Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Might have to get an Actual Job

Since I lost my job at the Peace Center things have not been going well.
First of all, it hasn't snowed. I was counting on making all sorts of money, shoveling snow. It just hasn't happened.
Last year I made tons of money, shoveling, and my job at the Peace Center actually interfered with making more money by shoveling.
This year, except for a week in November, the snow hasn't been there.
I may have to go to Wal-Mart and figure out their computerized job application method. I hate their computers. It's so confusing.
I just don't know what else to do. I haven't been able to get my computer repair business off the ground. I'm probably one of the few experts in Linux in this town but people just don't want to leave Microsoft or MacIntosh.
I tend to actually lose money by fixing up old laptops. They cost too much to replace the batteries and install memory. I think the only reason I bother is to find old laptops good homes.
I wanted to mention how disillusioned I am with what news I find on You Tube.
Harvey Organ is probably wrong about the Chinese using up the world's silver supply by the end of December. There are only 2 days left, counting today. There is no sign of that happening.
I've got some options that are good until the end of March so I'm as ready as I can be. I also have a lot of silver in a safe deposit box.
I'm beginning to think that everything I see on You Tube is a lie. Of course, I know that everything I see on Main Stream Media is a lie as well. The truth is buried under a ton of lies and distortions. I just don't know what to believe anymore.
My idea of bugging out for the currency collapse or the Ebola pandemic may have been created by believing the garbage put out on You Tube.
I still like the idea of living as cheaply as possible in an RV. It gives me a lot of options. I can park on mining claims where I have the right to mine on. I can also simply live on the street; I can park it anywhere and just live there. I can also get my own land and park it there.
I like having options open and if they take away Social Security I'll have a roof over my head, no matter what.
I was thinking about moving my motor home to LaCrosse and living there until it's time to go to California. I'll price RV parks. Maybe it would be cheaper than living here and I could go to church more often. It's beginning to look like the snow will never appear.
Well, I've got to go to Cresco and see if the RV people over there will work on my motor home. I should never have taken it out of there anyway.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Are my planning and thoughts too "fear based".

I don't know. I feel that I want to be prepared for what happens in the future and I don't see much good going on. 
I feel that the currency will collapse any time, now. I was watching something on YouTube that predicted the collapse this coming September or October. 
I hope it holds together that long. I should be in the gold fields of Northern California by then. I'll be living cheaply and stacking gold. I should be as ready as I can be for that contingency by then.
Of course, I'm basing my plans on the collapse of the dollar. Other people might feel that I'm being a "Chicken Little", but I just feel that I'm doing the sensible thing when you consider the facts. I'm not ignoring reality like so many of my friends. 
That reminds me, what about Ebola? 
I think the "controlled press" is being shut down in reporting about it. Alex Jones said that he's been hearing about people who get checked into hospitals with Ebola symptoms and they are being made to disappear. Their records are purged and it's just like they never existed. 
This messes me up with my plans to bug out when the toll of Ebola patients in the U.S.A. hits 50,000. My new criteria is to bug out as soon as I see an obvious Ebola victim. They have blood blisters that can be seen across the street. I figure that if I see one it's time to leave. 
More bad news about the motor home. It turns out that the RV repair guy doesn't want to mess with the propane because it may be dangerous. It also may not meet the newer specs. I might have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the furnace and water heater fixed up. Maybe I'll take it to the other RV repair place that is about 20 miles away. They seem a lot more ready to work on the old "piece of shit". 
I'm really disappointed in the lack of snowfall this year. I was hoping to make a ton of money shoveling snow. It's just isn't happening. I miss the income from my old job at the Peace Center. Without the snow I don't have any way to make it up. Maybe I'll have to finance my gold prospecting expedition with "Crowd Funding" or something. There is nobody I could borrow from since I've always lost money on all of my get rich quick schemes. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

G4T is back

George for Title or G4T is back on YouTube. I used to watch him a lot. I think the trolls got his site taken down for being too negative or fraudulent. He did have a lot of drama in his content which was questionable.
I guess that is something that can happen to someone who is trying to get more viewers. They pump things up a bit.
I do like his content. He interviewed a homeless guy in one vlog; and he talked about the collapsing Ruble and the oil prices going down in other vlogs.
He has some vlogs where he addresses the outrageous price of living in California; and he talks about alternative lifestyles.
I have always enjoyed his vlogs. It's good to see him back.
I've been watching the markets, lately. I've come to the conclusion that everything is manipulated. It's really not to sensible to trade anything because someone (buying or selling billions of dollars worth of derivatives) can rig the markets any way that pleases them.
The Russian Ruble is an example of this. Russia has a trade surplus; they have practically no debt; they are exporting. So why is the Ruble going down?
 To me it's obvious that someone is manipulating the markets. I don't know how to trade it. I tried to buy the Ruble 2 months ago. It went down from there. It's like "catching a falling knife". If you aren't on the inside you'll lose money. Watch the video by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Greg Hunter channel of YouTube for a more authoritative analysis of the Russian crisis.
I don't feel that logic works any more. You can't figure out how the markets are manipulated. Your last name isn't Rockefeller or anything like that. There is no sense in trying to make money on any market.
That leaves getting off the grid and living as cheaply as possible.
I tried working for a living but that is a delusion as well. You'll never get enough money to buy a nice house, get married, and raise kids. It's just out of the reach of practically everybody. The fifties came and went. We all have to deal with poverty and hopelessness, now.
I even have the feeling that gold and silver will go down in value. The markets are that manipulated. Nothing has any real value. It's all set by a few people on Wall Street.
It's time to stock up on food, guns and gold. I also think it makes sense to get an RV for living in. That way you should always have a roof over your head.
I'm going to concentrate on getting my motor home ready for the trip to California and forget about everything else.
I hope that I'll be able to live on mining claims for long periods of time. I still would like to find gold while I'm living cheap. I don't know what I'll do when my body starts giving out. Maybe I'll move to Slab City like the "Nomadic Fanatic" on YouTube. It looks pretty good but I'm afraid it might get quite crowded, soon.
That's all that I have for now.
I have to run by the Post Office and see about getting a pass port. I might have to flee to Canada.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Disappointed with Myself

Here I am,; thinking about trading options on precious metals.
I should know better; I always end up losing. I've tried similar things a dozen or more time and I always end up poorer than when I started.
Maybe there is something self-destructive about me. I had a lousy childhood. I was raised in a violent and drunken home. My father was an alcoholic and we were very poor, as well.
I'm always trying to prove my worth by getting ahead financially. It's just a response to my early childhood.
When I do start winning I find a way to lose it all. I think that is because of my low self-image. I simply don't feel that I deserve wealth, and an easy life.
One thing that I notice about myself is that I'm influenced by the last You Tube video that I've watched.
Yesterday, I was watching Harry Dent tell everyone why the metals will collapse in the near future.
Today, I watched someone say that the CME is getting ready for a major move to the upside in gold and silver.
I think the preponderance of opinion is for a move down and later a major move up.
Unfortunately that is what the majority of people think. Since most people are already betting that way, there may not be much money to be made. It's kind of like a horse race where the odds are set by the betting before the race. Even if you are right there isn't much money to be made by betting the same as everyone else is betting.
Long shots make a lot more money but they are unlikely to come through.
Maybe I'll continue with my original plan since that includes a short-term negative bet on gold; along with a short-term positive bet on silver.
The gold bet seems more likely to win; but the silver bet would really make a lot of money if Harvey Organ turns out to be right and we run out of silver in the next few months.
Of course the most likely circumstance is that neither gold or silver will move much and I'll be out $500. Option traders are always hoping for a big move to justify the risks involved in trading.
I should probably forget all about metals. I've already got a sizable stash of silver and a little gold as well. I should be grateful that I've put aside more metals for the financial collapse. In that regard, I'm probably ahead of 90% of the people in Decorah. I should be setting aside food and getting my motor home ready for the move to California. That might come earlier than I thought.
We haven't had any news about the Ebola outbreak, lately. If I start reading things about that, closer to home, I might have to bug out sooner that I expected.
At least the motor home is closer to being ready for bugging out. I had the vent worked on, today. The next thing is getting the refrigerator running. I'll see about getting gas in it, tomorrow.
I'll see if the rest of it works, tomorrow as well.

A Slow Sunday

I don't really have much to say, today.
Friday my job ended. I won't miss it much. I never got the money from it to spend, anyway. It went to an account at a bank that was my representative payee.
A social worker at the VA thought I wasn't able to handle my own money. So he put me on this account. It sucks. Never let anyone run your affairs.
I tried several times to make money on things such as stock, bond and commodities. I now see that all markets are manipulated so that the average person has no chance in any market. It's just delusions. I should have realized that back in 1989 when I lost my inheritance, trading commodities. I kept hoping that I had found a method to make a large fortune from what little money I had to work with. Maybe schizophrenia has something to do with it.
With my money in the trustee account, I ended up spending $3,000 on a newer car. It turned out that I could have spent a lot less money and gotten a different car.
I ended up refinancing that car and paying off a lot of credit card bills with it. Maybe it will work out.
It's raining and I was hoping for snow, so I could shovel it and make a lot of money. This Winter is supposed to be brutal so I should be able to make a lot of money. There is still a lot of time so we'll see. I need the money to buy more silver and pay off credit cards.
I need the credit cards for the move to California. I'm worried about that. I think it will actually work out a lot better than I fear. It is a bit of a concern to drive a 40 some years old motor home over 1500 miles. I hope it holds together.
That's all I have for now.

Work is Being Done on my Motor Home

Finally, some work is being done on my motor home.
The roof vent that is stuck in an open position is being replaced. I took the door off of the old refrigerator; it now needs the compressor removed to get it through the door. Hopefully, we'll find out if the furnace and water heater work. The new refrigerator needs to be installed before we can run the furnace and water heater.
I have the feeling that I'll have a working motor home, soon.
I'm hoping to take it to LaCrosse for a few days for a "shake-down cruise". The best way to find things that don't work is to actually try to use them.
On a different topic, I'm thinking about getting back to trading options.
I was watching Harry Dent on the Greg Hunter channel on YouTube, yesterday.
He expects a major depression before the hyper-inflation. He uses demographics and cycles in his work.
He was saying that gold and silver are due to go down in a big way.
This is the opposite of what Harvey Organ was saying about silver. He says that we'll be running out of silver in a very short period of time.
I feel that precious metals are due to go one way or the other in a big way, very soon. Therefore I'll cover both bases with an option spread. That means that while I bet that something will go one way I also make a bet that it will go the other way as well. It sounds like you will give up what you make when it moves in one direction. That is true to an extent. The thing is that options are so leveraged (meaning you get a lot of payback for a small move) that if things start moving big I'll make up what I lost by betting in the wrong direction and then the rest of the move is pure profit.
This would work on something that you expect a big move but you're not really sure which way it will move.
I'm going to lean towards the downward direction by having more options betting against the price moving up. In fact I'm thinking about buying 4 gold, put options for every 1 silver,  call option.
I do expect a deflationary period before the hyper-inflation. That will be my bias.
That's all I have for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Day before I Leave My Job

I'm just waiting for the end of my job.
It'll give me more time to work on my motor home and make money, shoveling snow.
I'll also be able to go places on weekends; or even during the middle of the week. I'll just take off and park on the street or in Wal-Mart parking lots and maybe try to buy gold and silver in other cities. I'll be able to take in church services on Sundays.
I haven't heard anything from the colleges that I applied for jobs at. The job at NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) is probably taken. They had someone there on a temporary basis, already. The other one (at Luther College) is still open.
I think I can make as much money or more, simply shoveling snow.
I might also get my Linux business going. I had someone ask me to tutor him in running a computer, the other night. Maybe I should advertise on DecorahNow. com.
I measured the old refrigerator in the motor home. If I take off the door and the cooling pipes and motor on the rear I should be able to get it out of the motor home. I'll probably get it out, this weekend.
Tomorrow I'll put some gas in it. I also need to top off the propane. I'll look into that soon, as well.
It turned out that there is only one place that I can have propane added to the motor home in Decorah. The fact that the propane tank is built into the bottom of the motor home makes it difficult. If you could just take off bottles of propane and replace them it would be no problem. I have to drive the motor home close to a place where there is a hose that can connect to the propane tank.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with Ebola; at least it's not being reported. I guess they are trying to prevent panic. I was reading somewhere that the true count is likely to be 3 times higher than the official count. The official count is over 11,000 have had it and over 6,000 have died. The percentage of deaths is 73%. The reason the death count looks lower is simply that a lot of those people haven't died yet.
I hope that I can bug out by next Summer. I'll be panning for gold in the mountains of Northern California with a couple of my friends. Maybe we'll avoid human contact and thereby avoid the Ebola pandemic. We'll see.
Gold and silver are moving up but it's not panic buying, yet. Maybe I've been watching the wrong people on YouTube. The manipulators seem to be able to keep prices of most everything at whatever they want it to be.
I'll still be buying gold and silver since I don't have faith in the fiat currency.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just a Quick Update

I haven't been posting much on my blog, lately. I just don't have much to say.
I'm losing my job at the Peace Center; but that doesn't bother me much. I should be able to make more money, shoveling snow, than I made at the Peace Center, anyway.
I'm also looking for a custodial job with the two colleges that I attended, not long ago.
My trip out to California will be set back by about 2 months. I found a couple of people who want to go out with me. One of them has experience in rock hounding and prospecting in the very location that we are going to. The other one just wants to get away for a while. That will work out well because the second guy will drive my van out and he'll be able to ride back with guy 1. It looks like a plan.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with the Ebola outbreak. At least the news has been silenced about it. When there was news it drove the stock market into some wild gyrations.
I had some bad news about the RV. The refrigerator was apparently built into the motor home. It doesn't fit the door. I'll have to cut it in half to get it out. I'll see about doing that, next week.
Not much else is happening with the motor home. I'm just not a priority to the RV guy.
I just bought another 8 ounces of silver. I expect something major to happen with the silver market within a week or two. I've done all that I can to prepare for it. According to someone whose last name is Organ, we'll run out of silver before the end of December.
I may have to quit watching all these "gloom and doomers" if their prophecies don't start coming true. I've got too much invested to be fooled by people who say that they have "inside information" again.
I feel good about getting a motor home and prospecting for gold since it reduces my expenditures to the minimum possible. At least I won't be throwing money away in the near future. And I'll have a lot of options open for travel and finding new sources of income.
A young lady gave me a laptop computer about a month ago. I got it running very well. It needed a battery and a memory module. I got the very latest Mint version running on it. That's Mint 17.1. It was a little slow with Zorin and I couldn't get earlier versions of Mint to install. This one is working very well. I was going to sell it to Brian but he says that he doesn't need a computer, right now.
Instead, I'm taking it to Culver's and Java John's and using it for my main computer. The only problems I have with it is that it's rather heavy and it doesn't run my comics app. I prefer it for blogging over my Nook. In fact the Nook is getting rather unreliable. I think it has to do with the cold weather.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Is the Internet a Sentient Being?

I think it has been for quite a while. Linking all of our computers and having Google tie them together, with the addition of Quantum computers, has, by now, insured that the Internet is sentient.
I just hope that it's benevolent. I think it is. Maybe it will prevent World War III, which President Obama seems determined to start.
Of course, if you're paranoid, you'll think that the computers will just use us to take over the Earth.
I think the process will take a while. Left to our own resources, we will probably self-destruct without any assistance. Ebola and Global Warming will probably destroy the human race anyway.
I was going to talk about Ebola again, today.
I'm getting lazy. I'll just refer you to a Youtube video that did a lot better job of talking about Ebola than I can. Go to the channel "StormCloudsGathering" and watch the video "Ebola- Fear, Lies, and the Evidence.
That covers what is really happening with Ebola a lot better than I can.
I also watched an Alex Jones video on the topic. He is even more paranoid than I am. He thinks the government is not only imposing a black-out on the Main Stream Media, but they are also making the people who have Ebola in the U.S.A disappear. If he's right, we are in a lot of trouble.
On a lighter topic, I'm losing my job. It's not a big thing to me. I'm exasperated, working with gun-grabbers and such. I'll be able to spend more time, shoveling snow. Maybe I can get some work done on my van and motor home.
Totally on a different topic, the Swiss voted against the gold referendum, today. In a way that is good because gold will stay cheap and I can buy more of it. A yes vote might have brought down the entire world's economy. So maybe it's a good thing. I think the movement back to the gold standard will continue, but only time will tell.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I've got Plenty of Time, for a Change

I've got plenty of time to sit at Java Johns and write my blog, today.
I was hoping for some snow or ice for me to shovel; but it didn't arrive. It's Saturday and I don't have to work.
I probably should be doing something with my motor home but I don't know what. I need to get my etchings out of Gary's house and into my van. That will have to wait until I see Gary.
On a different topic, I was talking with a fellow at the Co-op, this morning. He has lived for a long time in the area of California that I'm heading to.
He encouraged me to look for valuable rocks while I'm out there prospecting. He knew of several rocks that were quite valuable that I could find in Northern California.
I'm going to talk with him again and see if I could take him with me. Maybe he could drive the van out there. Then I could pick his brain for finding valuable rocks. He also said that there is plenty of gold to still be found on the Klamath. That's encouraging. At least I won't be wasting my time; I hope.
The news on Ebola is either being suppressed or maybe it's good. An article on the Internet said that Ebola is declining in Liberia. Apparently people are avoiding sick and dead people. That seems to be lowering the spread of Ebola. If they isolate it enough maybe it will go away like it did every time it broke out in the jungle.
Maybe it will all blow over. It remains to be seen.
The currency collapse seems to be right on track.
I think it's showing up in the sale of silver coins. The U.S. mint keeps running out of coins to sell.
Normally when the price of silver goes down, the sales of coins goes down as well. That's because people are afraid of owning an asset that is declining.
This time, people are rushing in to buy the coins. I think it's because we aren't fooled by the price manipulators. We all know that the currency is collapsing and we are running out of silver.
Millions of coins are being sold in a few hours. In a week they are selling as many coins as are normally sold in a month. They've sold out several times, this month.
I just wish I had some more money to buy silver with. I expect it to get to $1000/ounce in a few years. I'll be wishing that I had bought more of it, then.
I'm watching the referendum in Switzerland. They are voting on whether or not to go back to the gold standard. If it goes through the price of gold will be affected.
I also saw that the Dutch are getting their gold returned from the Fed. I don't know why they got their gold back and the Germans didn't. At least it looks like there might be some gold at the Fed. Everybody was saying that the Fed had sold all of the gold that they were keeping for other nations.
The referendum in Switzerland is the 30th of November. The counting will be the 1st of December.
People are saying that the vote will be rigged in such a way as to not pass. That would be to the benefit of the ruling class. The same people who are saying that also say that the Scottish Independence vote was rigged. There is no way to prove it. We'll see.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We're not out of the Woods, Yet.

I'm quoting President Obama, tonight.
That's what he said about the Ebola outbreak as he was asking Congress for money to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. I concur.
Lately, the press has been downplaying Ebola. I think they are trying to avoid stock market crashes like we had when the bad news about Ebola came out of Dallas, a few weeks ago.
Somebody went so far as to say that you were more likely to be killed by flaming pajamas than die of Ebola. Right now, he might be right but flaming pajamas aren't increasing at an exponential rate. There is a set limit as to how many people are likely to die from flaming pajamas; the only limit to Ebola deaths is the population numbers on the planet Earth.
I feel that the information coming out about Ebola is being contained. The "powers that be" know better than to let the sheeple know how many cases are already in the U.S. It would crash the stock market if we knew.
I did read something encouraging, yesterday. There was an article on either AOL or Yahoo that said drinking a lot of water helps the survival rate for Ebola victims. I guess I'll set up something in my motor home that will enable me to drink gallons of water without getting up from my bed.
I was told that I'm losing my job at the Peace Center this December 12th. That's a little more than 2 weeks away.
I'm still trying to get a job at the Community College a bit south of here. That will only last a few months but it would be worth it. I could make enough money to get to California.
I love my new car. It's great to have heat in a car and I feel that I can go long distances without worrying about getting there.
I'm giviing up on selling my etchings. They aren't moving and I'll wait until I can get Bitcoins for them. I don't trust fiat money.
Well, Later

Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm Back

I've been gone for a while. I've been busy with a new car and visiting my sister who came out from California. I also worked at the poll, last week. I've been too busy to keep up my blog; sorry.
There hasn't been much in the news about Ebola, lately. I feel that the news  is being suppressed. Every time that something really ominous happens with Ebola the stock market collapses. Therefore the "controlled press" is doing what it can to withhold any real information about Ebola. The 1%ers are just hoping that it will go away.
Maybe it will.
The numbers coming out of Liberia look better than they have for a long time. At least the number of deaths and newly sick doesn't seem to be doubling every 21 days.
I don't know what the new rate is but it seems to be lower than last month.
Maybe people are being more careful about handling the bodies than they were. People are avoiding the dead and sick, now. Maybe that is lowering the rate that Ebola is spreading.
I have the feeling that I'm just too influenced by the main stream media to really know what is going on.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ebola a Solution to the Social Security Problem?

So, will the Ebola epidemic solve the problem which faces Social Security (where as there are too many old people taking out compared with the young people paying in)?
I saw an article on the Internet, somewhere, about a study done in Sierra Leone. It showed that people over the age of 45 tended to die of Ebola at a rate of over 90%. The death rate for those under 30 was only around 45%.
That raises the question of whether or not the government is trying to spread it to get rid of the old folks who draw on Social Security. I wouldn't put it past them. It would also make a dent in the over-population problem.
That reminds me; the CDC killed an article that showed that Ebola could, in fact, be spread by sneezing. People have been saying that for some time and the CDC briefly admitted it. They took that down from their site, but us fanatics who watch for things like that, all saw it.
I feel that the government and the controlled press is trying to suppress all the real news about Ebola to prevent a financial and general panic.
They are even going so far as to say that the numbers out of Liberia are getting better. I don't believe them. Of course, it's hard to get any real numbers out of Liberia; and probably Sierra Leone as well. People are simply caring for their sick and dead at home and they aren't reporting them. They don't want their loved ones cremated and there isn't room in the Ebola clinics even if they trusted the doctors and such; which they don't. Therefor the numbers are suspect.
For me, the important numbers are the numbers of people bringing Ebola, here.
I was disappointed with that nurse who refused to stay in quarantine. She seems stupid and irresponsible to me. I think the people who are imposing quarantines are doing the right thing. It's beginning to look like it will take a long time to really spread here but I don't feel there is any hurry. Anything that will delay the spread of Ebola is a good thing in my opinion. And quarantines are about the only thing we have that might work.
On a lighter topic, I got my motor home out of the repair shop, today. The shock absorbers helped a lot; it now stays in it's lane better. And it's nice to know how much fuel I have; even though I could only get one tank to work.
I'm a lot more ready to bug out, now.
I applied for a job at the Northeast Iowa Community College. It's for shoveling snow, this Winter. It would be a full time job and will pay $9.65/hr. That will more than double my present income and will go a long way towards helping me bug out to the gold fields, next year.
I haven't heard from them yet; but the person hiring let it slip that I'm the only one applying, so far. I'm really looking forward to leaving the Peace Center.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Should Know in a Week or Two

So just how likely is it that Ebola will spread throughout the world?
I think we'll know by a week or two.
That will be enough time for the passengers on the plane that the second sick nurse from Dallas got on, to get sick. If those two nurses were spreading it we should be aware of it within 2 weeks.
In Nigeria, Patrick Sawyer spread it to over 20 people and the Nigerian health agency was still able to contain it.
Maybe there is hope, yet. All the newscasters are telling us that it's not very contagious. Maybe they're right. We should know soon. I might not have to bug out as quickly as I thought I would.
I'm still getting my motor home ready and I'm stocking up on food and water. The "Patriot Nurse" talked about prepping for Ebola on YouTube, recently. You might want to check out that video.
I wasted a day, yesterday, at an auction in Cresco. They had an SKS and a Mosin-Nagant for sale that I was interested in. I only had $100 that I could spend. The Mosin went for $175 and the SKS went for $350. I didn't even get a bid in. I wish I had more money but that's life.
I'm still waiting for the motor home to have shock absorbers replaced and the fuel gauges fixed. Maybe I should do the work myself. It might get done and I would save some money. It's getting a little cold to get anybody to help me with it.
Even without the Ebola outbreak, it looks to me like it's time to bug out due to the financial collapse that is pending. It's just time to be hiding out in the mountains and pan for gold. I don't see anything wrong with that plan. I've just got to be more serious about making it happen.
Not much else is happening. One or more of America's puppet states are claiming that there is satellite images of flight 17 being shot down by the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. If such images exist, why didn't they show them  6 months ago. I have more faith it what Max Keiser has to say than America's mainstream media. I would like to see somebody do more investigating (such as re-assembling the plane) but there is still a lot of fighting in that area.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Conflicting Data

We're getting conflicting data about the Ebola outbreak.
On one hand, people keep coming out of Africa and bring the virus to New York. I'm glad that the governors of New Jersey and New York made it mandatory for people who worked with Ebola patients in Africa to be quarantined when they come here. It's obvious that they need to be isolated for a while.
The good news is that Ebola may not be as easy to spread as it once appeared it was. Thomas Duncan (the person who brought Ebola to Texas) was living with several other people in an apartment in Dallas. He was quite contagious for at least 2 days while he was in that apartment. Yet, none of the other people in that apartment have come down with Ebola.
That bodes well for the rest of us. Maybe it's really not that contagious. It might be that the health care workers are just exposed to body fluids more that other people are. Maybe that's why so many of them come down with it in spite of their precautions.
I want to mention my feelings about panic spreading thought the East Coast. Now that 2 health care workers have brought Ebola to New York I feel that people will start selling their homes and move out of there. I expect thousands to move in the next week or two. That should crash the real estate market on the East Coast. Those people will probably move to the West Coast or Arizona. They don't know any better than to live in large cities. If I were them I would move to Canada or someplace isolated. This might start the long-awaited crash in real estate and the stock market. We'll see.
I think the government is spreading lies about the severity of the outbreak. The numbers of sick and dead victims of Ebola are not only late in arriving, but they are suspect. They don't seem to be progressing at the same rate that the spread of Ebola has spread for the last 9 or so months. I have doubts that they are accurate. If they are maybe it's coming under control. I doubt that very much. I think the news is being suppressed.
It's in the interests of the powers that be to keep the Sheeple in the dark. It would affect the real estate and stock market if we knew what is really going on. I feel that those markets will crash anyway. There are other things that will pop those bubbles as well.
I'm still waiting for parts to arrive for my motor home. I hope it will be fixed, tomorrow.
I'm hoping to get out of here by April.
That will give me a chance to make money shoveling snow and time to get the motor home fixed.
I'm still concerned about the fuel gauges. I want to know how much fuel I have in the tanks if I'm traveling out West.
It's coming along too slowly for me. I'm getting anxious.
I told my counselor that I would send messages to 5 women at OK cupid and Survivalist Singles. I'm not looking forward to it. I haven't had much contact with women for the last 40 or so years. They all seem so content with their black guys. Oh well. I don't think I will encourage them much. I'll start my message with saying that I've been defined by my mental illness and poverty. That's the truth. That should keep them away.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Watching the Patriot Nurse

I was just, now watching the"Patriot Nurse" on YouTube. She is starting to panic. She pointed out that what was happening in Dallas has her thinking that things will be out of control (as far as Ebola is concerned) very soon.
I think the way that Ebola in Texas has been handled make me use the word cluster- f--k. It almost looks to me like they are trying to spread it. It makes me wonder if there is something to the idea that the ruling class is trying to get rid of the rest of us.
Look up Agenda 21 on Google to get my drift. That's supposed to be the name of a UN agenda that has the UN destroying 90% of the human population to make things better for those who survive.
I think it's bogus but there are times that it seems logical. I think the reason I feel that it is bogus is that I have a hard time thinking that people could be so evil, but after all we bombed Japan with atomic bombs after they made it clear that they wanted to surrender. People are evil. Don't underestimate evil.
I'm thinking about how I can bug out in my present location. My apartment is too crowded to be safe from germs. Maybe I can find a trailer park near LaCrosse.
After I get the shocks and fuel tanks fixed I suppose I could head out West and look for gold. I may have to leave a bit earlier than I wanted to but that's life. It never works out the way you thought it would.
I'm going to an auction, tomorrow. I'm hoping to pick up some bug out stuff. I'll have to write a check that will clear Monday, so I'll have some money by then.
Go watch Patriot Nurse. It's time to get serious about bugging out.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Vehicles get no Respect

Every time I take my van to Dan's to have work done on it he makes sure to ask if I really want to spend that kind of money on such an old vehicle.
The same thing happened with my motor home. The owner of the truck repair shop didn't believe that it made any sense to repair such an old POS. He told me to go to another place.
If I was rich, I wouldn't have these troubles. A new vehicle would work and everyone would presume that I had plenty of money to repair whatever needs repair.
I see a lot of writings that say you shouldn't let your mental illness define you.
I say "hogwash"; mental illness and poverty do define you whether you want it to or not.
Every decision I make is based on how little money I have and the limitations that are laid on me due to my diagnosis.
I haven't been to a movie for the last 3 years because I can not afford the ticket and the popcorn. The only times I go to a restaurant that you have to leave a tip for is when Jim and Sherry take me to a birthday meal. I get my food at the church's food pantry and I settle for whatever they have. I live in the cheapest, dumpiest place in Decorah; and I'm trying to move into a 40 year old motor home.
I just had to get that crap off of my mind.
Back to Ebola. Stefan Molyneux had another good vlog about Ebola on YouTube, again. He also had a vlog about being a victim. I encourage you to watch both of them.
Shortly after my last blog somebody straighten out the numbers on Ebola, and the high numbers are apparently the correct ones. The last I saw, the number of cases is around 8500 with around 4000 deaths.
In his recent vlog about Ebola, Stefan talked about some of the stupid things that health care professionals keep doing around Ebola patients. I urge you to watch his vlog.
I'm thinking about cutting back on viewing YouTube videos.
Most of the doom and gloomer financial videos are getting a bit repetitive. If the world's economy doesn't collapse this Fall or Winter I'll be quite disappointed with them. I've bought all the gold, silver, and food that I can afford. I don't know how to get more prepared for the inevitable collapse. I'm trying to get my motor home running so I can head off to Canada or somewhere.
It's all just too expensive. Maybe I could rent Jim's place and forage for nuts and trap squirrels.
Well, I've got to go and try to track down an old Bitcoin purchase from 2010. If I find the right information I might be rich.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

They're Playing with the Numbers

Whoever they are (probably the Mainstream Media), they are messing with the numbers on Ebola.
Yesterday, most sources were saying that there were 3000 cases with 1500 deaths. Only one source said that it was up to 7000 cases with 3000 deaths.
Today the numbers are the high ones.
 I don't know what is going on. It looks like somebody doesn't want us to know how bad it really is.
The whole world is watching these numbers; wondering how long we all have to live. It seems like somebody could try to get it right. That's just the way it looks to me.
I don't suppose any of us are getting an accurate vision of what is really happening with Ebola. If we did it would probably collapse the economy. Which, from what is see of the market today, may be that is what's happening anyway.
That brings me to a financial topic. I'm doing well with Bitcoin, gold and silver, today. I don't know what I did right but everything I own is going up. If I was to sell everything today, I would be ahead of yesterday by about $100. I feel good about that, but what I'm investing in basically is betting against the rest of the world's economy. So maybe that's not so good after all.
I might get back to this post, yet today. I just don't feel too inspired, right now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not much Happening

I don't really feel very inspired, tonight. I'm at the Co-op; drinking coffee; and trying to come up with something to blog about.
The guy who went to the hospital in Washington D.C. with Ebola symptoms turned out to not have Ebola. Since he was from Nigeria it would have indicated that Nigeria was not Ebola-free if he had it. Had he turned out to be positive I would have been shouting from the roof tops about the "sky falling".
It was good news that he wasn't positive; now we might have another 6 months or so before 90% of the world's population dies. I think that might make the difference between 2 and 3 years before we're all doomed.
Maybe I can get my motor home out of the shop and out to California before the Ebola outbreak gets here. I might not make it before the financial collapse.
Today, the market went down 272 points. I think it is anticipating the Ebola thing. Maybe it has to do with China's economy slowing down or ISIS, or the Ukraine crisis. I still think that it's Ebola driving down the market. Only time will tell. At least gold isn't collapsing. In fact, I kind of hope gold and silver go down some more so I can buy more.
It's almost 8:00 and the Co-op closes, soon.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Still Trying to Figure out how bad it really is

I'm still trying to figure out how bad the Ebola outbreak really is.
Most of the time I feel that 90% of the human race will die out in the next 2 or so years. That will happen if it proceeds at the exponential rate that it has been proceeding at.
An hour or so ago, I was watching a doctor on the Internet. He was talking about how hard it was to spread it. He was very compelling. Listening to him, made me think that there was nothing to worry about in the United States.
I have my doubts. I remember watching a very compelling doctor say that he wouldn't be afraid of sitting next to an Ebola victim on an airplane. Two weeks later the person who sat next to Patrick Sawyer (the Ebola victim who flew from Liberia to Nigeria) ended up dead.
I have my doubts about what people say about how tame this disease is.
There are two things going on now that are drawing my attention. The first is how much Ebola is spreading in Dallas, Texas. The guy spreading it there had upwards of 8 days to have spread it. Maybe he stayed at home and never did get out. If he got out and it's easier to spread than the authorities are telling us, there might be a lot more cases, there.
More important, however, might be the new, potential, case in Washington D.C.
The person who is being tested for Ebola came from Nigeria. If he has it, it means that the disease is being spread through Nigeria a lot more than we are being told. The Nigerian authorities are saying that it's been contained. If this person tests positive we have to wonder if it's spreading throughout Lagos. That is a city of between 21 and 22 million people. That implies that it's a lot more widespread than is now acknowledged.
Another thing I'm concerned about it the spread of another strain of Ebola in the Congo. Like I said, it's a different strain. It seems to be spreading faster than the first strain. I also have to wonder if a person can get both strains. What would that do to the mortality rate?
I haven't heard much about that, lately. Everyone is so focused on the outbreak in Dallas that nobody is paying attention to this new outbreak.

I was just talking with Gretchen at the Co-op about Ebola. I have her converted into a state of total paranoia. It made my day.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Worse Than I Thought

If you are interested in what's happening with the Ebola outbreak go to Stefan Molyneux's YouTube channel and watch is vlog about Ebola in Texas. It's eye-opening.
After listening to Stefan I'm convinced that I've been downplaying the risk of Ebola in the United States. It's here and we don't know how bad it is, yet.
The best I can tell you is to go to Stefan's vlog and see what he has to say.
The stock market seemed to shrug off Ebola, today. I guess that the talking heads are talking the risk down. Yesterday the market moved down by 238 points; today there wasn't much of a move at all. It will be interesting to see how the market responds if there is more bad news about Ebola in America.
This might cause the crash that so many of us have been expecting.
I talk to Gary about buying silver on a leveraged basis. He talked me out of it. I always lose when I use margin. I never seem to learn.
Of course, since I'm not about to do it; it will turn out to be the smartest thing I could have done in the last decade. Oh, well.
It's supposed to snow, this weekend. I hope it snows enough to shovel it. I've got three places I shovel for, so I could make a lot of money this Saturday.
I doubt that it will accumulate enough to actually shovel. I'll have to get up early Saturday morning and check it out.
Well, go to Stefan's YouTube channel. He always has something to talk about and he was in rare form tonight.
On that I'll sign off.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lots of Ebola News Today

The stock market went down over 230 points, today. I think it was mainly due to the Ebola news about the man in Dallas who was diagnosed with it.
The market is a lot smarter than the people who talk about it. I saw someone today say that there was a lot of bad news and he felt that the market reacted in a rather restrained manner.
I think the people with the inside information are getting out as best they can. Ebola may affect travel and dining out and a myriad of other things I haven't thought of, yet. If I had stocks I would be selling, now.
I'll be watching how fast it spreads in the Dallas area. I noticed that the person who came down with it was in contact with 5 children. If they get it and play with other children it could spread a lot faster than people think it will.
The common opinion is that it won't spread as much in the United States compared with Africa. I think it might spread faster, here. We have a lot more people traveling all over the place, here. It might get to all corners of the country if people get on planes with it.
Anyway, I'll be watching the stock market and I'll be watching for news of new cases.
I'm getting work done on my motor home. Dave (the guy working on it) had to go to Chicago for a few days. At least he got some things done before he left. I still need to find out if the furnace and the water heater work. Those are the main things.
I should be ready to bug out in a couple of weeks, maximum.
I might get back to this blog later, tonight.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ebola in America, I've got to Comment

Well, the first case of Ebola that wasn't flown in on a special plane arrived in Dallas.
Actually it's happening a little sooner than I expected.
I suspect that people in Africa who feel a little woozy are spending their last dollar to get to the United States (where there is better health care).
If that is the case we'll see a lot of cases pretty soon. Every time someone gets sick and they have airfare and a passport they will run off to the good old U.S.A.
If I'm right the outbreak will get here a lot faster than I thought.
Tomorrow I'll see about getting some surgical masks and rubber gloves. I guess I'll need a spray bottle for chlorine as well. I won't start using this stuff yet but it's a good idea to have the basic supplies well ahead of the crowds.
I might have to bug out in the middle of Winter. I'll go to Arizona if I do. The "New 49ers" have mining claims in Arizona where I'll be able to isolate myself.
I think I'll be able to get my motor home ready to go within a month. I could actually drive it out right now, but I would like to get the lights in the living compartment working. I also don't know if the hot water heater and the furnace work.
The numbers of new Ebola cases seems to be leveling off a bit. At least they don't seem to be rising at the rate that I was used to. Maybe it's wishful thinking, on my part. The last that I heard the number of cases was about 6500 with slightly more than a 50% death rate.
Maybe the reality is that the numbers are distorted by not being able to get to the places where the sick people are. One of the problems is that the people doing the counting are dying as well.
I believe it was Sierra Leone that is quarantining 30% of it's population. I hope that works out well for them. I'm afraid that it will only cause deaths due to starvation. Those people simply don't have any good choices, any more. I don't know if any of us do have any good choices.
On a lighter topic, I'm thinking about buying silver on a leveraged basis. That means I'm thinking about gambling again. If that guy whose last name is Organ is right; silver should go through the roof this coming December. If it goes up 5 fold and I'm leveraged 4 to 1, a thousand dollars could become 20 thousand dollars. That would certainly finance my trip to Arizona or California. Of course, this is the same kind of thinking that has lead me down the road of poverty all of my life. I always lose.
Maybe this time I can get some one else to put up the money. Gary is my only hope.
I'll have to research it and make it happen. Maybe I could use my etchings for collateral.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Slow Saturday Afternoon

There doesn't seem to be much news about Ebola today.
Nothing is happening with my motor home.
The currency hasn't collapsed yet.
I'm just drinking coffee at Java Johns, listening to Pandora (Government Mule Station) and polishing off a bagel.
I have no idea of what to talk about.
I noticed that I have a lot of viewers from Ukraine. Maybe I should comment about that situation. Maybe not; I don't know.
I lean towards the Russian side of the conflict. It looks to me like flight M17 (or whatever it was named) was shot down by the Ukraine government to blame it on the rebels. I just don't see any reason the Russians or the rebels would shoot it down.
I hope that peace breaks out and they have a referendum or something.
I suppose I just offended half of my readers from Ukraine. Oh well, that's just the way I see it, now. I could be wrong.
If Ebola keeps doubling the number of cases every 20 days, nothing else will matter much anyway.
I see that the CDC is saying that there could be 1.4 million cases by the end of January. If that happens it will really take off, from there.
A lot of people think that it won't affect the U.S.A very much but I think that is just "Normality Bias". Simply put that means that people think that things will remain the same simply because they always have.
I think that once it gets into our cities it will spread almost as fast as in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia. Time will tell.
A lot of people on YouTube are saying that the economy will collapse this Winter. Most are saying I will happen during the latter part of October or the first part of November. Some are saying it will happen in January.
If it doesn't happen I'll have to rethink watching those things. Maybe the system is so corrupt that it can go on forever. After all, we've had paper currency since 1971 and it still goes up in value. Maybe it can continue forever. Even if it does, I'm going after gold next year. I feel that gold will always have value.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Day Off and Not Much Happening

I just signed an Internet petition to the Secretary General of the U.N. It's about increasing aid for the Ebola outbreak. Here is a link to the petition: http://one.org/ebola?referring_akid=a26210217.6663229.GNZg9V&source=conf&utm_source=email&utm_medium=emailhttp://one.org/ebola?referring_akid=a26210217.6663229.GNZg9V&source=conf&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email
I'm not sure what to click on but something above should work. I think if you click on the top link it should work.
I'm going to class today to  be a peer supporter. I don't know if I'll ever get a job at it but I'm getting paid to go and I'm out of the Peace Center for a while.
I'm getting closer to heading out to California. I'll be leaving next April.
More about Ebola. I think it will be a short-run sort of thing. After a few months it will go away. It might kill 90% of the population during that time but the survivors will be immune and it will go away, I hope.
It will destroy the economy, worldwide. Maybe I'm being alarmist but I have the feeling that it will happen that way.
Running to the mountains probably won't help anything since it will be so widespread. I think I'll do that anyway.
Well, I've got to run off to class in a few minutes.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

500,000 Ebola cases by January?

Bloomberg came out with a ,worst-case, scenario of over 500,000 Ebola cases by January. I feel that their projections are more accurate than any thing else I've seen.
They are including the fact that the numbers that are in common usage are obviously low, since nobody is getting a good count. They are also figuring in a doubling of the numbers every 20 or so days.
Last week I was calculating about a 160,000 number by January. I was using the official numbers and figuring that it doubled every month.
I think Bloomberg's numbers are more accurate than mine. This moves things up a bunch.
I'll have to get my bug out vehicle running and get moved to the wilderness quicker than I was thinking.
I got my refrigerator last week. It's ready to install.
I want to get my fuel gauges fixed and get the transmission worked on.
I'll also need what is called a dolly to tow my van behind the motor home.
That will set me back about $400. Hopefully that will be my biggest expense.
I don't expect to leave before we get 50,000 cases of Ebola in the United States.
I don't know how long that will take. I figure that when the cases get over 50,000 that the American health care system will be overwhelmed.
I'm picking up this post after being away for a few hours.
It looks like the CDC is behind the new worst-case scenario. That was the way the Huffington Post reports it. It is based on unreleased numbers but I think it will be official, soon.
At least someone in the U.S. is taking this thing seriously.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too Little, Too Late on Ebola

I feel that we should have heard what the President said today about 2 months ago.
The CDC and WHO have been saying that Ebola is "out of control" for at least that long.
I feel that if everything works out for the best ( including getting a working vaccine) we'll still see deaths in the millions.
From what I've seen, it would be better to treat the patients at home and then isolate the homes. The hospitals in that section of the world are too contaminated to bother with. There is the chance of mixing Malaria patients with the Ebola patients. And that will result in more deaths and such.
I think we have to put the people who survived Ebola to work with the active patients. Apparent they have at least some immunity to it once they survive it. They should also be put to work disposing of the bodies.
On the positive side, at least there is attention being paid to the problem. It's just needlessly late and probably too little.
A good article on the Internet to read about this is on Yahoo. It's title is something about "Ebola, a Game Changer". I probably wrote the title wrong but do a search on Yahoo with those words and you'll find it.
I don't know if it was in that article or not but I saw somewhere that the developed nations have a false sense of security. We think that our advanced health care and sanitary systems will make us immune to Ebola. That article said that the transportation system will bring Ebola to us with disastrous results. We'll be just as overwhelmed as West Africa. We'll see.
I'm redoubling my efforts to get my bug-out vehicle running. I want to pan gold while all of this is going on.
I got my refrigerator, today. It looks like it will fit in. I'm going to have to check the water heater and furnace by myself. The repair guy isn't getting to it. I'll run out there tomorrow or the next day and see what I can do.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Probably won't help my Numbers

I'm just sitting at Culvers restaurant, eating a hot fudge Sunday, and drinking coffee.
I don't have anything exciting to talk about. I think I covered the news about Ebola in my last post; the WHO was being optimistic when they said that 20,000 could die. I think it will be in the millions and if things don't start looking better, it might be in the billions. We'll see.
I didn't go prospecting today. I just feel that it's not at all hopeful.
The guy working on my motor home isn't getting anything done. I've been waiting for weeks to find out if my furnace and water heater work. I'll just have to run out there myself and play with them. I need to know where I stand on my motor home.
We're that much closer to the currency collapse. Switzerland is voting on whether to go back to a gold-backed currency. When they do (the majority of voters favor the referendum) that might topple the dollar and the rest of fiat currencies as well. China and Russia are talking about backing their currency with gold as well. Switzerland might be  the trigger for the long-awaited collapse.
Some people say that we are running out of gold and silver. That could come to a head because we are sanctioning Russia.
I'm going to see if I can get my money into gold for a while. I have to talk to Roger at the bank. I'm not allowed to handle my own money.
I was going to post a couple of pictures of the etchings I'll be trying to sell this week. I haven't gotten around to making that listing yet; maybe I'll do that later, tonight.
I think I'll go home, wash some clothes, and take pictures of and list my etchings.
Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of etchings that I just listed on EBay.

The first one is named "Sierra Before the Storm"
I forgot what the second one is named. They are both on EBay under Malcolm Childers. He's the artist.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So What did I do to Offend my Readers from Moldova?

I just want to wish all the best to all of the readers I had from Moldova. Of course, it was probably just a bunch of bots reading my posts but I kind of miss them. My readership is still elevated from my norm for the last 4 years but they really multiplied my numbers.
Not a lot is happening here. I'm drinking coffee and blogging at the Co-op. I was just thinking that I should put more images up.
Maybe I'll take a picture of my new refrigerator; when I get it. I think I'll upload a couple of pictures of the etchings that I'll be trying to sell, tonight.
About the new refrigerator, it's small but it is a 3 way refrigerator. That means it operates on not only AC and DC power, but it also runs on propane. I'll need that capability if I end up in the backwoods, away from all sources of power. It's small and portable so I can take it out of the motor home and put it into my van or even a tent. It would be a pain in the butt to backpack with it.
I bought Faye (my sister) a gold coin on a bezel that I will attach to a gold chain that I already have, for Christmas. I can talk about that, here, because I'm pretty sure she will never read this. If she does maybe I'll keep it for myself. It's pretty neat.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Jim and Sherry are getting me a gift and taking me out to dinner. That will be nice. I don't make much out of my birthday.
There wasn't much news about Ebola today. They repeated the story that Liberia feels that it could fall apart because of Ebola.
A few days ago there was an article about lessons learned from previous outbreaks.
One of the things they did was to isolate people in a tent outside of their houses. This kept them out of Ebola wards if it turned out that they just had Malaria.
They also had people who had survived the illness bring food and such to the active patients. Since they already had had the disease they weren't in danger of getting it again. That reduced the exposure to people who could get the disease.
I think these lessons could make a big difference in fighting the outbreak. I hope these lessons are going to the right people.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The End is Near

I was just watching Greg Hunter interview a guy whose last name is Organ, on You tube.
He is an expert on precious metals. He was saying that by December we will run out of silver. There is simply more being used to produce solar panels and such than is being mined. He predicted that silver will go to $200/ounce. I can't remember how high he thought gold would go.
He thinks that we will have major disruptions, then. We'll see.
On the Ebola front, an official of the Liberian government said that Ebola could destroy Liberia. There was a lot of alarming news out of Africa, today. Travel and trade is being shut down.
The good news is that money is starting to flow to Africa to fight Ebola. Bill Gates donated $50 million to fight it. That is on top of other countries and agencies spending money for the fight.
The bad news is that it's getting harder to find doctors and nurses to actually put their lives at risk to treat Ebola patients. I think we are still behind the 8 ball when it comes to Ebola.
A lot more people are using the word exponential when it comes to describing the spread of Ebola.
I watched a YouTube video on RT that discussed Ebola as an STD. It made me wonder if they saw my blog a few weeks ago. I hope they did because that possibilty needs discussion.
Well, Nick came into the Co-op where I'm writing the blog so I'll sign off for now.
I'm back. I forgot to mention that I went prospecting in a stream in Decorah. I thought that the asteroid that made the crater, that Decorah is built in, might have some metals. I found that there was nothing but limestone rocks in the stream. Therefor there is no hope of finding metals in the local streams. I might keep looking but I'm not hopeful. That is probably why no one else has found any gold or silver around here.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Vlogs

Tonight, I thought I would mention a few of my favorite vlogs. A vlog is a video blog.
I go to see what Troy is doing on "The do it Yourself World", quite often. He's building a tiny home on wheels at his homestead in New York state. It's kind of like what I want to do by getting my RV and going prospecting for gold, next year.
I went to a good vlog that Chris Martenson at "ChrisMartensondotcom" had, today.
He was interviewing Kirk Sorenson about Thorium reactors. It sounded really hopeful. He does a lot of presentations about exponential graphs. He makes it look like everything is falling apart. Maybe he's right.
Peter Schiff has a good channel. I watched him talk about the situation in Ferguson, MO, today.
Stefan Molyneux always has a lot to say. I agree with him more often than not; but he is very long-winded.
Fernando, at the "Modern Survivalist" has a lot of level-headed information about how to survive the coming bad times. He's lived through a couple of currency collapses in Argentina so he knows what to expect with ours.
I always like to talk about Ebola. Not much is happening on that front, today.
More countries are talking about spending big money fighting it in Africa. I think the world leaders are awakening to the fact that it's better to fight it there than at their home countries.
China and the U.S.A are talking about spending a lot there. There are also some world health organizations that are getting involved, like the U.N.
The quarantine in the West Point suburb of Monrovia, Liberia has been lifted. With all the bribery to get people in and out of there and the troubles getting food in; maybe it makes sense to lift it.
Talking about getting food moved around Western Africa; it's starting to mess up every one's economy, there. We might not be able to get our fill of chocolate. Also food isn't moving like it used to in Western Africa.
It's not affecting the world's economy yet; but it probably will.
On that note, I'll sign off for the day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EBay is Acting Strange

I tried logging in to EBay several times, today, and failed. It kept saying that I had the wrong password. It finally let me log on even though I used the same password that I used before  
I figure that the NSA was messing with me. I don't plug into the controlled press so I'm probably seen as a threat to them. Maybe they are trying to take away the money that I made by selling one of my etchings.
Well, we are another day closer to the inevitable currency collapse. I don't know why everything has held together as well as it has. Today someone being interviewed by Greg Hunter on YouTube said that by his calculations we should have had a currency collapse  two years ago. So much for timing economic events.
I saw on CNBC that people on Wall Street were more positive than any time since 1987. I see that as an indication of a pending collapse.
Talking about pending collapses, the Ebola outbreak may actually be getting worse. Now, they are having trouble moving food because of the fear of spreading the contagion. It may be that more people will die of starvation than die of Ebola. There was really no good news about what is going on in West Africa, today. Only time will tell how bad things will get, there. I think the WHO's estimate that 20,000 people may die of the disease is overly optimistic.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Prospecting in Decorah is Postponed

In my last posting I said that I was going to see if I could find some of the precious metals that might be in Decorah.
Well, I couldn't find my dowsing rods so I have to put that off until I can get another pair from EBay. I won't be able to afford to do that until tomorrow. Since the mail isn't working today they won't ship until tomorrow anyway.
I doubt that there is any gold or silver to be found anyway but I feel I have to try. Maybe the asteroid that hit the Earth at Decorah contained gold or some other precious metal. I did find my metal detector but I have more faith in dowsing than I do metal detecting.
It's Labor Day and Java Johns is closed. I'm hanging out at the Co-op and listening to music at Pandora. I'm too broke to do much else. I have a credit account, here; so I can buy some coffee and surf the net.
I'm not finding much about Ebola on the net, today.
Apparently it spread to Senegal. A student crossed the border and brought it into another country. The authorities, there, feel that they have it contained. We'll see.
Maybe no news is good news, but I feel it's just a case of people not knowing what is going on.
I think one of the most important things to look at for the Ebola outbreak right now is how fast it spreads in the West Point suburb of Monrovia. There are between 70,000 and 100,000 people quarantined there. If it spreads wildly, there, we'll know that it's very contagious. If people get it by the tens of thousands, there, we'll know that it probably can't be contained.
I may be wrong; after all they are quarantining those people to keep it from spreading throughout Monrovia. Maybe they will succeed in keeping it at West Point. It looks to me like the quarantine is just a delaying action, anyway.
I may have more to talk about, this evening. I'm goin home now and my Internet connection isn't very good, there.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Patriot Nurse, Ebola, and ISIS

Patriot Nurse on YouTube made a vlog about ISIS using Ebola as a biological weapon.
It was the most frightening article that I've seen, so far, about Ebola.
She kept saying that she wasn't trying to incite panic but that is what she accomplished. Go to the "Patriot Nurse" channel on YouTube and you will see what I'm talking about.
Not much else is happening here.
I'm still waiting to find out how much has to be replaced on my motor home.
I found that I can get a new refrigerator for around $700, Since used ones cost close to $500 I'll be tempted to get a new one.
I'm still waiting to hear if the furnace, the water heater, and the air conditioner, work.
Maybe I'll luck out and everything will work.
Like I said earlier, not much is happening, today. I'm waiting for Jim to show up at Java Johns. I'll show him the video that the "Patriot Nurse" made. And maybe we'll talk about the collapsing economy.
Tomorrow I may go prospecting for gold right here in Decorah.
Last year there were people flying around here in helicopters. They were prospecting with devices hung under the helicopters.
Last week they announced that they may have found signs of metal deposits.
I'm not too hopeful about actually finding anything, since the deposits that they are interested in are around 2000 ft. beneath the ground.
I have to look, anyway, since I'm probably the only gold prospector in Decorah.
If I find anything I'll write about it on my blog.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not much news on Ebola Today

I spent a lot of time checking out the articles on the Internet about Ebola, today.
The only thing I saw that was a bit new was an article about "bush meat".
Of course, bush meat refers to wild game; especially game taken in Africa.
The writer of the article apparently did an article a few months ago on this topic. Then he went to grocery stores in ethnic African communities in the New York, NY area.
Then, he found plenty of "bush meat" to be found at a high price. Africans must like their wild meat.
He went back to the places that he found bush meat a few months ago and found that it was no longer being sold. Maybe the Ebola outbreak is scaring people from continuing to eat that.
I see that as a good thing. Bush meat was another unchecked route for Ebola to enter the U.S.
There was an article about Ebola in the Congo. It turned out that it is a different form of Ebola. I don't believe that it is as dangerous as the Zaire variant. So far, only 2 people have it so I don't think it will be a big thing. I could be wrong.
Not much else happened with me, today.
I have to get to the RV repair place and see how my motor home is coming. I need to find out how much repairing I'll have to do with it. I know that I need 3 light fixtures. I would like to get the fuel gauges working. I also need to have the rider's side window fixed. I also need to find shower curtains and privacy curtains. Those are just the things I know about. I haven't had the furnace, water heater, refrigerator, and air conditioner checked yet. I still don't know where I stand with the motor home.
I was watching Glendon Cammeron on YouTube, last night. He made 2 main points:

  1. We are all selling something; selling is not inherently bad.
  2. We all have to ask for money; asking for money is inevitable.
It got me thinking about asking people for a loan to get out to California and finding gold. I think I'll use my art and precious metals as collateral and ask people for a loan to get my gold prospecting business off the ground. I just have to get up the courage to ask people for money. Glendon is right again.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ebola an STD?

I'll get to the topic hinted at in the title a little later.
I want to talk about quarantining Ebola patients, first. I saw an article that talked about the problem of accidentally mixing people with other diseases with Ebola patients, today. The writer ended up saying that they felt that Ebola patients should be isolated at home at least until it was certain that they had Ebola. The possibility of putting someone with another illness into an Ebola ward was just too severe.
Another article said that a knowledgeable doctor could simply smell Ebola. If they can do that early in the diseases progression it would help immensely and make the decision to send a patient to an Ebola ward a lot simpler. Heaven knows, doctors need all the help they can get.
Back to the Ebola as an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disesase) possibility. A week or two ago I read something that said that Ebola can be spread by semen or vaginal fluids for up to two months after the person is considered cured. Today the spouses of two of the people who were infected by Patrick Sawyer came down with Ebola. That raises the possibility that they were infected before their mates had obvious signs of the disease. It seems to me that if it can be spread by sex after they had been officially cured maybe it can be spread before it is apparent. I'm just saying that this needs to be looked into. Maybe it can be confirmed by statistics; I don't see any sense in risking any one's life to find out if it can be spread by sex before the person shows signs of the illness. I'm probably being paranoid again.  
On a lighter topic. I'm still trying to sell my etchings by Malcolm Childers. I've got a couple of them on EBay right now. I'm only asking $75 each for them. I've got several others at an art framing gallery. I also have several that are framed that I'll try to sell next Spring.  I'll be asking a lot more for the framed works. Most of those are more rare. If anyone is interested in getting your hands on some quality art at a reasonable price contact me at craigkit752@gmail.com. I prefer to be paid with Bitcoins but I can take fiat as well. If you are interested in some of the less expensive ones, go to Malcolm's website at Roadsongs.com and check out his less expensive works. I may have the one you like.

This is one of my favorite Childer's etching. It's named "Frenchy's Flathead Flyer"
I have a framed version of it and I would have to wait until next Spring to sell it. I would want at least $500 for it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Blog is Going Viral Again

Welcome back, everyone, especially all of the people from Moldova. I don't know why I'm so popular, there. Maybe an English teacher is showing his students how not to use commas. I never know when to use them and when not to.
Ebola is still on my mind.
The headlines today made me wonder if someone from Liberia was reading my blog last night.
The West Point suburb of Monrovia has been quarantined with the military backing it up. I feel that they had little choice in the matter.
They had riots there which scattered Ebola patients to the wind; not to mention that blood-stained sheets and other contaminated material were stolen.
It looks to me like someone made the decision that West Point was a lost cause and they would try to keep Ebola from spreading from there.
I may be a bit hard-hearted but I think they were right. There are now countless ways to spread the disease, there. Not only are there contaminated materials all over the place but it is common to use the ocean as a toilet, there. They only have a few toilets there (I heard only 3) so everyone uses the ocean to defecate. It's probably is a lost cause. By quarantining it they might be able to slow the spread to the rest of Monrovia.
On a different Ebola front, Nigeria had 2 more Ebola patients today. Yesterday it looked like they had contained it; today I'm not so sure.
It's still a small number in Nigeria (only 15) but the significant thing is that it was spread by someone riding an airplane. If more people got it from riding that plane Ebola may now be spreading all over the world by the people on that plane.
Thinking like that is starting to spread panic.
Panic is starting to show up in the U.S.A. I think it's starting with people who are subject to having panic attacks. I forget what the diagnosis is for such people but they are showing up at hospitals in the U.S. I read somewhere that there have been 64 people who thought they had Ebola who turned themselves into hospitals.
Only a few have been isolated. They are the ones who  may have had a good reason to be concerned; such as they had been on a plane a couple of weeks ago in Nigeria. They are being tested and, so far, none have had Ebola.
All we can do is to try to keep informed and maybe get ready to bug out if it gets really bad.
That reminds me, I'm still trying to get my bug out vehicle ready. I had the water tank cleaned out. I'm going to rely on filters for my drinking water. I think that is good enough. I still don't know if the water heater and furnace work. I tried the air conditioner and it didn't come on. Maybe I need to have it hooked up to the AC power for that to work. I replaced a bunch of light bulbs with LED light bulbs. It turned out that 3 of the light fixtures need to be replaced.
At least it drives and I can live on the canned food that is already in it for a couple of months if I have to.
I don't think I'll have to bug out for at least another 6 months. I was looking at the number of new Ebola patients and it seems to have tapered off, somewhat. I was looking at a chart that goes back to last Spring and I noticed that it leveled off in March and April. That may be just the normal ebb and flow of this sort of thing. It also could be that we aren't getting accurate figures. Only time will tell.
On that note, I'll sign off.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Disjointed Ramblings about Ebola

A week or two ago I watched a doctor being interviewed on CNBC. The topic was Ebola, and how contagious it is.
He stated that he would have no trouble sitting next to an Ebola patient on an airplane.
Well, the man who did sit next to Patrick Sawyer on the flight to Lagos, Nigeria came down with Ebola. I don't know if he is still alive. So much for that doctor's believability.
I saw some articles on the Internet on this topic.
Apparently Ebola is not airborne. That means that it can't travel through the air by itself. On the other hand, it can travel through droplets of water such as those scattered by a sneeze. It looks to me like it's too fine of a distinction to make any real difference. I don't want to be anywhere near an Ebola patient. If he sneezes or sweats on something you both touch like a doorknob, you can come down with it. Keeping away from Ebola victims is a priority.
And that doctor should go back on CNBC and do some explaining.  It's bad enough that we get misleading financial advice from that channel but now they are giving out information that could lead to your death.
About what happened over the weekend in Liberia. Maybe someone actually read my blog where I stated that if a Malaria victim ended up in an Ebola ward by mistake; it would result in their certain death. Some of the patients were carried away by people who said that they had Malaria. Those people have a valid concern. Something needs to be done to identify genuine Ebola victims and keep them away from people with other diseases.
Of course, the health care systems in places like West Point, Liberia is already taxed to capacity.
On a positive note. The Nigerian government seems to have contained the outbreak caused by Patrick Sawyer. They seem to have limited it to 13 people, including Sawyer. There doesn't seem to be new cases all over the world due to the people on that plane taking it everywhere. That was a concern of mine. Kudos to the health care system in Nigeria. It's good to have an occasional victory. Of course, it's just a delaying action. Africa (with it's poverty and overpopulation) is screwed when it comes to Ebola. At least it looks that way to me, for now.
If I was a good Christian Scientist, I would just pray until I saw that God is in charge and would never let millions of people die of a stupid, jungle disease. Unfortunately I find myself watching like someone watching a wreck on a race track. Maybe I should call a practitioner and ask for help.
That's enough rambling for now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Is the Ebola outbreak worse than we realize?

The short answer is "hell yes".
In spite of the Draconian actions that the 3 countries which have it the most have been taking, it is totally out of control. I have the feeling that we have no idea of how bad it is because the numbers we are getting are distorted.
For one thing the people doing the counting are risking their lives and some of them are dying just trying to get a handle on how many have this disease.
Another thing is that a lot of people are trying to treat it at home. I think that might be because if a person gets sick in those countries they probably realize that going to an Ebola hospital is certain death. They might feel that they only have Malaria or something. With their impaired immune system, going to an Ebola hospital would mean that they would get Ebola for certain. And that would surely kill them. So most people are avoiding those places.
This means that the ability of the health systems authorities to trace the spread of Ebola is impaired. I think that was what the WHO was talking about when they said that Ebola was "out of control". They can't track it and isolate the victims.
There was good news out of Nigeria. They said that they had contained the outbreak, there. It was due to one man (Patrick Sawyer) and they had tracked all of his contacts. They feel that it is under control. I wish them well. It would have been terrible for the city of Lagos to have it spread there.
That's all I've got to say about Ebola, today. I'm still in a "watch and wait" mode of operation.
I'm still trying to get my bug out vehicle ready. It needs a water tank. The leak can be fixed but it was full of black mold. The repair guy wants to replace it. Maybe I could get by with just decontaminating it but I would like to have a larger one, anyway. I've got to get to the shop and see how it's coming.
I'll be ready to bug out when Ebola gets here but I don't know where to go yet. I might go to Happy Camp, California. I've got a membership to a gold prospector's club, there. I might go to my sister's place in Fallbrook, California. The trouble with that is that it's in the middle of a large population center. My sister's son has an island off the coast of Washington. That would probably be my best bet. I also have a membership to a gold prospecting club that is nationwide. I could go to any of hundreds of claims and just stay there. I'll be ready when the time comes to bug out.
Well I've got to go up the hill to the repair shop and see how my motorhome is coming.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Sailing the Caribbean

These are just some of the things I'm unlikely to blog about. I might actually get my mountain bike out and ride some of the trails we have in Decorah, but everything else is too expensive for me.
I'll just talk about the Ebola outbreak and the pending economic collapse, which may be related. I feel that the Ebola outbreak may bring about the economic slowdown which will turn into a full-blown economic collapse.
There was more bad news about Ebola, today.
As of today, 170 health care professionals have come down with Ebola. That must make treating people with Ebola the most dangerous occupation that there is. It also raises the question about why people who are taking every possible precaution that there is, are coming down, so often, with this deadly disease.
There was also bad news from Nigeria. A nurse who had treated Patrick Sawyer (the person who brought Ebola to Nigeria) traveled out of Lagos to someplace east of there. I believe she died there and now we have to wonder how many people she spread it to.
She was told not to travel but apparently she was thinking with her heart rather than her mind. I think the lesson is to use armed guards to make sure that people don't break the quarantine.
I had some bad news about my old motorhome, today. It needs a new water tank. It was leaking and the inside had turned black from mold. I'll talk with my banker tomorrow about getting it fixed. The shower and sinks work so that is progress.
I probably should have bought a newer motorhome but this one was the only one that was available at the time. It's over 40 years old so there are bound to be problems with it. I just didn't have the money to buy a newer one. At least it drives well.
I told my banker that I was willing to spend a couple of thousand dollars to get it in good shape. It will probably cost at least that much. Tomorrow, when I finish my peer support class, I'll find out more about the old motorhome.
I'm not thinking about going to California until after November, so there is time to get it fixed.
I want to thank the people from Moldova who keep coming back. I'm not sure why I have so many readers from Moldova, but I've never had so many readers until the last couple of weeks.
Maybe it had something to do with the outspoken opinion I expressed about bringing people who have Ebola back to the U.S. Whatever it was you folks seem to keep coming back. Thanks

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm Toning Down my Discussion about Ebola, for now.

I'm in a 'wait and see" mode with Ebola. I don't think it's time to panic and bug out, yet.
It doesn't appear that it's airborne. It still appears to be only spread by contact with body fluids. The reason so many health care people are getting it is that they are around a lot of body fluids; in conditions that can only be described as barbaric. I saw somewhere that the doctors and nurses in Sierra Leone had quit because they felt is was suicidal to work there.
From what I've read, that is the norm in Africa; therefore Ebola will continue to be out of control, there. Things may be different in other locations. We'll see.
I decided to quantify when I bug out. I'm going to wait until there are at least 50,000 Ebola patients in the U.S. I figure that if it goes over that, things may get out of control and it's time to head for the hills.
I don't know if bugging out will help during a pandemic but it makes sense to me.
On the topic of bugging out, I got to thinking about moving to my sister's place in California. Of course, it wouldn't make much sense in a total breakdown of society, but it might make sense for now.
My sister has a new boyfriend who prospects for gold in Arizona. Maybe he could show me the ropes where it comes to looking for gold in the desert. I might be able to leave my motor home or van at my sister's place while I'm out in the desert.
I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I was turned down for the job with the "New 49ers" I just don't have the experience to be an accountant. Therefore there is no sense in rushing out to Happy Camp California, right away. Maybe I'll head out there next year.
Maybe I should cut and paste this next paragraph higher in this blog; but it came to me now.
I expect the Ebola outbreak to precipitate a financial collapse. Some of the gloom and doomers that I watch on YouTube think it will happen this coming October or November. They aren't mentioning the Ebola situation but I think if the financial collapse comes that it will be caused by the economic shutdown due to that.
I'm now expecting a depressionary period before the big hyper-inflation. That might make bugging out easier and cheaper to do. Maybe gas will be cheaper and even food might be less expensive.
Maybe I'll make my move then. As it stands now, I won't be moving out to California or Arizona until next April. That will be after I make a lot of money (for me), shoveling snow. I also will be showing some of Malcolm Childer's works at Luther College until April. So I doubt that I'll be moving until then. The Ebola outbreak may change that, we'll see.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Not Much to Talk About Tonight

I don't have much to say today. Ebola is still on my mind but there wasn't much news about it, today. The Patriot Nurse had the best posting on YouTube on that topic. If you are interested, go to my previous posting and I recommended a few YouTube channels that are covering Ebola better than I am.
I think we are in a "wait and see" mode when it comes to Ebola. It's spreading at an exponential mode right now but maybe there will be some natural means of slowing it down. Other diseases are killing a lot more people each year but they aren't doubling at the rate that Ebola is. If it keeps doubling we'll all get it in six months to a year.
Maybe I should take the "Patriot Nurse's" advice and take supplements and exercise more often. I'm not sure that bugging out will make much difference.
Talking about bugging out, I'm more ready to go, now. I paid the license plate fees so I won't have to get licensed in California for a while. If I'm out there for a month I probably should change the title to that state but I feel that I can tell them I'm a tourist.
The motor home needs a water pump. That was what was shorting out the 12 volt line. I told the guy to replace it. I have to have a good water pump to test the water heater. That's next. Maybe I can get the electronics working in a couple of weeks to a month. I'll be tempted to get the wheels aligned; anything to make it drive better.
If I decide to, I could be out of here in a couple of weeks. I think I may leave if the Ebola outbreak gets worse. Maybe I'll move to La Crosse and pray a lot at the Christian Science reading room.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebola and YouTube

I'm still trying to keep up on what's happening with Ebola.
Tonight, I'll talk about some of the YouTube channels that have touched on the topic.
The first on is the Sefan Molyneux channel. He feels that people like me are blowing things out of proportion. He makes the case that something like 30,000,000 people die each year from the flu; therefore Ebola which has only killed 900 people so far isn't that big of a thing.
Maybe he's right but the thing that concerns me isn't the totals, now; it's the way the numbers keep doubling. This looks like an exponential progression to me. That means that if it continues it will spread to all of mankind in a few months.
Flu and malaria and other diseases all seem to top out at a certain point after a while. Maybe Ebola will as well but it doesn't show any sign of doing so for now.
There are some things that will slow it down. The first is that it tends to kill it's victim's. That means that there is only a short period of time when someone is actively walking around and spreading it. Since it's so debilitating a person with it might only be on his feet for a couple of days before he's on his deathbed.
It seems to only be spread by contact with body fluids. A lot of people are saying that it's not airborne.
This seems to be why so many health care workers are coming down with it. Apparently there is only one health care worker to 30 or more patients. Under those conditions, it might be understandable why so many nurses and doctors are dying.
Caring for the bodies is also a way to get the disease. Things are so bad in Sierra Leone that people are dragging the bodies out into the streets because they don't want to go to the trouble of decontaminating their houses. That might be the most common way to get the disease (handling the bodies).
Back to the exponential aspect, go to ChrisMartinsondotcom on YouTube for in detailed discussions of exponential graphs. He talks about the increasing usage of natural resources and the national debt. If Ebola fits on one of his charts it will throw all of his other charts out the window with the decline in population.
It's too early to tell if Ebola will continue to spread exponentially. If it does we will all get it and we will probably have a 90% death rate.
I just got done watching the Patriot Nurse on YouTube and I feel that she covered the topic better than anyone else. Be sure to see what she has to say, today.
All we can do is to try to be informed; everything is still very much up in the air right now.
I'm paranoid ( that is part of my diagnosis) so I'll keep trying to find out what is happening with Ebola. I don't know where, or how I can bug out for this anyway. I have the feeling that it will spread world-wide in a fairly short period of time. Maybe I'll take the Patriot Nurse's advice and take some supplements.
That's all for now

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm going Viral (for me).

I'm getting a lot more viewers since I started talking about Ebola.
I think it makes sense since I'm talking about something that could kill off over half of the world's population and it's hard to find any one else talking about it, yet.
CNBC is starting to have some articles about it and I've seen some mainstream TV articles about it, so they aren't totally ignoring it.
Even the things I'm seeing on the Internet are trying to gloss it over. I was watching a doctor on CNBC who was saying that it's not very contagious and it's no worse than malaria and other tropical diseases.
I have doubts about it not being all that contagious since so many medical personnel are coming down with it. It's beginning to look like it''s airborne. After all, wouldn't a doctor who is treating someone who got sick on a plane from Liberia take all sorts of precautions? Why did he catch it?
Now I'm wondering how many people on that plane are now spreading it.
Getting back to the two Americans who were brought back from Africa to treat their Ebola. Apparently they were given an experimental treatment that worked (at least for the first one).
I found some information about their medicine. First of all, it won't be in production until next year. It's made with tobacco plants and mouse DNA. A friend of mine said that it sounded like witchcraft to him.
I have to wonder if the ruling 0.5% of the rich people have found a way to get rid of us poor people and simply bribe their way out of getting the disease. With enough money they should be able to just buy their way out of this like they buy their way out of everything else.
I should mention that the reason I think this epidemic is so important is that it appears to multiply at an exponential rate. To me, it looks like the number of new cases doubles every two weeks. That might not be so many right now but if that pattern continues it will spread throughout the world in six months or so. I feel that we are looking at the possibility of a mass die-off. Only time will tell.
I saw something a few days ago that stated that we should know how bad it will be within a week. I think he was right. If the people on that plane start coming down with Ebola it could spread throughout the world a lot faster than I thought it would. I'm not sure that we would know if it's airborne yet. If that guy was vomiting in the toilet a lot of people who used the toilet might have been more exposed to it. There might have been a lot of people exposed to body fluids on that plane, so we still won't know if it's airborne.
I saw that various health agencies are funding $260 million to fight Ebola. That's a lot more than the $385,000 that was spent so far. Maybe it's getting the recognition that it deserves. I only hope that it's in time.
I want to say hi to all of my new readers. I also want to thank all of the Moldova readers for coming back. I had 79 viewers today. In the past 3 or 4 years of blogging I've never gotten more than 10 or so viewers on a single day. So thank you, all.
I'll see if I can get back soon.