Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just a Quick Update

I haven't been posting much on my blog, lately. I just don't have much to say.
I'm losing my job at the Peace Center; but that doesn't bother me much. I should be able to make more money, shoveling snow, than I made at the Peace Center, anyway.
I'm also looking for a custodial job with the two colleges that I attended, not long ago.
My trip out to California will be set back by about 2 months. I found a couple of people who want to go out with me. One of them has experience in rock hounding and prospecting in the very location that we are going to. The other one just wants to get away for a while. That will work out well because the second guy will drive my van out and he'll be able to ride back with guy 1. It looks like a plan.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with the Ebola outbreak. At least the news has been silenced about it. When there was news it drove the stock market into some wild gyrations.
I had some bad news about the RV. The refrigerator was apparently built into the motor home. It doesn't fit the door. I'll have to cut it in half to get it out. I'll see about doing that, next week.
Not much else is happening with the motor home. I'm just not a priority to the RV guy.
I just bought another 8 ounces of silver. I expect something major to happen with the silver market within a week or two. I've done all that I can to prepare for it. According to someone whose last name is Organ, we'll run out of silver before the end of December.
I may have to quit watching all these "gloom and doomers" if their prophecies don't start coming true. I've got too much invested to be fooled by people who say that they have "inside information" again.
I feel good about getting a motor home and prospecting for gold since it reduces my expenditures to the minimum possible. At least I won't be throwing money away in the near future. And I'll have a lot of options open for travel and finding new sources of income.
A young lady gave me a laptop computer about a month ago. I got it running very well. It needed a battery and a memory module. I got the very latest Mint version running on it. That's Mint 17.1. It was a little slow with Zorin and I couldn't get earlier versions of Mint to install. This one is working very well. I was going to sell it to Brian but he says that he doesn't need a computer, right now.
Instead, I'm taking it to Culver's and Java John's and using it for my main computer. The only problems I have with it is that it's rather heavy and it doesn't run my comics app. I prefer it for blogging over my Nook. In fact the Nook is getting rather unreliable. I think it has to do with the cold weather.
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