Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Take on Oil Prices

I haven't discussed the price of oil in this blog, before now.
I think oil (like everything else) has a totally manipulated price. It's a commodity like metals and grains; therefore it's traded on the commodity markets. There are around 100 paper ounces for every physical ounce that's actually moved. Hence the market manipulators are setting it's price just like everything else.
I think they drove it down to punish Russia for their involvement in the Ukraine. This is done, primarily by manipulating the commodity market; but also by having the Saudis keep their production up.
This is backfiring on the U.S. It's risking collapsing the bond market and hence driving the stock market into freefall.
I expect the U.S. to reverse itself, soon. I think they will have ISIS invade Saudi Arabia. That will drive oil through the roof and save the stock market without having to blame the U.S.
I'm using stock options to bet that this will happen.
I was first alerted to a change in the price of oil by watching Jim Cramer on CNBC. He was talking about the predictions by an analyst who uses Fibonacci progressions. This is similar to technical analysis, but it uses Fibonacci numbers instead. That was something developed in Italy a long time ago.
It seems to be working but I think it is preceding the news of a war in the Middle East, again.
Anyway, I have a few options that will take advantage of that and on Tuesday I hope to buy some more. I could be right; in which case I'll have plenty of money for my move to California.
If I'm wrong, I may have to stay in Iowa until I can more easily afford the move.
I'm thinking about working at Luther or NICC as a work-study student, this Summer. In the Summer a person can work as a work-study student for  30 hours a week. That means I could make around $2000 in the Summer. If I stayed on another semester,I might get some more work-study time in.
That would go a long way towards financing my trip to California.
If I could sell my etchings I would have no trouble financing my move. Therefore, I'll start showing pictures of the etchings (done by Malcolm Childers) on my blog. The first one I'll show is Frenchy's Flathead Flyer.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to Normal

Well, I'm  back to trading options again. I just don't feel right without risking credit card money on options or Bitcoins.
The thing that I miss when I'm not gambling is the feeling of hope.
Of course, it is probably a delusion. After all, I've never really succeeded with any form of gambling.
All the markets are rigged and it's practically impossible to really make anything by trading.
I feel that I have to try, anyway.
Maybe one of my problems is that I tend to base my trading decisions on what I last saw on the Internet.
That's why I'm into silver options; Harvey Organ said that the world is running out of silver.
Last night I was watching Jim Cramer. He said that oil was due for a massive move up; so this morning I bought oil options.
I moved my money out of Rubles, yesterday, when I saw the minor crypto-coins move up. So I bought Litecoins. That hadn't moved yet.
So I'm all in. That's my usual condition. Basically, I'm using credit card money for my investing.
If I win I'll have plenty of money for my move to California; which is probably betting that I'll be able to find gold.
Everything I do is a gamble; but isn't that true of everyone?
Life is a gamble. If you don't take chances you condemn yourself to a life of boredom and complacency.
I don't think I could stand it. At least I have hope when I'm gambling.
Working for a living certainly didn't work. I feel that I'll have to get lucky and actually win a little money for a change.
At least, I'm trying.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

jsnip4 and vaccines

This afternoon, I watched a Youtube video by someone called jsnip4. I like his vlogs.
Today he was talking about the brainwashing that the Mainstream-Media is doing to us about vaccines.
He pretty much focused on the measles vaccine. He pointed out that somewhere around 100 people have died as a result of getting the vaccine. This was for a disease that is not fatal.
It shows you that the press is in the pockets of the Pharma industry.
He also made some points about how Ebola. I disagree with him about Ebola. In fact, I have the feeling that the real news about Ebola is being suppressed to keep the stock market from collapsing.
It got me thinking about all the news I watch on Youtube. I feel that I'm being influenced by what I'm seeing on the Internet a bit too much.
Prepping is probably the biggest business going on in the United States. Sportsman's Guide and Harbor Freight are probably doing great business; selling to us people who are trying to prepare for the end of the financial world. We're also buying all sorts of gold and silver. Land is being sold for homesteads.
All this spending is caused by fear and panic being spread on Youtube.
I like think that I can discern the truth when I hear it but that is probably a delusion. I spent over $200 betting that the world would run out of silver. I could still win that bet but I only have 2 months to go on it.
I'm now thinking about getting a generator from Harbor Freight. It would only cost $100. But would I have a need for it if I didn't think that I'll be living off the land in the woods in the near future? I doubt it.
I've got over 200 ounces of silver. I bought that because I feel that the currency will soon be worthless.
I'm trying to get an old motor home working. Would I bother with that if I had any hope for the future? Hell no!
Anyway, I feel that I've been walking into yet another way that someone has to get me to spend money.
I still feel that the house of cards that is the American financial system is coming apart.
Some of my favorite Youtube channels that discuss this are:

  1. David Morgan
  2. The Corbett Report
  3. G4Tnews
  4. Max Keiser
  5. Greg Hunter
  6. Chris Martenson
I also watch some other channels that promote prepping and simple living. I'll talk about them some other time.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally, some snow money

I finally made some money shoveling snow. We had a storm on Sunday and it drifted overnight.
I made almost as much as I would have made at the Peace Center for a week.
I just need to keep from spending it on silver and spend it towards getting my motor home working instead.
I also got my passport. I can now go to Canada or the Bahamas. I got the cheap passport since I doubt that I'll go anywhere except for Canada. The one that permits air travel costs over $100 more than the cheap one.
Nothing is getting done on the motor home but I think I'll use the van instead. That will be much cheaper and I can always come back for the motor home.
I figure on leaving for California by the end of March. The season at the mining claims really doesn't open until April anyhow.
I gave Mary at Java Johns a laptop, today. She gave me $50 for a Christmas gift so it was nice to give her something back. It has a missing key on the keyboard but it's the "insert" key so I doubt that she'll ever miss it.
Yesterday a young man named Ken helped me with shoveling a sidewalk by snow-blowing it. I was at the point of exhaustion. I was glad to pay him $15 to do it. I'll be talking about how someone came through for me for years to come.
I'm still wondering how long the financial world can keep it's act together. I was watching Gregory Mannerino on Youtube. He said that we are already collapsing financially. It's just that other places such as Europe and Latin America are where the collapse is starting. Apparently it won't be a massive collapse that closes down all the banks at once. It's shaping up as a long series of events that will cumulate in a major world-wide collapse.
Today it's Europe, next year the US.
All I can do is to try to get as ready for the inevitable collapse.