Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Might have to get an Actual Job

Since I lost my job at the Peace Center things have not been going well.
First of all, it hasn't snowed. I was counting on making all sorts of money, shoveling snow. It just hasn't happened.
Last year I made tons of money, shoveling, and my job at the Peace Center actually interfered with making more money by shoveling.
This year, except for a week in November, the snow hasn't been there.
I may have to go to Wal-Mart and figure out their computerized job application method. I hate their computers. It's so confusing.
I just don't know what else to do. I haven't been able to get my computer repair business off the ground. I'm probably one of the few experts in Linux in this town but people just don't want to leave Microsoft or MacIntosh.
I tend to actually lose money by fixing up old laptops. They cost too much to replace the batteries and install memory. I think the only reason I bother is to find old laptops good homes.
I wanted to mention how disillusioned I am with what news I find on You Tube.
Harvey Organ is probably wrong about the Chinese using up the world's silver supply by the end of December. There are only 2 days left, counting today. There is no sign of that happening.
I've got some options that are good until the end of March so I'm as ready as I can be. I also have a lot of silver in a safe deposit box.
I'm beginning to think that everything I see on You Tube is a lie. Of course, I know that everything I see on Main Stream Media is a lie as well. The truth is buried under a ton of lies and distortions. I just don't know what to believe anymore.
My idea of bugging out for the currency collapse or the Ebola pandemic may have been created by believing the garbage put out on You Tube.
I still like the idea of living as cheaply as possible in an RV. It gives me a lot of options. I can park on mining claims where I have the right to mine on. I can also simply live on the street; I can park it anywhere and just live there. I can also get my own land and park it there.
I like having options open and if they take away Social Security I'll have a roof over my head, no matter what.
I was thinking about moving my motor home to LaCrosse and living there until it's time to go to California. I'll price RV parks. Maybe it would be cheaper than living here and I could go to church more often. It's beginning to look like the snow will never appear.
Well, I've got to go to Cresco and see if the RV people over there will work on my motor home. I should never have taken it out of there anyway.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Are my planning and thoughts too "fear based".

I don't know. I feel that I want to be prepared for what happens in the future and I don't see much good going on. 
I feel that the currency will collapse any time, now. I was watching something on YouTube that predicted the collapse this coming September or October. 
I hope it holds together that long. I should be in the gold fields of Northern California by then. I'll be living cheaply and stacking gold. I should be as ready as I can be for that contingency by then.
Of course, I'm basing my plans on the collapse of the dollar. Other people might feel that I'm being a "Chicken Little", but I just feel that I'm doing the sensible thing when you consider the facts. I'm not ignoring reality like so many of my friends. 
That reminds me, what about Ebola? 
I think the "controlled press" is being shut down in reporting about it. Alex Jones said that he's been hearing about people who get checked into hospitals with Ebola symptoms and they are being made to disappear. Their records are purged and it's just like they never existed. 
This messes me up with my plans to bug out when the toll of Ebola patients in the U.S.A. hits 50,000. My new criteria is to bug out as soon as I see an obvious Ebola victim. They have blood blisters that can be seen across the street. I figure that if I see one it's time to leave. 
More bad news about the motor home. It turns out that the RV repair guy doesn't want to mess with the propane because it may be dangerous. It also may not meet the newer specs. I might have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the furnace and water heater fixed up. Maybe I'll take it to the other RV repair place that is about 20 miles away. They seem a lot more ready to work on the old "piece of shit". 
I'm really disappointed in the lack of snowfall this year. I was hoping to make a ton of money shoveling snow. It's just isn't happening. I miss the income from my old job at the Peace Center. Without the snow I don't have any way to make it up. Maybe I'll have to finance my gold prospecting expedition with "Crowd Funding" or something. There is nobody I could borrow from since I've always lost money on all of my get rich quick schemes. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

G4T is back

George for Title or G4T is back on YouTube. I used to watch him a lot. I think the trolls got his site taken down for being too negative or fraudulent. He did have a lot of drama in his content which was questionable.
I guess that is something that can happen to someone who is trying to get more viewers. They pump things up a bit.
I do like his content. He interviewed a homeless guy in one vlog; and he talked about the collapsing Ruble and the oil prices going down in other vlogs.
He has some vlogs where he addresses the outrageous price of living in California; and he talks about alternative lifestyles.
I have always enjoyed his vlogs. It's good to see him back.
I've been watching the markets, lately. I've come to the conclusion that everything is manipulated. It's really not to sensible to trade anything because someone (buying or selling billions of dollars worth of derivatives) can rig the markets any way that pleases them.
The Russian Ruble is an example of this. Russia has a trade surplus; they have practically no debt; they are exporting. So why is the Ruble going down?
 To me it's obvious that someone is manipulating the markets. I don't know how to trade it. I tried to buy the Ruble 2 months ago. It went down from there. It's like "catching a falling knife". If you aren't on the inside you'll lose money. Watch the video by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Greg Hunter channel of YouTube for a more authoritative analysis of the Russian crisis.
I don't feel that logic works any more. You can't figure out how the markets are manipulated. Your last name isn't Rockefeller or anything like that. There is no sense in trying to make money on any market.
That leaves getting off the grid and living as cheaply as possible.
I tried working for a living but that is a delusion as well. You'll never get enough money to buy a nice house, get married, and raise kids. It's just out of the reach of practically everybody. The fifties came and went. We all have to deal with poverty and hopelessness, now.
I even have the feeling that gold and silver will go down in value. The markets are that manipulated. Nothing has any real value. It's all set by a few people on Wall Street.
It's time to stock up on food, guns and gold. I also think it makes sense to get an RV for living in. That way you should always have a roof over your head.
I'm going to concentrate on getting my motor home ready for the trip to California and forget about everything else.
I hope that I'll be able to live on mining claims for long periods of time. I still would like to find gold while I'm living cheap. I don't know what I'll do when my body starts giving out. Maybe I'll move to Slab City like the "Nomadic Fanatic" on YouTube. It looks pretty good but I'm afraid it might get quite crowded, soon.
That's all that I have for now.
I have to run by the Post Office and see about getting a pass port. I might have to flee to Canada.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Disappointed with Myself

Here I am,; thinking about trading options on precious metals.
I should know better; I always end up losing. I've tried similar things a dozen or more time and I always end up poorer than when I started.
Maybe there is something self-destructive about me. I had a lousy childhood. I was raised in a violent and drunken home. My father was an alcoholic and we were very poor, as well.
I'm always trying to prove my worth by getting ahead financially. It's just a response to my early childhood.
When I do start winning I find a way to lose it all. I think that is because of my low self-image. I simply don't feel that I deserve wealth, and an easy life.
One thing that I notice about myself is that I'm influenced by the last You Tube video that I've watched.
Yesterday, I was watching Harry Dent tell everyone why the metals will collapse in the near future.
Today, I watched someone say that the CME is getting ready for a major move to the upside in gold and silver.
I think the preponderance of opinion is for a move down and later a major move up.
Unfortunately that is what the majority of people think. Since most people are already betting that way, there may not be much money to be made. It's kind of like a horse race where the odds are set by the betting before the race. Even if you are right there isn't much money to be made by betting the same as everyone else is betting.
Long shots make a lot more money but they are unlikely to come through.
Maybe I'll continue with my original plan since that includes a short-term negative bet on gold; along with a short-term positive bet on silver.
The gold bet seems more likely to win; but the silver bet would really make a lot of money if Harvey Organ turns out to be right and we run out of silver in the next few months.
Of course the most likely circumstance is that neither gold or silver will move much and I'll be out $500. Option traders are always hoping for a big move to justify the risks involved in trading.
I should probably forget all about metals. I've already got a sizable stash of silver and a little gold as well. I should be grateful that I've put aside more metals for the financial collapse. In that regard, I'm probably ahead of 90% of the people in Decorah. I should be setting aside food and getting my motor home ready for the move to California. That might come earlier than I thought.
We haven't had any news about the Ebola outbreak, lately. If I start reading things about that, closer to home, I might have to bug out sooner that I expected.
At least the motor home is closer to being ready for bugging out. I had the vent worked on, today. The next thing is getting the refrigerator running. I'll see about getting gas in it, tomorrow.
I'll see if the rest of it works, tomorrow as well.

A Slow Sunday

I don't really have much to say, today.
Friday my job ended. I won't miss it much. I never got the money from it to spend, anyway. It went to an account at a bank that was my representative payee.
A social worker at the VA thought I wasn't able to handle my own money. So he put me on this account. It sucks. Never let anyone run your affairs.
I tried several times to make money on things such as stock, bond and commodities. I now see that all markets are manipulated so that the average person has no chance in any market. It's just delusions. I should have realized that back in 1989 when I lost my inheritance, trading commodities. I kept hoping that I had found a method to make a large fortune from what little money I had to work with. Maybe schizophrenia has something to do with it.
With my money in the trustee account, I ended up spending $3,000 on a newer car. It turned out that I could have spent a lot less money and gotten a different car.
I ended up refinancing that car and paying off a lot of credit card bills with it. Maybe it will work out.
It's raining and I was hoping for snow, so I could shovel it and make a lot of money. This Winter is supposed to be brutal so I should be able to make a lot of money. There is still a lot of time so we'll see. I need the money to buy more silver and pay off credit cards.
I need the credit cards for the move to California. I'm worried about that. I think it will actually work out a lot better than I fear. It is a bit of a concern to drive a 40 some years old motor home over 1500 miles. I hope it holds together.
That's all I have for now.

Work is Being Done on my Motor Home

Finally, some work is being done on my motor home.
The roof vent that is stuck in an open position is being replaced. I took the door off of the old refrigerator; it now needs the compressor removed to get it through the door. Hopefully, we'll find out if the furnace and water heater work. The new refrigerator needs to be installed before we can run the furnace and water heater.
I have the feeling that I'll have a working motor home, soon.
I'm hoping to take it to LaCrosse for a few days for a "shake-down cruise". The best way to find things that don't work is to actually try to use them.
On a different topic, I'm thinking about getting back to trading options.
I was watching Harry Dent on the Greg Hunter channel on YouTube, yesterday.
He expects a major depression before the hyper-inflation. He uses demographics and cycles in his work.
He was saying that gold and silver are due to go down in a big way.
This is the opposite of what Harvey Organ was saying about silver. He says that we'll be running out of silver in a very short period of time.
I feel that precious metals are due to go one way or the other in a big way, very soon. Therefore I'll cover both bases with an option spread. That means that while I bet that something will go one way I also make a bet that it will go the other way as well. It sounds like you will give up what you make when it moves in one direction. That is true to an extent. The thing is that options are so leveraged (meaning you get a lot of payback for a small move) that if things start moving big I'll make up what I lost by betting in the wrong direction and then the rest of the move is pure profit.
This would work on something that you expect a big move but you're not really sure which way it will move.
I'm going to lean towards the downward direction by having more options betting against the price moving up. In fact I'm thinking about buying 4 gold, put options for every 1 silver,  call option.
I do expect a deflationary period before the hyper-inflation. That will be my bias.
That's all I have for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Day before I Leave My Job

I'm just waiting for the end of my job.
It'll give me more time to work on my motor home and make money, shoveling snow.
I'll also be able to go places on weekends; or even during the middle of the week. I'll just take off and park on the street or in Wal-Mart parking lots and maybe try to buy gold and silver in other cities. I'll be able to take in church services on Sundays.
I haven't heard anything from the colleges that I applied for jobs at. The job at NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) is probably taken. They had someone there on a temporary basis, already. The other one (at Luther College) is still open.
I think I can make as much money or more, simply shoveling snow.
I might also get my Linux business going. I had someone ask me to tutor him in running a computer, the other night. Maybe I should advertise on DecorahNow. com.
I measured the old refrigerator in the motor home. If I take off the door and the cooling pipes and motor on the rear I should be able to get it out of the motor home. I'll probably get it out, this weekend.
Tomorrow I'll put some gas in it. I also need to top off the propane. I'll look into that soon, as well.
It turned out that there is only one place that I can have propane added to the motor home in Decorah. The fact that the propane tank is built into the bottom of the motor home makes it difficult. If you could just take off bottles of propane and replace them it would be no problem. I have to drive the motor home close to a place where there is a hose that can connect to the propane tank.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with Ebola; at least it's not being reported. I guess they are trying to prevent panic. I was reading somewhere that the true count is likely to be 3 times higher than the official count. The official count is over 11,000 have had it and over 6,000 have died. The percentage of deaths is 73%. The reason the death count looks lower is simply that a lot of those people haven't died yet.
I hope that I can bug out by next Summer. I'll be panning for gold in the mountains of Northern California with a couple of my friends. Maybe we'll avoid human contact and thereby avoid the Ebola pandemic. We'll see.
Gold and silver are moving up but it's not panic buying, yet. Maybe I've been watching the wrong people on YouTube. The manipulators seem to be able to keep prices of most everything at whatever they want it to be.
I'll still be buying gold and silver since I don't have faith in the fiat currency.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just a Quick Update

I haven't been posting much on my blog, lately. I just don't have much to say.
I'm losing my job at the Peace Center; but that doesn't bother me much. I should be able to make more money, shoveling snow, than I made at the Peace Center, anyway.
I'm also looking for a custodial job with the two colleges that I attended, not long ago.
My trip out to California will be set back by about 2 months. I found a couple of people who want to go out with me. One of them has experience in rock hounding and prospecting in the very location that we are going to. The other one just wants to get away for a while. That will work out well because the second guy will drive my van out and he'll be able to ride back with guy 1. It looks like a plan.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with the Ebola outbreak. At least the news has been silenced about it. When there was news it drove the stock market into some wild gyrations.
I had some bad news about the RV. The refrigerator was apparently built into the motor home. It doesn't fit the door. I'll have to cut it in half to get it out. I'll see about doing that, next week.
Not much else is happening with the motor home. I'm just not a priority to the RV guy.
I just bought another 8 ounces of silver. I expect something major to happen with the silver market within a week or two. I've done all that I can to prepare for it. According to someone whose last name is Organ, we'll run out of silver before the end of December.
I may have to quit watching all these "gloom and doomers" if their prophecies don't start coming true. I've got too much invested to be fooled by people who say that they have "inside information" again.
I feel good about getting a motor home and prospecting for gold since it reduces my expenditures to the minimum possible. At least I won't be throwing money away in the near future. And I'll have a lot of options open for travel and finding new sources of income.
A young lady gave me a laptop computer about a month ago. I got it running very well. It needed a battery and a memory module. I got the very latest Mint version running on it. That's Mint 17.1. It was a little slow with Zorin and I couldn't get earlier versions of Mint to install. This one is working very well. I was going to sell it to Brian but he says that he doesn't need a computer, right now.
Instead, I'm taking it to Culver's and Java John's and using it for my main computer. The only problems I have with it is that it's rather heavy and it doesn't run my comics app. I prefer it for blogging over my Nook. In fact the Nook is getting rather unreliable. I think it has to do with the cold weather.