Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Might Have Another Job Lined Up

I went to Manpower, today; and they might have another job for me. It would be a manufacturing job with a lot of heavy lifting.
It pays $11.00/hr which is more than I've made in the last 15 years.
I should be able to get out of debt in about six months. I might quit after that. I can make a lot of money shoveling snow by then.
I rather enjoy shoveling snow. I can take a lot of coffee breaks between jobs and I don't knock myself out at it.
I'll be working the graveyard shift which is fine with me. At least I can run around in the daytime and get things done. That was a problem with the telemarketing job. I couldn't get things done during the day since I was always working or driving to and from work.
Tomorrow I'm going to the VA clinic for a teleconference with a therapist and I'm also going to a class for working at the poll for the primary towards the end of June.
Well, Java John's is closing so I'll be going.

Friday, May 27, 2016

My Last Day at the Call Center.

Today I put in my last day at the call center. I hated that job. I'm just not cut out for telemarketing.
Last week there was mention about serving two masters in my bible lesson. It also mentioned the "Lilies of the Field" and how they are cared for. I took that as a sign to quit my job. I was only into it for the money and now, I'm pretty well set up for a while.
I'll still have to get a job but maybe I can get an IT job or maybe something in social work.
Of course I have car troubles as soon as I quit my job. A rock hit the windshield and put a large crack in it. Maybe insurance will cover some of it.
I'm still wondering why the economy hasn't collapsed yet. People are saying that tomorrow the world's economy will collapse.
It was supposed to collapse last September 15th. I'm beginning to doubt the gloom and doomers. Everything seems to hold together better than I expect. Maybe I should just forget about all the doom talk and get on with life.
On a different topic, I have a couple of computers I could give away or sell. I've got another one coming from Ebay next week. It's stripped down but I have all the parts to get it running good. When I do I'll have three computers I could sell. I can only hope to get $50 a piece for them but that's money when I need it. I might just give them away. We'll see.
I've got to get serious about finding a job. Raymundo is quitting his job here at Java Johns. I've never been a barista but I could learn. I think there is a future in it and I'm here all the time any way. In the Winter I shovel snow for food, here. Maybe I can get hired to brew coffee. It's worth asking about.
In a couple of weeks I'll try to find my bitcoins through hypnosis. I hope it works because I'm tired of poverty. I'll keep everyone posted on how that works. I was thinking I should keep quiet about it but I'll just pay my taxes if I have any to pay. I don't think I owe taxes until I sell them and now I don't even have them because I forgot the number that I need to access my bitcoins.
Well, not much is happening.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Piano Player is Setting up but I Think I'll Keep on Blogging

Last week I signed off when the piano player started setting up at Java Johns; this week I'll just blog on.
I'm still telemarketing and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. I keep looking for other jobs but nothing is showing up.
I decided to keep on shoveling snow this Winter. I'll just take a lot of days off from the telemarketing. I make more money at snow shoveling and I don't want to travel in bad weather, anyway.
I'm going to be working at the polls as well. The first time is a couple of weeks from now. I make more money doing that than telemarketing as well. I'm registered as a Democrat but think I'll vote for Trump. I doubt if Sanders will be nominated and I can't see voting for Hilary since it would just be a continuation of the crime families running the U.S. I think a lot of Democrats will end up voting for Trump.
On a different topic, gold and silver went down this week.
There's talk about raising interest rates in June. It looks like a repeat of what happened last December when they raised rates.
Just before the rates went up precious metals went down.
After raising rates, the stock market collapsed and metals went through the roof. Gold might go up another $100 and silver could go up another $2.00. That's what I think will happen.
I think I've got Gary convinced to buy some silver, finally. When told him that it went down, the first words out of his mouth was that "now is the time to buy it".
I hope he does because when the currency collapses at least I'll have one friend who still has some money.
I'm too poor to make any significant money so I'll be like a deer in the headlights when the currency collapses; but maybe some of my friends will be ahead of the game. I doubt that anyone I know will be at all prepared for it as well, since no one believes me when I tell them about what is coming. We'll all be caught with our pants down.
At least we live in a small, farming community. We'll be better of than city dwellers in California.
Well, I think I'll listen to the piano player.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Still Hanging on to Telemarketing Job

I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate the job but it helps me financially.
I don't know what I would have done without that job. Apparently I've made over $2,000 there. I spent over $600 on repairs for the van. The rest just went to normal bills. It shows me how deep in the hole I am financially. I can't hope to leave there until I find something else.
I applied for a couple of jobs at Luther College, today. They're janitor jobs and involve shoveling snow as well. I hope I get one. All I can do is to keep applying for jobs. Here I am, 68 years old and trying to get any job I can.
I sent in some forms for a class-action law suit the other day. It involved a silver company that kept important information from it's investors. I don't think I'll get anything since I made money on that trade. The same thing happened with Enron. I wasn't eligible for compensation since I didn't lose anything.
I have hopes that there will be more lawsuits over silver. I've invested heavily in it over the years and I mostly lose money on those investments. After Deutsche Bank admitted to manipulating the gold and silver markets the road is opened to filing class action lawsuits against the manipulators.
Gold and silver have been moving a lot, recently.  At one point silver was over $18/ounce and gold was around $1300/ounce. They both fell from those highs but they seem to be coming back.
I applied for and got a line of credit for over $3,000 today. At least I'll have some money to bet on gold and silver options if they go through the roof.
Before I do that I'll get some currency for the collapse. If the banks close, it will be important to have currency for daily needs.
Well, the piano player is getting set up at Java John's so I'll sign off for now.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Tried to Find My Bitcoins

Last Wednesday I went to a hypnotist in Minneapolis to try to find my bitcoins.
I bought them in the Summer of 2010. They are worth a lot of money; but I forgot the number that transfers them. I need to remember that number. It was on both a computer and a flash drive but they both died; and I have no record of them.
I had my hopes built up when the hypnotist said that my subconscious would remember everything.
Then I blew it by mentioning that I'm schizophrenic. She decided that it was too dangerous to hypnotize me. It was a wasted trip.
I'll try again with a different hypnotist and this time I won't mention being schizophrenic.
I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate this job and I keep looking for another job. Nothing has shown up yet. Being old and mentally ill doesn't help anything.
I should be grateful for what I have going.
I was watching something on YouTube about the economic collapse and the person being interviewed said that we should accumulate currency. He said that when the banks lock their doors we'll have to use what currency we have to get by for a while. He put it ahead of saving silver and gold.
I think he has a point. I'll try to save some dollar bills as well as gold and silver.
I got the van fixed. That set me back about a month as far as accumulating assets.
Well, every thing else is proceeding as normal. I'm poor and trying to get ready for the collapse. It's a lost cause; it takes too much money to be a decent prepper. I'll just do what I can and hope for the best.