll need some more money for continuing sessions in Ames. I think I'll go back to  Manpower in a week or so and see about getting another job. Maybe I'll be able to sell some of my etchings. That would save me from having to work another factory job. That seems to be the only thing that Manpower can come up with, for me. I'm getting too old for that sort of thing.
I don't really have much else to say; I think I'll go back to watching my negative YouTube videos.

Friday, September 1, 2017

I went to Eldorado again.

I went back to the place outside of Eldorado, where I found some gold specs, today.
I went back to move a lot of dirt to see if I could find enough gold to make regular mining worth while.
I'm disappointed with myself as I couldn't do the work required. I got tired out and stiff by stooping over and panning gold. I just wasn't up to the work.
I have to face reality and realize that I'm 70 years old and I'm not up to working, hard, anymore.
If I get a job it will have to be something involving sitting at a desk and doesn't involve heavy lifting anymore. That severely limits the jobs I can do.
I was talking with Brian about getting rid of my car today. I figure that it would save about $300/month.
I would be able to live fairly well on the income from Social Security.
The only things I need a car for is to go to work when work is far away, and going to church in LaCrosse.
I'll also need it to go to Ames to talk with a hypnotist about finding my lost Bitcoins. I'll do that in a couple of weeks.
After that, I might let them repossess my car. My credit sucks anyway.
I might get back.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I was Wrong about Harvey.

Harvey was a worse hurricane than I thought it would be. What made it so bad was that it lingered and dumped so much rain in a limited area. Apparently it will end up causing more damage than Katrina. I  don't know if it was worse than Sandy but if I watch enough YouTube videos someone will tell us how it rated.
That brings up something I saw on Glendon Cammeron's vlog "Hustler's Kung Foo". He said that everyone who doesn't have much going for themselves financially should drop everything and go to Huston, now.
I might do it. I'm getting a little old for manual labor; but maybe I can find a job that wouldn't involve manual labor that much.
I got thinking about fixing old laptops, and loading Linux Mint on them and selling them at a gain. Maybe I could score some gold or silver, cheap.
I made the commitment of working a job for Manpower for a couple of weeks.
After that, I will have some money to go down there. I'll have to sleep in my car but I can do that.
Maybe I can leave most of my stuff at Gary's place.
Glendon said that anyone who would be willing to work will make enough money to buy houses at a major discount and then unload them at a great profit.
Even without money a person should be able to make enough money to buy houses for $5,000 or even less.
From the macro view, I would be afraid of having any real estate right before the economic collapse.
On the other hand, Huston has the energy industry going for it. We'll always need energy so Huston should be the last place to collapse.
I'll probably forget about moving to Huston in a couple of weeks. I don't know why I would think I would make any more money there than I would here. I've maxed out at $10/hr. and there are only so many hours in a day. I could probably make as much money here as I would there.
The low prices of real estate is the only compelling reason to move there.
I don't think it's a place I would want to live. It's just too hot and humid. I lived for a few months in Florida and I was miserable there. I doubt that Texas would be much different.
On a different topic, I think I'll go to Eldorado, tomorrow.
I was told not to go to work until Friday so I'll have the gas to go there.
I'll be alone but I can dig out a couple of places that I think have gold and run the dirt through my tiny sluice box. With a couple of hours of work I should be able to find out it the gold there is in workable quantities. I doubt that it is but the only way to find out is to work some.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I've been Watching News about Hurricane Harvey.

I've been watching news on YouTube about Hurricane Harvey. It doesn't look like it will be as bad as predicted; but there is still a lot more rain to come over the next few days.
I'm glad to see that there is only one death reported, so far, attributed to Harvey. I was expecting a lot more; maybe more people had enough sense to simply leave before it hit.
On a different topic, I got a job that starts next Thursday. I don't have much money to get through until then; but at least I have enough gas in the car to get me to work, then.
I also should have enough money to go to Ames and talk to a hypnotist about my missing Bitcoins.
I get paid Social Security on Friday so I only have to worry about getting through Thursday. I'm down to $15 or so. Maybe I can sell a laptop; I have 4 that are ready to go.
I'm using them all to mine Monero which is a crypto currency.
It's such a slow process that it really isn't worth bothering with. After mining with several laptops for a couple of weeks, I've mined about 0.005 Monero. They are worth about $150 each, so it will take forever to get anything worth anything.
I was watching H.A. Goodman while he was interviewing a couple of the lawyers who sued the Democrat National Party for cheating Bernie Sanders out of winning the primary election for the Presidential election last year.
One of them made a very impassioned rant about how corrupt the system is. He pointed out that 2 of his witnesses had died under suspicious circumstances during the process of filing a law suit.
That seems to happen a lot to the people who 'get the goods' on Hilary or Bill.
I think the suspicious deaths associated with them is approaching 100, not counting the people who died in airliners that held people who were about to testify against the Clintons. I think I'll link H.A.'s  article to this blog; you really should see it.
I couldn't figure out how to link it so I'll just share it next on this blog.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Feel like I'm done with all the negative YouTube sites.

It's probably temporary, but I'm burned out on all the YouTube sites I've been watching.
David Seaman rants and raves about Pedogate and Pizzagate but nothing is ever done about the pedophiles.
H.A. Goodman goes on and on about Hilary and her emails but there are never indictments.
Mike Maloney and friends talk about how silver and gold are being manipulated; but it's been going on for at least 30 years and it continues day after day.
J.J. talks about prepping; but the end of the world as we know it never seems to happen.
I just need to face that we live in a society that is at least a corrupt as Afghanistan but it can continue for an indeterminate amount of time.
I don't know what I can do about any of this anyway. I'm too poor to even prep very well. I can't even get more than a month's worth of food together.
My dream of having my own homestead with a few goats and chickens is just that (a dream).
My only hope for getting prepared is to find my lost bitcoins. And I doubt that, that will happen. It was probably a hallucination, anyway.
On that upbeat note (I'm being sarcastic), I'll sign off for now.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I found Gold in Eldorado.

I went to Eldorado by myself, this morning.
I only panned one sample pan of gold and I found about 5 or 6 tiny specs of gold.
That showed me that gold is there. Now the problem is to process enough material to make it worth my time to actually mine it.
The next step is to find the owner of the land I found gold on and get permission to mine it.
Brian just told me that I should get a canoe and simply float down the river and be on state owned land while I mine gold.
The trouble with that is that I would have to spend money on a canoe. Maybe I could get an inflatable boat for under $100. Maybe I can make that work.
I'll ask at the Department of Natural Resources about the legalities of it all.
I need to know about the legalities of mining on state owned land.
There is an office in town here so it shouldn't be hard to find out what I need to know.
I'll keep you posted on new developments in regards to mining in Eldorado.
Brian and I might be going to a protest next Saturday in Madison, WI. If we go we'll be protesting the censorship that Google and YouTube are doing against the Alt-right.
We're the only conservatives that I know in Decorah so it will probably just be him and I who go.

Friday, August 11, 2017

I shared a video about Youtube censorship and my numbers collapse.

The last thing I did on my blog was to share a video about Youtube censorship and my numbers went down like crazy. So, do you think there is a relationship? I do.
I still haven't gotten back to Eldorado to look for gold. I'm kind of waiting for Brian to go with me. I guess that, that will not happen. He's got some sort of mental problem (I think bi-polar) so he's pretty unreliable.
I just have to take off on my own.
There are three places I want to go to, there.
I'll be using the sample pan and just try to find a few specks of gold. I just want to see if there is any gold to be found at all, there.
I would have gone there this morning but I had a sick computer I was working on. I got it working by re-flowing the solder on the display chip. That works on most of the computers that have display problems. I now have three computers to sell or give away.
I mentioned that I have a computer that I'm mining a crypto coin with. I'm about ready to give up. I've had it running day and night mining. After a week I have about 3/1000s of a coin. It just doesn't pay enough to bother with. I'll either sell or give away that computer.
I worked for 3 days last week. I made good money for me ($11/hr.).
That will pay some bills this week.
That reminds me, I need to get some checks in the mail, yet today. With that I think I'll run home and get that done.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I've got Three Things I'm Thinking about today.

T. Harv Eker has a program to help people determine what is their true goal in life.
I feel that having a goal is what is missing in my life. Most people have a family and simply raising kids and providing for them gives them a major goal for their life.
I don't have that and I tend to go from one "get rich quick'' scheme to another. I always lose because these schemes (like options, precious metals, art and crypto-currencies) turn out to be just something that the rich people set up to scam the poor.
A guy named Jordan Peterson was interviewed on Stefan Moleneux the other day on the same topic. He said that he has a program to help people (Sort Themselves out).
I may use Harv's program because I met him at Luther College and I will probably be loyal to him.
Of course, I'll probably go with whichever program is cheaper since that's all I can afford; if I can afford that.
I'm also thinking about going panning for gold in Eldorado, Iowa. It's about 30 miles from here.
I was thinking about riding my bicycle there to get more exercise and save gas money. It would be terrific exercise and I need to do something to keep in shape.
The third thing I'm thinking about today is mining for Monero. That's a crypto-currency that a person can use their normal computer to mine and get some coins.
My power is paid as part of the rent so it wouldn't cost me anything. It's worth trying to make some money and I like the encryption involved with Monero.

Monday, July 31, 2017

I can't seem to Hold onto a Job Any more.

I worked for a half an hour this morning. I was getting winded and sweating a lot so I quit.
I'm just getting too old to do manual labor anymore. I told the girls at Mampower to not find me any more manual labor job; I'm just not up to it any more. I'm too fat and old.
I worked the sign-holding job for 3 days this weekend. That's bad enough.
I'm trying to get Brian to go with me to Eldorado and look for gold.
He wants to go later in the season. It's a bit hot, right now. Sometime in September or October it will be cooler and the water level should be down a lot.
I've got gas in the car so I might go tomorrow. I also should go begging for food at the church pantry.
I would also like to go to church this coming Wednesday. They have a noon service in Onalaska on the first Wednesday of the month.
I think I'll go to church and leave the panning for gold for the weekend.
All sorts of things are happening, politically. I hope it means that the ruling class is being overthrown. It looks like a cesspool to me.
I don't have much to say today.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Haven't Posted in a Week or Two.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted a blog for a quite a while.
I've been busy with my new job in Lansing, Iowa. I was working 10 hour days and was quite tired after work.
I worked there for a week and a half but it was too hard for me. I developed a bad back and I couldn't keep up with the pace set by my fellow workers. I felt like Lucile Ball in the chocolate factory scene.
So I quit.
At least I have enough money to keep up with my debts for a while.
I decided to renege on my credit card debts. A company contacted me about declaring that I am disabled and can't keep up with my bills. It's true, I can't seem to hold a job for more than a few weeks at best.
I start a new job next Monday. I'll be unpacking and assembling furniture for a new hotel in town. The job will only last a couple of weeks but I'll be making $11/hr.
I'll go back to Eldorado this Saturday to look for gold. If I can find gold in Iowa it will save me traipsing all over the country, looking for gold. I'll just look around where I'm at instead.
I may post some more later today; but that's all I have for now.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

I went to Eldorado to pan for gold.

It was a bust because the water was way too deep to actually get into the water and do any panning. It was a, somewhat, wasted trip.
I talked with Brian about the trip yesterday and he pointed out that it would have made more sense to google about the water levels in Eldorado before going there.
While I was doing research on gold panning in Iowa on the internet I found that gold had been found on the Volga River a long time ago. Since that is only 10 or so miles South of Eldorado I could have gone there as well as to the Turkey River in Eldorado.
I'll keep that in mind for the next trip.
Brian seemed genuinely disappointed that I went on my quest for gold without him. I simply didn't see him that morning so I took off on my own.
I still need a few things to adequately pan for gold, such as a bucket or two and some small flags on wire posts. I would use them to mark the place where I think there is gold.
I was thinking about talking about my schizophrenia tonight. I decided against it to a large degree. It's too embarrassing to admit to all of my wild hallucinations and delusions.
Let's just say that a lot of my delusions involve time travel to battles that (usually) the Marines were involved in for the last couple of hundred years.
If I really look into it I usually find small details that weren't as I remembered them.
An example is that the river at Trenton NJ flowed the wrong direction in relation to my memory. Today I did some research on the battle at Remagan Germany and it was nothing like I remember it.
It's strange when you can't trust your own memories. I don't know how much of what I think is just some sort of hallucination.
I hope I didn't hallucinate my missing Bitcoins. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cryptos are Quiet.

Not much is happening with cryptos today. I'm in litecoin, unleveraged, while nothing is moving much. I'm waiting to get back into ether at 5 to 1 leverage.
I guess it just has to calm down for a while; at least it's not going down.
I went to Onalaska, today. I went to church and afterwards I went to Gander Mountain.
The metal detectors were gone at Gander Mountain. I was tempted to buy some store-able food. It was still a little pricey for me. They were also out of ammo for the Mosin. I guess their sale is moving along pretty well.
I went to the RV place but I forgot to stop at Lansing to price apartments.
The RVs I was interested in were too expensive. I could buy something at about the same price in Cresco.
I forgot to go to Manpower to see about the job in Lansing. My job search needs to be kicked into gear.
It looks like I won't be able to make any money in cryptos; so I'll have to actually work to bring in income.
I just need to find and easy job; I'm getting too old for most of the factory jobs that are available.
It's open mike night at Java Johns and the music just started. I think I'll listen for a while.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Getting Murdered in Crypto.

I'm getting whipsawed by crypto currencies again, today.
When it's going down, I bail out at a loss. Then it goes up and I buy at a peak. It's just human nature to do the exact wrong thing when you are trading something. If I just sat it out I would be in better financial shape than I am by actively trading.
I'm down to close to $100, today. The big problem is that Ether is going down; as well as the rest of the crypto currencies.
On other news, I saw that Troy (on the YouTube channel "The Do it Yourself World") bought a pop up camper for $30.
Why don't deals like that come to me?
I decided to run a "wanted" add on I'm asking for a good deal on a camper or trailer.
We'll see what happens with the add. I offered to pay in precious metals since I don't really have any money.
I didn't get to hold the sign at J.C. Penny's today. It was too windy and they didn't want anyone today or tomorrow for that matter.
I'll have to go by Manpower, Monday, and see if they have any work for an old fogy like me.
Well, ether is down again; it's time for me to take another loss.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm down again in Crypto.

I'm down to about $380 in crypto currencies. My high point was $1200. That was a week or two ago.
I quit my job at Walmart and I now wish I hadn't.
I made a little, yesterday, by holding a sign for J. C. Penny's going out of business sale. Today, it was too windy to work there. The sign is 10 or 12 feet high and the wind whips it around like crazy.
Tomorrow, I'm running by Manpower and seeing what jobs they might have. They are pretty good about keeping me employed.
If I just force myself to stay at home and not go out and eat a lot, I can keep my expenses down to where I can live on my Social Security. I don't really have to work if I don't want to and I can escape my credit card bills by declaring that I'm disabled and not able to pay them. That's what the company that contacted me about debt forgiveness is a about.
I think I'll go to Manpower and keep working and pay off the cards anyway. That way I'll be in better position to get a trailer when it's time.
I still want to have a small acreage and a garden and a few animals as well.
I just have to face the fact that crypto currencies is not the way to wealth for me. It's too volatile. For every big up, there is just as big of a down.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

After a Roller coaster ride in Cryptos I still have $350.

What a ride; at one time I was over $1200 but I was taken down to $350, now. I'm out, for now.
I left my money at Kraken so I can get back in but it's too volatile for me. I thought it would just go straight up for a month or so. I was wrong. I'll be patient and get back in, later.
I quit my job at Walmart when I was up $1200. Now I kind of wish I hadn't. I need something to bring in more income. Maybe some sort of sales job wouldn't be too physically demanding to me.
 I also was contacted by an organization that will get me out of credit card debt. Apparently I just quit paying my debt and get it written off as being disabled and not able to pay it. I just have to cut back on my dining out and cut back my spending.
On a different topic, I got a check from the U.S. Treasury, today. I don't know what it was for but I put it into my bank account. There's no use in looking a gift horse in the mouth.
I'm trying to organize a group trip to Deadwood South Dakota in the middle of July. There is a gem and mineral show there, then. I'll also do some gold panning.
I think I'll add to this later.

Friday, June 9, 2017

l didn't borrow more to get into Ether but my $100 is now $280.

I decided not to borrow more to get more into Ether but my original investment is now worth over $250.
I contacted the people who are going to help me get out of debt. Instead of paying over $700/month I'll be paying the $260/month. And it's over at the end of 21 months. It sounds good to me.
I gave my 2 weeks notice to quit at Walmart. It was simply too hard for this 69 year old body. I'm doing the work but I'm drained severely by the end of the shift.
I'm going to retire; that's it for working. I might do some snow shoveling this winter because I enjoy it and nobody pressures me very much. But I'm not even running out to Manpower to see about jobs, any more.
As I mentioned, I'm doing well with crypto currencies. It's still small numbers but I doubled my money in a week. If that keeps up I won't need any other source of income.
The trouble is, that I've done this a dozen times with futures, stock options and such, and I always end up losing and regretting quitting my job. I always end up in worse financial shape when I go "all in" on whatever "sure thing" I'm trying currently.
I hope that this time is really different.
On the metal detecting, I didn't get out to Seed Savers like I said I would.
Neither Brian or Raymundo showed up and I didn't feel like going out on my own.
Something that looks hopeful is a gold panning expedition to South Dakota. I have identified at least 4 people who might be interested in going on such a trip with me. They include Dave, Brian, Dalton, and his girlfriend.
We might get something going after my last day at Walmart. That's a week from Wednesday.
I think I'll buy more gold with crypto currencies than I'll ever find in a stream bed.
Oh well,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So Should I Borrow Money at a High Interest Rate to Buy Ether Coin?

Ever the gambler, I'm tempted to borrow money to buy crypto currencies, especially Ether Coin.
I've already have over $100 in Ether, now.
A couple of weeks ago I had over $500 in it; but it collapsed and then in the last few days it's coming back.
I think I'll get some of my high interest credit cards paid off (either with a lower interest loan or simply paying them down).
I simply hate paying over 15% for a credit card or a loan. When I'm paying that much for money I feel that I'm being discriminated against due to my poverty.
I applied for an increase in my credit limit on one of my Visa cards today.
I also went by the credit union to see about a loan. I have to have a pay stub for them.
I'll get one tomorrow.
Bitcoin and Ether are both moving up strongly. Ether is taking the lead; actually Bitcoin was a little weak today.
I don't think I'll borrow to buy coins in the near future.
That has always turned out to be a bad idea. I always lose when I'm using borrowed money; then things turn bad quickly. That's when I lose jobs and get sick or something.
I think I'll just be a little patient and pay off my debts.
Of course, if I can arrange a loan at a lower interest rate it would help.
I wasn't going to but I bought an old laptop to fix up again. I just have so many good parts, laying around the apartment that I'm always tempted to assemble another old laptop from those parts.
I saw a laptop (an HP dv6000) that shouldn't be difficult to get running. I think I'll have it running in an afternoon.
I'm making progress in going metal detecting. Both Brian and Raymundo expressed interest in going with me.
I went by Seed Savers to ask Tom for permission to metal detect, there.
He wasn't there but I got a phone number for his direct line. I'll call him tomorrow.
That's all for now.

Monday, May 29, 2017

I Need a Goal.

Something I was reading on Yahoo pointed out that people need goals to keep them working towards something.
Right now, I'm operating without one.
Of course I have vague ideas of getting a trailer and some land and starting a homestead.
Two things are wrong with that:

  1. I'm too poor to make it work.
  2. I'm too old to do all the work required.
Some of the books I read tell me never to use the words "I can't". Rather I'm supposed to replace that phrase with "how can I?".
This raises the question of rather I really want to have a homestead or am I just responding to all the negative YouTube videos I've watched about the currency collapse.
I think I'm just being influenced by all those videos. According to them the currency should have collapsed a couple of years ago.
Now that I think about it, I was watching many of the same people, saying the same things, thirty years ago.
So when will the currency collapse? I don't know but I feel that it's probably is nothing I should be basing my future planning on.
I need to find a more positive and reachable goal to work towards.
Maybe gold prospecting and metal detecting on beaches would be more achievable. All I really need is a cheap trailer and a few tools like a sluice box for prospecting. If I really wanted to, I could be gone next month.
The last time I tried this, a couple of years ago, it didn't work out because the temperature was too high and I lived in an apartment and spent too much money.
This time I would live in a trailer and keep my expenses down.
It would be better if I could get someone a little younger to go with me to do a lot of the heavy lifting. That was something I was missing the last time as well.
Something that was pushing me into going prospecting before I was really ready the last time was the Ebola epidemic.
The death rate for people over the age of 45 was 97% so I wanted to be isolated when it spread to the U.S.
Ebola has started again.
It's isolated to a small village in Central Africa but I'll keep track of it.
There are two things that are working to contain it:

  1. It's in a small, isolated village.
  2. There is a new vaccine that might work better than the first one. 
It's in the first month of spreading so only 49 people have it yet. But that number doubled in the first month.
We'll see how it goes from here.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Surprising No one but Myself.

I guess it's no real surprise but I got cleaned out of my ether coin, last night.
I was using 3 to 1 margin and at sometime in the night my account went low enough that it was automatically sold out. Out of the $100 that I started with last week I'm down to $40 left.
At one time, yesterday, I had over $300.
I'm a little cynical and I figure that the same people who manipulate the precious metals and stock market are manipulating the crypto markets as well.
People keep saying that crypto can't be manipulated because they can't be shorted. But that's not true because you can sell short on the Kraken exchange and maybe others. All it would take is a few rich people colluding.
And that is more common than not since laws are no longer being enforced.
I don't know when they quit enforcing laws but it's been that way ever since I started investing. All markets are simply a way to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich.
I should know better than to invest in anything; I always lose.
The idea of starting multiple streams of income is just a delusion. The trouble with trading cryptos is that they trade 24/7 and I have to sleep or work at some time in the day. I just can't be trading 24 hrs. a day. That, and like every other market, it's manipulated.
Someone has said that "It's all a big club, and you ain't in it". I should know better than to try to have my money make money. All there really is is an hourly job.
It's a form of slavery but that's all that's left to us.
I need to find something where I can get paid for what I do rather than being paid hourly; maybe some sort of commission sales would be better.
Oh well,
Surprising no one but myself, I just now placed and order for ether at 5 to 1 margin. I figured that as long as I only had $40 to invest I might as well risk it all and it looks to me like a bottom has been put in.
I just don't know of any other way to have my money make me money.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Song "Dust in the Wind" is just Wrong.

I don't feel that we are just pieces of dust being thrown around by forces larger than ourselves.
That song has a nice melody and some good violin music but it's premise is simply wrong.
We are bigger than our circumstances. In fact we are creating our lives by what we think about all of the time.
For example, if i want to be lifted out of my job at Walmart the first thing to do is to be grateful that I have that job. Genuine gratitude will leave a vacuum that would be filled by another job or opportunity.
Maybe I'll lose the job anyway because of this persistent cough. It might be asthma or something. My mother had problems with asthma. It hasn't gone away and it's been about a week since it started. I've had this happen a lot but I wasn't working as a cashier in a food market, before.
We'll see how it goes.
On other opportunities, my ether coins whipsawed me again. I was thinking it had nowhere to go but up. Then it went down and I lost most of my profits for the week. I sold at a low and I bought back in at a high. It's coming back but I'm worried about future drops.
I'm just going to ride it out.

Goodbye to my Russian Readers

For some unknown reason I had quite a few Russian readers last month. They haven't shown up lately, so good bye. You are welcomed to come back at any time.
I  took a couple of days off of work because I was coughing from a cold. I feel fine but I'm coughing loudly and persistently for long periods of time.
I felt that it wasn't a good idea to be working with groceries (as in working as a cashier) and coughing.
I'll go in tomorrow and see how it goes.
On a different topic, I'm not going to pay off any credit card, right away.
I was going to pay off one of my First Premier cards.
Instead, I'm going to buy more ether coin on margin. I've tripled my money in the last week and I feel it will continue. So I'm going to risk it and hopefully make a lot of money.
On the topic of hunting for my 2010 bitcoins, I contacted a hypnotist in La Crosse.
I found a hypnotist in Onalaska but he was retiring and not taking new patients.
He referred me to another one in La Crosse.
He is available on Mondays; unfortunately I tend to work on Mondays. but we'll work it out.
On a larger topic, I'm disappointed with Trump.
He sold $100 billion of weapons to the Saudi's.
To me, it's just so much war mongering.
I figure that at least $5 billion will end up in the hands of ISIS.
They'll say that they are giving them to the Free Syrian Army but that is just a cover for ISIS.
That will continue the war in Syria and Iraq just that much more.
People are saying that the "swamp drained Trump" but I'm not that optimistic.
I have the feeling that Trump was put in his role by the ruling elite (probably the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's).
He always was evil; as in a war mongering neo conservative.
On that note, I'll sign off.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Things are Going Well

I've worked several times as a cashier at Walmart, now. It's going well. I'm not worn out by the end of the day and I'm picking up on how to do the job.
It's a lot more complex than you would think. There is a lot to remember about running the cash register.
I called Chase bank to get an increase in my credit limit on their card. They declined me.
I was going to close that account since it's my smallest credit limit; but I decided to eliminate the First Premier bank first. They are charging me 35% interest and they charge $50/year just to have the cards. It's a rip off. It'll take a couple of months but I'll get rid of that first.
I wasn't going to buy ether coin on margin but I did. Instead of 5 to 1 margin I'm only using 3 to 1.
I've only got $100 invested but it's already made me a 50% profit.
Tomorrow, I'm applying for another loan. Somebody sent me something saying that I can get 5.9% interest on a loan of $9,000.
It's probably a "bait and switch" scheme. That means they'll offer something in the mail and then switch it when I start filling out forms. We'll see.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wal Mart Surprised me.

I went in early to Walmart yesterday to tell them that I was quitting.
They surprised me by offering me a job as a cashier.
I put in most of my shift by working behind a cash register. It worked out well.
I wasn't overly tired by the end of my shift and I didn't make many mistakes.
After a while I picked up on how to do the job.
I'll be doing computer training for most of the next week but I'm alright with working on the line.
On a different topic, I'm still making headway in getting out of debt.
I emailed US bank to see how to go about closing my account. I tried to get a loan from them but they declined me; so it's time to close that account.
A loan company sent me an advertisement about a low-interest loan, today. I think I'll apply for it. I still have some rather high-interest credit card. Also the car loan I just took out is rather high-interest. My next account to close will be Chase. Although the interest rate is rather low, it's only for $500 so it's my lowest credit card account. I'll offer to transfer my other balances to Chase if they raise my limit; if not, I'll simply close the account. Either way I win.
I have too many low-credit limit accounts. I only need a few high-limit accounts. I would like to have some credit to help me buy more crypto currency and maybe silver at the right time. It also might help when I buy a trailer.
Things are moving right along.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disjointed Ramblings

This is just some disjointed ramblings about my present situation.
I hate my job but it is the key to getting out of debt and preparing for the collapse. Until I’m lifted out of it I have to hang on to it for dear life. I think it’s getting better.
I’ve got to remember to ask Brian if he wants to metal detect with me. We could find old homesteads and look for silver coins. I don’t know how much could be made at that but it would be fun.
I’ve got to start canceling bank and credit card accounts. Tomorrow, I’ll get rid of US bank.
By the end of the week I should get rid of Chase as well. After that First Premier is next in line. I’ll play them off against each other. I want to have a lot of credit with very little owed to anyone.
I also hope to get rid of my etchings. I would like to make money on them but it’s more important to be rid of them.
I don’t know where I’m going to find a decent job. I’m just tired of knocking myself out for a little money.
Dick might die but I think he’ll be cleaned out by the medical establishment before he does so I better not be relying on that for my sustenance.
I’ve got to clean up my apartment and make it habitable. It’s bringing my outlook down.
It’s also time to quit watching my negative YouTube videos. They are getting repetitive; the same people are saying the same things about the currency collapse.
I figure that it will happen but no one knows when and I’m too poor to adequately prepare anyway. I’m just too poor. I’ll just have to take whatever happens.
That reminds me, I need to have around $1000 in cash for the collapse. It would be good to have it in old bills so I could spend some if I get into time travel.
I think I’ll use this for today’s blog.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Two Things

There are two things I feel like bringing up today in my blog.
The first is something about getting back my bitcoins which I misplaced back in 2010.
To that end I’m going to find the hypnotist that I went to last Fall.
At that time I wasn’t able to go deep enough into a trance to go back in time.
This time I’ll spend more time and effort in the process.
At least I should be able to remember just what I was doing about Bitcoin.
That should give me a sense of what to do for the next step for getting back my bitcoins.
The second thing I want to talk about is stocking up food for the financial collapse.
I found that the best bargain for store-able food is at Wal Mart. I can spend $84/month and start stocking up for the future disasters.
I’ve been spending too much on silver and guns; food is the thing that people will really need.
If I stop spending on silver and investing at E trade and spend it on food I’ll be much better prepared for whatever happens.
That reminds me, I saw something on the Internet about Ebola. Apparently it is starting to show up in Africa again.
If I’m right about it hiding in the body and then coming out like shingles, then we are in trouble again. It might show up all over and overwhelm our defenses.
Maybe I’ll have to bug out again. That was one of the main reasons I went to California a couple of years ago.
We’ll see.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's Getting Harder to go to Work at Wal Mart.

I'm dreading going to work at Wal Mart. It's physically demanding and basically soul sucking work.
Maybe it's just that I'm sixty-nine and everything is getting harder.
I really can't complain about the job and I need to stick it out for as long as I can.
Maybe the real reason I'm tired of work is that, now, I could live on my Social Security alone if I wanted to.
Over half of what I make on Social Security would go to servicing debts; but that would still leave me with enough to live on as long as I don't dine out.
I almost hope I get fired. That would decide things for me.
On my investments, I lost $500 yesterday on ether coin. That's as much as I make by working 2 weeks at Wal Mart.
Yesterday was a bummer, I not only lost all of that money but I got into a verbal confrontation with a group of "snow flakes".
They believe the main stream media and nothing could sway them. They consider me to be a paranoid "conspiracy theorist". It's true that I believe what I see on the internet more than the television, but isn't that just being more in tuned to the truth? I think so.
Anyway it upset me but there is nothing you can do about ignorant people who don't want to be exposed to the truth.
Bitcoin (which I should have bought) is still going up. It's over $1700 a coin, now. About 6 to 9 months ago it was around $500/coin.
I should forget about margin and just buy bitcoins.
That reminds me, I need to do more about getting back to 2010 and buy bitcoins at a bargain price.
I was thinking about hypnosis again. At least I could go back in my mind and review what really happened then. Maybe I could figure out what that number I found in my notebook refers to.
That would be a step forward.
I'll get back to that with my next paycheck.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Even When I'm Right I lose.

I bought some crypto currency on margin with some of the money I got from the loan.
Last night I lost it all. I was ahead by about 50% and then it went down.
Once again greed was my downfall. Instead of buying bitcoins I bought ether coin because it has been moving more than Bitcoin.
Anyway, bitcoin moved down a bit last night and then moved up strongly. Ether went down, not once but twice. I was margined out at the first down move. They left me with about $175 out of $500 I started with.
I used that to get back in with margin. I thought I just went through the "shake out" and the rise would be just around the corner.
I was wrong and I lost the whole $175 due to another down turn.
Bitcoin went up and I would have made money last night if I had bought that. It just doesn't move as much as ether.
I lost two weeks of work for nothing. Greed did me in again.

About 45 minutes after I was totally cleaned out ether coin started moving up in a big way. I'll give it an hour and see where it goes to but I'll never buy ether on margin again. Maybe I'll buy bitcoin on margin but ether is just to risky. Maybe it's manipulated just like the stock market is.

Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm applying for another loan.

I've got an account at US Bank. It's only a checking account with a debit card.
I would just as soon close it so I applied for a loan through them. If I don't get the loan I'll just close the account. I don't need it.
If I do get the loan at a low interest rate I'll pay off one of my higher rate credit cards.
Then I'll give them an ultimatum; either they give me more credit at a lower rate or I cancel that account.
I'll go through all of my accounts until I get a reasonable rate of interest on all of my credit card.
I also want to expand my credit as well.
That might help me get through the currency collapse.
Ideally I'll have a lot of credit with no debt in the next year or two.
I also want to buy a trailer that I could live in.
That will give me a lot of options such as living on my own land, or traveling while looking for gold.
Right now, I'm listening to T. Harv Eker.
I like his talks because it helps me move towards getting rich.
Something I'm learning tonight is that I should have my own business that I concentrate on to make me rich.
I've never really had my own business except for snow shoveling.
Harv says that you should do what you love. I need to figure out what that is.
I spend time fixing laptops, investing, and shoveling snow.
I'm too divided with my attention.
My idea tonight is to help people invest in silver and crypto currencies. Maybe I could make a living at it.
It would probably make more sense than working at Wal Mart.
I was thinking about having a store for prepping; but I think that was my fear for the future confusing me.
I'll have to listen to Harv talk about this and see what he says.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's time to express my gratitude.

A week or two ago I asked my readers to pray for me to get the loan.
It was delayed but it went through so I need to express my gratitude to those who did pray for me.
Maybe getting a loan against my car was indicative of how much banks want to loan for (less than perfect) cars.
I think it had more to due to divine intervention. It takes divine intervention for good things to happen to me.
I not only got a loan but I started a new job as well. The job is going well and it's the key to getting my bills paid off.
If I can get my loans and credit cards paid down I'll be able to go back to prospecting. I've got several places that I want to go looking for gold at.
This summer, I'll be metal detecting for coins, locally.
I bought a metal detector, this morning.
I went looking at Gander Mountain after going to church today.
I couldn't get them to give me a major discount so I went to Harbor Freight. There, I bought a detector for $40.
It's not a good as the $150 detector at Gander Mountain but at least I'll be able to metal detect this summer.
I'm looking forward to detect an old picnic grounds near Frankville.
I also want to find the site of an old school that was used in the 1850's to teach Indian children to farm.
At those places there may be some really old coins.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Loan went through.

I've been paying off debts with the money I got from One Main.
The interest rate is rather high but it's cheaper than my payday loan.
I paid off $1,000 on that loan but I sent off $500 for a fraction of a bitcoin. I figure that you can't win by playing defense all of the time.
At least I have a job and an extra $1000/month income. That, along with the savings from paying off the car, will enable me to get ahead for a while.
I need to not only pay down the credit cards but I'll have to buy back the silver that I've been selling people. There are three people who've been nice enough to buy my silver when I get into trouble financially. They buy my silver as a favor to me; they really don't want it.
Another guy (Nate) has been known to buy my silver but I doubt that he'll sell anything back because he knows the true value of precious metals.
If I can hang on to my job I should be in good financial shape in a few months. After I work at Wal-Mart for  months I'll get a raise to $10.00/hour and get all sorts of medical and dental care as well.
I doubt that I'll be able to hang on to the job; but that's OK since I'll be able to pay down my credit cards and such on my Social Security alone.
I need to keep making some progress on time traveling back to 2010 to buy bitcoins. I've been caught up on simply paying down my bills. I need to keep focused on getting back in time to pick up bitcoins at a low price.
I only hope that the currency holds up long enough for me to pay down my debts and get together for the collapse.
That reminds me, Zimbabwe has collapsed again. They now have 100 trillion dollar notes that nobody wants.
I don't see why the United States won't go the same way. In fact, in a lot of ways the U.S. is worse than Zimbabwe. At least Zimbabwe doesn't get into endless wars all over the world.
On that note, I think I'll sign off.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Loan is going through, apparently.

One Main contacted me and said that the loan is going through. I had to fill out some more forms online, but they said that I would have my money today.
Now I'm tempted to buy a crypto-currency on margin. I'm thinking about Litecoin.
I can buy on margin on Kraken. That's a cryto-currency exchange.
I'm paying an outrageous rate of interest on one of my loans. I would like to pay that off but I'll never make any money playing defense all the time.
Of course, that's why I'm so broke all the time. I always lose when I bet everything on the latest (sure thing).
Maybe I'll pay off some of my worse loans and buy some silver options and some litecoins as well.
I would like to go looking for gold, this summer. I would also like to open up my prepper store.
Something I keep forgetting about is time travel for Bitcoin purchasing.
Frankly, being rich would make everything I want to do much easier. I just need to go back to 2010 and buy Bitcoins.
I don't know why I make such a hard problem out of simple time travel. All I have to do is see myself in 2010 as in visualization. I've been known to do it on my own.
Maybe I was fooling myself and a more advanced being was sending me back in time.
Maybe I have to find a more advanced being than myself and ask them to send me back in time.
I'm not sure where I'll find such a person or being. Maybe asking that question on the Internet will bring the answer to me.
Oh well, maybe I'll find the answer to this.
I think part of the answer is to have a noble goal; because, why would an advanced being help someone who is just into such a search only to enrich himself?
I've been daydreaming about it lately; I think I would like to find a way to back Bitcoin with gold. is making headway with it but they are short of the goal.
Maybe I could make a deal with them if I had enough gold and Bitcoins to make it work. Well, it's worth a try.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I put in my First Week at Wal-Mart.

I've gotten my first full week in at Wal-Mart.
I only worked last night at my real job (unloading trucks, and stocking shelves). The rest of the week was spent doing computer training.
I was worried that I might not be up to the physical demands of the job. It turned out that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
By the end of the night I was drained but I can handle it.
In about a week and a half I'll have plenty of money to pay my bills. I'm behind on a couple of credit cards and I owe Media Com (an internet provider) $50; but I'll be able to catch up soon.
After that I should be able to pay off credit cards, and hopefully get better prepared for the currency collapse.
That reminds me, I was just listening to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on YouTube. He was saying that Trump has been beaten into submission by the (Deep State).
The Deep State refers to the corrupt (and possibly pedophile) people who have infiltrated most of the positions of real power in the country. Obama had 8 years to appoint corrupt (and Muslim) people throughout the country.
Apparently, they were powerful enough to make Trump worse than useless.
We're probably in for more idiotic wars and the continued non-enforcement of laws (especially where it concerns the elite). Trump is simply not strong enough to make any changes.
On a different topic, I'm lowering the prices of my etchings on Ebay. I lowered the prices this week and next week I'm going to try to sell the whole collection as one item. If anyone is interested in etchings with a Southwest American slant go to Ebay and search for Malcolm Childers. My etching are being sold by the Game Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. You'll notice that mine already tend to beat the prices of my competitors.
I would like to point out that mine are all genuine. There are a lot of forgeries out there. They have the wrong dates and numbers on them. I would trust the ones from American Designs but they are all more expensive than mine.
Well, back to my negative YouTube videos.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Loan is Declined.

After all that running around and sending off documents my loan was declined. They said it was declined due to bad credit but I think it was the bad shape that my car is in. It's a rust bucket and it has a cracked windshield.
Now, I don't know how I'll get through the next 2 weeks. I have to get paid the last $100 for the sale of the motor home.
Dan paid me $100 last week; he still owes me $100. If I can get that at least I'll be able to eat and drink coffee for a while.
When I have a lot of pressure on me I hallucinate more. I've been having troubles with delusions and hallucinations lately.
Maybe I should borrow some money from friends to get  me through. I've already sold them most of my silver; I suppose I can sell some more.
So on that note I'll sign off.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Loan is Delayed.

I'm still waiting for things to be done before I get the loan.
Now I have to have the car inspected to see if they will loan against it. I'll meet somebody at Java John's this afternoon to inspect it and sign some papers.
I hope I get the loan; but at least I started working at Wal-Mart and there will be more income soon.
I put in half a night, there, last night. I go back for my first full day, tomorrow.
It's a few hours later than when I started this post and the car was photographed and inspected. I hope it passed but with all the rust it probably didn't. It also has high mileage. Oh well, time will tell if I get the loan or not.
I was thinking about making another trip out west to look for gold.
Maybe I could use crowd funding to finance the trip. I'm trying to get David and Brian interested in going out.
Maybe we could take videos of our experiences and post them on YouTube. Dave is an expert on hunting for precious gems. Brian has some experience with gold panning and I could be there for comic relief.
That's all for now.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm Still Reading Collier's Book

I'm still reading a book by Robert Collier named "Riches Within Your Reach". It's old; Collier died in the fifties.
I find it terribly inspiring.
One of the things it said was that if you want money to come to you, you have to release some of what you already have to the world.
This got me thinking about paying a Christian Science practitioner for the help he gave me.
He moved to Washington D.C. and I don't have his address. I went to the reading room where I felt the people there would know where he moved to and they were closed. The website said that they were open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The sign on the door said they were open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I went on a Monday.
I don't have any money so I want to give him a silver bar. I'll go back this Tuesday and either find his address or just donate the bar to the church. They could use it for a paperweight if nothing else. I feel better about paying in silver than I would with the fiat (phony) currency, anyway.
Another thing Collier said was that getting people to pray with you has a multiplying effect. He gave and example of how prayer groups would get what they were asking for whereas a single person would pray over and over and never get their prayer answered.
I don't have a group of people to pray with me so I guess I'll try the Internet.
This weekend, what I need to happen is for the loan I applied for yesterday, goes through this Monday, or Tuesday. I not only need the money to get out from under my pay-day loans but I need to buy clothes for my new job. I also need a little money to keep current on my bills.
So if you find it in your heart, please pray for my loan to go through.
Group prayer might also be the key to time-travel and buying bitcoins at a low cost. I don't feel the need to get into that, now; but maybe I will later.
That's all I have for now.
By the way I appreciate my faithful readers especially in France and Romania.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Two Good Things Happened Today

I was finally contacted by Wal-Mart for my orientation and I think I'm getting a loan for $5,000.
I've been running around, sending off things like car registration and such to One Main Financial.
I was hoping for a personal loan but it looks like I'll have to put the car up for collateral again.
The credit union wasn't willing to look at a loan for me for a few months; now it looks like I'll get one right away.  I'll get out of my payday loan and my high interest credit cards.
If things work out well maybe I'll be able to go pan for gold again. I want to go to Lee's Ferry in Arizona since Bix Weir says there is tons of gold in the Grand Canyon. Lee's Ferry is where the guy who found all the gold in the bottom of the Grand Canyon staged his operations in the early 1900's.
I want to start there this time. If I don't find gold, there, I'll head out to Sawyer's Bar in California. I belong to the gold mining club that has claims there and it looked to me like there was gold there.
I start my new job this Tuesday. I hope to have some money to buy pants and shoes for the new job.
I'm anxious about being up to unloading trucks all night. We'll see how that goes. If I can stick it out I should be able to get into shape for gold prospecting.
On the political front, it looks like Trump is a disappointment. Maybe it's all part of a sophisticated game he's playing but it looks like he was suckered into bombing the Syrian airport. He's acting like a neoconservative (otherwise known as "war monger"). Of course, that makes him popular with the news media. I hope he is putting one over on everybody. We'll see.
Not much is happening at Java John's tonight. There's no music and nothing going on. I'm listening to Clannad on Pandora. I think I'll watch some of my negative YouTube videos.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

I'm not giving up on Time Travel

I intend to go back in time and buy a bunch of bitcoins.
I know that I'm labeled as being crazy and this is probably another delusion but I remember encountering my future self in 2010 and I was busy with computers, buying bitcoins.
It's up to my present self to make that happen.
Of course, if, or should I say, when, I succeed I'll be rich. If I remember correctly bitcoins were selling at four cents a piece. They now sell for around $1,160.00 each. I'll be a millionaire.
I consider matter to be an illusion so it's simply a matter of seeing myself in the past, and then I will find myself there.
It's really simple and easy but like everything else I have to make a big production out of it.
Today I was reading a book by Robert Collier named "Riches within your Reach" or something like that.
In it Collier describes how people with very humble beginnings lean on God to achieve great things. Their disadvantages turn into advantages because they don't have a comfortable existence to fall back on. Instead they lean on God to help them.
I feel that one of the things that's holding me back is that I don't really have a great purpose. Thomas Edison had inventing the light bulb driving him. Napoleon had conquering Europe as a purpose.
I intend to open up a shop for preppers in Decorah. I feel that it's a noble goal and altruistic. Even if the currency doesn't collapse it's a good idea to be ready for a large variety of things.
The act of preparing for something like the currency collapse helps people be more ready for things like a pandemic or electo magnetic pulse. If you get ready for one thing you are getting ready for a variety of things as a side effect.
Maybe there is a more sensible way to open up such a shop that doesn't include time travel but I don't know what it would be.
I can't do it "out of pocket" because I don't have the money. Nobody will lend me money for such a thing because I'm labeled as crazy and I don't have good credit. My age also works against me. Finding gold in California didn't work out very well.
To me, time travel seems to be the proper alternative.
I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wal-Mart Hired me.

When I finally added minutes to my phone it turned out the Wal-Mart had been trying to get a hold of me for the last 2 weeks. I drove out to their store and they told me that they would hire me for a second shift job.
It only pays $9.00/hr. but that is what I was getting at the telemarketing job. I think I'll prefer working at Wal-Mart to selling on the phone. I'm glad I've gotten the job.
I went to my old job this morning and told them that I was offered the Wal-Mart job. They let me leave without holding me to the 2 week notice. Now I'll be able to work at Wal-Mart as soon as my background check comes through.
On a different track, Donald Trump disappointed most of his supporters by attacking the Syrian government. It should be obvious to the most casual observer that the sarin attack was some sort of "false flag" thing. Ron Paul was the only person who pointed out that it wasn't in the interest of the Syrian government to use poison gas. Does anyone remember that the Syrian government destroyed it's stockpile of chemical weapons two or three years ago? Why doesn't anyone think that ISIS might have poison gas?
I think we now know that Donald Trump is either an idiot or he's a "swamp critter". I guess we shouldn't be too surprised; after all they pulled the same trick with Barak Obama. We all thought that he was different and would save us. It's all a game.
By the time someone has acquired enough political clout to run for president he is probably totally corrupted.
I find that I'm incredibly gullible. Of course, nobody else who ran was any better; it's just that the whole system is evil.
I'm the same way with investing. I keep thinking that precious metals will save me but they never do. Maybe I need to change my paradigm again but I don't know what to change about it.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm able to pay my bills.

The money coming in from the new job is enabling me to keep current on my bills. I'm going to be able to scrape by for another month.
I went to a coin auction last Sunday. I blew it by buying coins without really knowing when they changed from being 90% silver to being 40% silver and then going to 0% silver.
I bought a bunch of coins that I thought were 40% silver and it turned out that they had no silver in them. I'll use them for the washing machines. There is no coin shop near here so that's all they're good for as far as I'm concerned.
Not much is happening here. I'm working every week day. I'm not getting many sales but nobody else is either.
I'm looking for another job but nothing is showing up.
The car is still running but it's got a cracked windshield and it's starting to make whining noise. I also have to put air into the right, front, tire every 3 days. I just hope it keeps running.
It's "open mike" night at Java Johns so I'm hanging out at the co-op. It's quiet here and I'm drinking coffee and eating yogurt. The yogurt is selling at a massive discount so I'll have two small containers.
There is another coin auction next Sunday. I'll be more careful there.
I think I'll sign off for now.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I did lose my job.

I lost my job for one day when I told them I wouldn't work the new program.
They called Manpower within a couple of hours and hired me back at the old program.
I still have to drive 1 hr. one way for a telemarketing job but at least I can pay my bills for a while.
I'll be looking for a new apartment in Monana, next month. It's too far to drive and maybe I could sell the car if I could walk to work.
On a different topic, Dan is paying me $100 of the $200 he owes me.
If I can get a cash advance on a credit card I'll be able to catch up at the credit union to the point that at least I'm not over drawn.
I'm waiting to hear from Dan; he's driving from 50 miles away. He's in Winowa.
I'm going to see about the cash advance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

i may lose my job tomorrow.

I got put on a different program today.
Basically we are brow-beating little old ladies into paying hundreds of dollars for skin cream that they claim the never ordered.
I tend to believe them when they say they never ordered the product. I'm thinking that someone has hacked the web page where they allegedly bought the product.
I told Lori at Manpower that I wanted off of the program. I'll stay there if they want me to on other programs; but I think they'll let me go.
At least I got a week and a half of work in. I'll be looking for another job, soon.
The lack of snow this year really messed me up. I have to remember that "God provides".
I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I got my First Sale.

I started my telemarketing job last Tuesday. The first couple of days were spent in training and doing paperwork.
Friday afternoon I finally got a sale. Actually I'm doing pretty well. It's hard to get people to buy anything over the phone, so getting 1 sale for a day and a half of work isn't doing all that badly.
Things are looking a lot better for me, financially. I've got a tough week ahead while I'm waiting for my first check, but I'll get through it. I've got food and enough money for gasoline to get to work.
This year has been bad for me because there was just no money to be made, shoveling snow.
I feel that I'm caught in a "debt trap". I keep borrowing money to pay bills but I don't have enough money to get out of debt. Instead of paying off debt I'm just paying the interest on that debt.
The United States government is in the same situation. There doesn't seem any way out of debt. I'm a "debt slave". All I'm working for is going to credit card payments and such.
On a related topic, I would like to sell my etchings for bitcoins. I have a bunch of etchings, done by Malcolm Childers, that I would like to sell. I've had them listed on Ebay. I go through the Game Exchange here in Decorah to sell them. I don't really have the time to watch the auctions myself so I pay a commission to the Game Exchange to list them for me.
If you are interested in buying some nice etchings, especially if you want to use bitcoins to buy them just leave a comment here and I'll arrange something.
That's pretty much all I have for now.
I haven't mentioned that I have 3 computers ready to sell. I almost had 4 but one of them gave up the ghost. I need a battery for a couple of them but I'll buy them with the money from the new job next Saturday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Miracles

Two miracles have happened recently.
The first is that the currency didn't collapse as scheduled. Silver went up sharply but that was the only indication that something was happening with the interest rates and the debt ceiling.
The interest rate hike was expected so maybe it was already baked into the market.
The debt ceiling doesn't really take effect until the government runs out of money by the end of April. We'll see what happens then.
The other miracle is that I got a job. I should be able to pay my bills for as long as I have a job. It'll take a couple of years for me to get out of debt but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Yesterday there wasn't even that.
The new job (which I worked at last year) is a telemarketing job in Monona. That's about 40 miles away.
I think I'll move to a town named Prairie du Chien. It's in Wisconsin, about 15 mile from where I'll be working. I'll be looking for a year-round trailer park there.
I hope to buy a small trailer to live in and to have for either living on my own land or traveling west to prospect for gold.
I like to have open options. Having a trailer opens up a lot of options; like I could travel and always have a place to live. I could also put it on my own acreage or lot (which I don't have right now) and be able to live there.
For now I'll be looking for a trailer park in Prairie. If I find one that I can live in year-round I'll move forward on getting the trailer. Otherwise I'll be looking for a place to live near where I'll be working.
Brian came into Java Johns so I guess I'll talk with him for a while.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So, Will the World's Economy Collapse Tomorrow?

If you are into watching the gloom and doomers on YouTube (and I am) the world's economy will probably collapse tomorrow. That is based on the combination of an interest rate hike (by the Federal Reserve) and the debt ceiling. 
People are saying that the combination signal the end of the world's economy. I'll be pacing the floor tonight.
I'm afraid that thinking like this is influencing my job search. I'm not getting spiffed up when I go looking for work. I'm unshaven and wearing dirty clothes. I've given up. There just don't seem to be any jobs any more. 
I told Lori at Manpower to put me in for the telemarketing job in Monona. It's about a 40 minute drive from here and I hate telemarketing. I just have to take any job that is available. 
I'm overdrawn by $115 at the credit union. Nobody is paying me the money that they owe me, and there isn't enough snow to make serious money shoveling it. I have to do something. 
I've been thinking about it and I feel that I'm in a debt trap. I have to borrow money at high interest rates in order to pay my credit cards and debt. There is never anything to save or get out of debt. The only way to keep above water is to work and collect Social Security as well. 
If I can hold on to a job for a couple of years maybe I can get to a point where I can buy a trailer and some land. 
I don't see any way to prepare for the collapse. I just don't have the money and I never will. 
I keep grabbing for straws. I keep buying options on silver in the hopes that I will make a fortune by betting against the economy. 
I also listen to all sorts of things on the internet about positive thinking. One of my favorite sites is T. Harv Eker; I also like to listen to a guy named Kyosaki.
I also get books; the last one was "The Nine Things You Must Do". It was good but nothing changes the reality that everything I've ever done has ended up with me in the depths of despair and hopelessness. 
I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself because I'll be telemarketing, next week; if I'm lucky. 
If I don't get a job soon I don't know what I'll do. If the world's economy collapses tomorrow that may not matter much. 
On that dour note I think I'll sign off.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm Disappointed with Myself.

I haven't been looking for a job like I should be. I went online and sent my resume to a couple of places, but most of the time I've been fixing a computer.
I've got 3 ready for sale and I'm waiting for a part for a fourth.
If I sell them it would help my finances but all I can do is wait for someone to call my add in
I've had good responses from the add that I run there but all I can do is wait until someone calls me. It's taken a couple of weeks between sales on occasion.
I'm worried about where the money will come from for next month's bills. I guess I need to have faith that everything will work out as planned; as in a divine plan for us all.
It looks like there will be plenty of snow this weekend and early next week. After that, maybe I'll get a job. It always has worked out and it will next month as well.
I'm concerned about the economy next Wednesday. Not only is the debt ceiling being reached then, but Janet Yellen may raise the interest rate the same day. It could collapse the economy. We'll see. I would be buying bitcoin, gold and silver but I'm too broke to do anything.
That reminds me, bitcoin went down today because the ETF was declined. I think that is a buying opportunity. It'll come back and then some. It might not go to the moon like it was looking like it would last week but it's a good "long term" investment.
Maybe I'll make enough, next week, shoveling snow, to buy a silver coin. I'll try, if I can.
Pray for snow.