Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Might Have Another Job Lined Up

I went to Manpower, today; and they might have another job for me. It would be a manufacturing job with a lot of heavy lifting.
It pays $11.00/hr which is more than I've made in the last 15 years.
I should be able to get out of debt in about six months. I might quit after that. I can make a lot of money shoveling snow by then.
I rather enjoy shoveling snow. I can take a lot of coffee breaks between jobs and I don't knock myself out at it.
I'll be working the graveyard shift which is fine with me. At least I can run around in the daytime and get things done. That was a problem with the telemarketing job. I couldn't get things done during the day since I was always working or driving to and from work.
Tomorrow I'm going to the VA clinic for a teleconference with a therapist and I'm also going to a class for working at the poll for the primary towards the end of June.
Well, Java John's is closing so I'll be going.

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