Saturday, May 31, 2014

I haven't Posted for a While

I've been bad about putting up new content on my blog, sorry.
Both my van and motor home are sitting at Dan's Standard waiting to be worked on.
The van broke down last Sunday. The fuel pump isn't working.
Dan said that he can't get to it for a couple of weeks; he's so back logged. I just ride my bicycle around town, now.
I need to get the motor home transferred to the RV repair place up by the airport. Maybe he can do something with it.
Another Dan (the bicycle repair guy) told me to have the motor home trucked out to California. That might work. At least I wouldn't have to worry about the motor home breaking down. I really need it to live in, not to drive around in. I'll have to find out how much it would cost to do that. When I was truck driving there were websites that facilitated routing trucks. I'll have to go online and find a cheap truck out to Happy Camp, CA.
I got two old MacIntosh laptops working last week. One of them still has a problem with the audio input and output, but I can work around it with a USB headset. I'll just get external speakers and I have a USB headset for phone calls. It'll be alright.
I'm trying to get the latest Linux Mint working on the HP computer at work. It's a struggle. I got the version that came out in October to work. Now I need to get the one that just came out working. I think I'll have to get it installed and then modify the configure file by copying that file from the working operating system. It'll take a while.
I think I'll continue this later today.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I'm Ashamed of Myself

I should have been cleaning up the old apartment, this weekend, but all that I did was mess with old laptop computers.
At least I seem to have gotten them to work. It's been a struggle. I'm still not sure that they will be stable. Both of them had problems while booting. I don't know what is going on. I replaced the hard drive on one of them and I loaded Linux Mint 17 on both of them.
It turned out that I have to use Chrome instead of Chromium. Chromiun is supposed to be the same as Chrome. It turned out that Chromium won't work with Adobe Flashplayer. That means streaming videos and Pandora don't work with Chromium. I had to download Chrome from the Internet to get them working.
I'm still wondering what the boot problem is. I tried booting one of the machines without having it plugged into the AC adapter. It seemed to work. So I took the other one (which has to have the AC adapter plugged in to work at all) to Culvers. It worked some of the time.
I downloaded an update; maybe that fixed it. It's just so intermittent that it's hard to tell what is causing the problem.
Maybe it's heat-related. Culvers is cooler than my home. I'll have to take the computers to places that I know are cooler. My apartment is quite hot. I haven't turned on the air conditioner , yet.
Well, I know that I need to make more posts. I keep up on Troy at the "Do it Yourself World" on YouTube. I'll have to have more posts to attract more viewers.
That reminds me, (I don't know why) Bitcoins are going through the roof. They had about a 30% rise in the last 3 days. I'm broke so I don't have anything invested in them. When you're broke opportunities abound.
Oh well.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

All is Well with Faye

I called Faye a couple of hours ago and everything seemed to be going well, there. She is throwing a big party so she couldn't talk with me. The fires died down and the smoke cleared so she is happy to throw a party that she had planned for some time. I guess something like 100 people will be there.
Closer to home, the move is still going well. I'm in the clean-up stage, now. Loula was going to help but she didn't show up.
I got the vacuuming done with out her. The vacuum machine broke and I can't find a replacement belt. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'll have to clean up the floor and shower. Maybe I can get Mike to help; he owes me for the computer that I gave him.
On a different track, I'm bidding on some gold, in the form of a coin and rings, at a government auction. I hope I don't get too many of the things I'm bidding on since it would deplete my funds.
There are two reasons that I bid on these things:

  • One, I can't pass up a bargain. I'm a sucker for things priced below what they are worth.
  • Two, I don't want my money in dollars. I feel that the currency will collapse any time, now; and I don't want my money in currency.
Well, that's all that I have for now. I've got to check the auction.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pray for Faye

I'm sometimes obsessed with my problems and I forget that others have problems as well.
This afternoon I was looking at the news on the Internet and I found that there are a series of wildfires near my sister's house in Fallbrook, California.
I called her and it turned out that it was worse than I feared. There is fire on three sides of her. She has 3 horses to evacuate. She is waiting for someone with a horse trailer to come and help her get the horses out.
Of course, she sees them as being like her children so I didn't even mention that she should just leave.
 Since I'm over 1500 miles away all I can really do is pray for her. I'm also encouraging any of my followers to pray as well. It couldn't hurt.
I'll keep my followers posted on any new developments about Faye.
On a more normal tract for me, the move is coming along well. I'm almost done. I have one or two more loads and then it's just a matter of cleaning up. Loula said that she would help me today but she didn't show up. Maybe she'll help tomorrow.
I haven't checked Bitcoin prices since I don't have any, now. Gold and silver went up today. That's good for me.
There was a disconnect between gold and bonds today. I think Peter Schiff is right and we are heading for inflation, but only time will tell.
That's all I have for now. I've got to charge up the battery on my Tracphone so Faye can call me if she wants to.
Update on Faye

She got the horses out. They are on their way to Temecula. Apparently it's safe there.
I told her to leave as well. She said that they were being told to "shelter in place".
She feels relatively safe since the brush doesn't get very big, there. Another plus is that they've re-opened Interstate 15. That's the major way out of there.
She feels that someone is deliberately setting those fires. She thinks there are too  many for it to be an  accident. She might be right; I told he that it could be Al Quida. Now it's too early to know who is behind this but it could be a terrorist action. That's my guess.

Second Update on Faye

Faye was evacuated last night. She went to Temecula to be with her horses. She slept in her trailer. Apparently the electricity was out for a while. She went back but the wind has picked up and she might have to evacuate again. Your prayers are appreciated.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Worst is Over

Yesterday, Gary and Mike helped me move the bed. That's the last of the big stuff to move, that I couldn't move by myself.
We moved it in the rain. It got a little wet. I was exhausted by the time we were done.
I sold Gary some silver. I had a series of overdrafts at the bank. I think they take out their loan money too soon for me.
I've got close to $1000 coming into my bank account this week and I still get overdrafts.
There are two auctions that I'm interested in this week. One is on eBay for some Chinese coins. They are Year-of-the-Horse coins.
I think Faye would really like them. She could give them to her horse lover friends.
The other auction is a government liquidation auction. They have a lot of gold coins that I like to bid on.
I doubt that I'll get any gold coin; they always get bid up at the end.
I also bid on a large bag of foreign coins. I'm hoping that there might be some silver coins mixed in. It would take me days to sort through them.
If nobody else wants to bother with them I might just get that. There isn't much hope with the gold coins.
I'm taking the motor home to Dan's Standard today. I still need to load more stuff in it today. I'm hoping to get  that done by 4:00 or 5:00.
I told Dan that this will help him put his daughter through college.
I was figuring out how much it will cost just to drive the motor home to California and it came to over $700 for gas alone. I better save up some more for the move. I might not get out of here until next year.
Well I need to pack up some more stuff.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Move is Going Well

Last night Gary helped me move the two chests of drawers. That was a big thing to me since that was one of the things that I needed help with. I couldn't get them by myself; they were just too big and clumsy to do it myself.
Now , after we get the bed moved, I'll be able to do the move by myself. I don't like to rely on others to get things done.
Nick found a bad fuse on the motor home. If I can get it replaced it might repair the fuel gauge and the lights on the dashboard. I can buy the fuse but I might have trouble getting to the fuse board to actually replace it; I'm not as limber as Nick.
The bank shafted me yesterday. Something went through later than it should have and I ended up getting 3 overdrafts. It will cost me over $90 in fines. That's how they really make their money. It will be good to transfer my money to a bank in California.
Well, I've got to get the fuse and take some silver out of the bank to sell to Gary. Maybe I'll take this up again later.
I'm back. The fuse seemed to fix a problem or two. Now the fan for the heater works. The fuel gauge went up a bit but it still shows empty when I know that I have a full tank.
Now I'll see if I can give away the desktop computer and the table. Mike expressed interest in the table; maybe he'll take the computer as well.
I've got to get home and load Linux on the computer to destroy everything that I now have on it. Then I'll clear the table and put everything on it into a plastic bin. Then I can give away the table and computer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Move is Picking Up

I'm making more progress on the move today.
It turned out that the plastic bins I bought from Wal-Mart are useless for moving. When they are full they are too heavy to lug around and they don't fit on a 2 wheel cart. They will be good for storage.
I'm going to throw away most of my Cd's and DVDs. They just take up too much room. I'll put the music on a flash drive and eliminate all of my operating systems except for what I'm presently using. I hate to throw away all of the jewelery cases but they take up too much room.
I added something called "Marvel Mystery Oil" to the gas in the motor home and it cleaned up the carburetor. Now at least it's not racing. Actually it runs rather good.
I still have a long list of things to repair on it; and I'm taking it to Dan's Standard, Monday.
I had good news about the last laptop that I sent to California for repair. I paid $120 and it's fixed. I'm just awaiting it's return.
That will be the 17 inch machine and it will replace my desktop. I just no longer have room for a desktop computer. I'll have to give it away. I think I'll donate it to the Peace Center.
I have to find someone who would appreciate some hard drives and jewelery cases. There is a guy named Peterson who repairs old computers as a hobby; maybe he'll take them. I'll track him down and ask him. Maybe I could donate them to the library.
Well, I have to get back to work.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Sleepless Night

Well, I didn't get much sleep last night.
It was probably simply because I drank a large cup of coffee after 6:00 P.M. last night.
It could also be that I'm being anxious about the move and my new (to me) motor home.
The move isn't happening at a good pace. I'm just not getting things done like I should. I need help, especially from Loula. But I can't seem to find anyone to help me.
Today I have to get my motor home fixed up as a bug out vehicle. I need to get my extra food and camping supplies into it. I got most of my ammo into it yesterday. Today I need to move a bunch of other stuff to it.
I want it ready to roll in case the caldera at Yellowstone blows. There is also the threat of an Ebola pandemic. I don't know where I would go for that but I should be able to be isolated for at least a month.
The trip to California is secondary for now. Now I have to get the motor home fitted out and also get moved to the new apartment.
I've got a lot on my table, so why did I go to church in La Crosse this morning? I've really got too much to do to be running around and drinking coffee at Starbucks. But here I am; being dysfunctional as usual.
I think I'm also being concerned about finances. I'm selling a lot of precious metals to get into the motor home. I now need to sell more to get it fixed up. I can't afford the gasoline to drive it. So why did I go 70 miles away to drink coffee and go to church?
Now that I think about it I might go home and get to work rather than go to church. Church doesn't start for a couple of more hours; I could get a lot done at home in that time.
I think I will go home and make some progress on my move. Maybe I'll see Gary at Java Johns and maybe I can rope him into helping me.
It's a plan.

These are a few pictures of my new (to me) motor home. Mike is helping me move.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I got my motor home

I paid for my motor home this morning. This afternoon I drove it home.
It was terrible to drive. The wind whipped it all over the road. I'll probably have to have the springs replaced. The engine seemed to run well, but I was disappointed with the brakes. I think I'll have to have them looked at; maybe the front brakes weren't working. The brakes seemed weak.
Anyhow, I got it home. Now I have to move and get into the new apartment.
My plans of going to California are coming together. I just have to take it one step at a time.
I'm reading a book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (Change Your Thoughts-- Change Your Life).
It's a discussion of Lao-tzu's works the Tao Te Ching. In the 64th verse it states that "a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step".
Today I made a significant step towards financial freedom by having my own motor home. Now I'll be able to live anywhere in the country by just living in my motor home.
I'll be able to park it on any of hundreds of gold mining claims and I'll have the right to be there. Hopefully I'll find gold on those claims as well. I'm a member of 2 gold mining clubs and I have a lifetime membership in one of them. The other one I have to pay year-by-year.
I'm getting ready to leave and find my fortune on my own. It will be good to be away from government dependancy.
Frankly, I've been dependant on government subsidies for the last 15 years. In fact, most of my life, I've worked for the government in the defense industry.
It will be good to really be on my own. And if that fails at least I've found the cheapest way to live without camping under bridges.
I'll have to get some pictures of my motor home. It's not much but at least it's paid for.