Saturday, August 30, 2014

Patriot Nurse, Ebola, and ISIS

Patriot Nurse on YouTube made a vlog about ISIS using Ebola as a biological weapon.
It was the most frightening article that I've seen, so far, about Ebola.
She kept saying that she wasn't trying to incite panic but that is what she accomplished. Go to the "Patriot Nurse" channel on YouTube and you will see what I'm talking about.
Not much else is happening here.
I'm still waiting to find out how much has to be replaced on my motor home.
I found that I can get a new refrigerator for around $700, Since used ones cost close to $500 I'll be tempted to get a new one.
I'm still waiting to hear if the furnace, the water heater, and the air conditioner, work.
Maybe I'll luck out and everything will work.
Like I said earlier, not much is happening, today. I'm waiting for Jim to show up at Java Johns. I'll show him the video that the "Patriot Nurse" made. And maybe we'll talk about the collapsing economy.
Tomorrow I may go prospecting for gold right here in Decorah.
Last year there were people flying around here in helicopters. They were prospecting with devices hung under the helicopters.
Last week they announced that they may have found signs of metal deposits.
I'm not too hopeful about actually finding anything, since the deposits that they are interested in are around 2000 ft. beneath the ground.
I have to look, anyway, since I'm probably the only gold prospector in Decorah.
If I find anything I'll write about it on my blog.
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