Saturday, December 24, 2011

touched by a gorilla

I just felt like posting this video to my blog.touched by a Gorilla

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10

I just wanted to tell the world how disgusted I am about the latest version of Ubuntu. They got away from the Gnome user interface and they have something, I think is named Unity. I find it to be harder to use than Gnome. Instead of having, easy to use, menus, I have to think of what I'm looking for and type it in. It's kind of like going back to DOS. I think they tried to mess with Mint Linux which copies Ubuntu every revision and improves on it. This time Ubuntu deliberately messed up their operating system to mess with Mint. That's my opinion.
I added a picture of Dug Road that I took last Sunday. I've had a lot of pictures of Dug Road in my blogs. It's rather scenic. During the first part of the Twentieth Century it was, in fact, a road. It was repeatedly flooded so they quit driving on it. At some point it was converted into a bike path and walking trail. However, it still retains the name of Dug Road. Later this winter, I may get some cross-country skies and ski here. They don't clear it for all the skiers.
The stock market is still going crazy. Yesterday it went up 337 points and today its down about 100 points. There  is no way to trade this. I'm glad that I'm out.
I'm thinking about getting into buying things at auctions here and selling them on E-bay. I've done well with coins, stamps, and guns. I'll need to study about jewelry. I'll have to read a book or two about old jewelry and try to buy that, cheap.
Loula didn't show up this morning. She left a message on my phone, which I left at home. I guess I really should carry my cell phone with me all the time. Maybe, I'm afraid that I'll lose it.
Not much going on here. I'll post again in a few days.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The geese at Upper Iowa

I took a few pictures of the geese at the Upper Iowa River, just off of Dug Road. This is one.
I've been getting lazy. I intended to walk the length of Dug Road, which is about 1 1/2  miles long, but I ended up just walking a hundred yards or so.
Luther is closed for the Christmas holidays so I can't go swimming. I only went one time and it made me so tired that I could hardly get out of the pool, afterwards.
I talked with Loula last Friday night at the Co-op about my money making schemes. Specifically I told her about my idea of going West and looking for gold. I also mentioned the idea of buying things at auctions and selling them on E-bay. If I discount the silver-plated flatware debacle, I did rather well at that. There is no market for silver plate, no matter how pretty it is, but I did well with coins, stamps and guns. I'll have to keep track of all of my expenses, such as eating and gasoline, but it might be worth trying. I'll have to sell on E-bay, myself, since I wouldn't be able to afford paying 25% to the Game Exchange. I think the gold prospecting will have to wait until I get a better vehicle. It's worth a try.
Last week, when my sister Faye and I went to the Christmas at Luther choral presentation, later we ate at Rubaiyat's. Here is a picture of Faye, me, and Jim and Sherry Slitor. Faye wanted me to send her this picture. I wonder if she can download it from the blog.
I transferred my representative payee account to a local bank. I hope that it works out alright. I am a bit concerned about getting my allowance checks in a timely fashion. I'm hoping to use any surplus for investing either in buying at auctions or on E-trade. We'll see.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hanging out at Java John's

I'm just hanging out at Java John's, today. I'll post a picture of the place. I may have mentioned it on my blog, earlier. The owner, Mary, is a great cook and she has very reasonable prices.

My sister visited me, last week. We went to "Christmas at Luther". It's a musical presentation at Luther
College. They put it on each year. Only Luther alumni, students, and faculty and staff can get tickets. I got four tickets, 2 for my sister and me, and 2 for Jim and Sherry Slitor. We had a great time. The show was awesome. We sat in the front row and afterwords, we went to Rubaiyat's for dinner.
Faye, my sister, went back to California last Friday. I failed her inspection of my apartment. I now have to clean and organized the place in case a woman actually sees the place again.
I've been talking with Loula once a week in a professional way. She's a counselor at the Behavioral Health Office. She got me to go for walks in the morning and make the commitment to go swimming at Luther in the morning. So far I haven't gone swimming at all, yet. It's getting a bit cold to walk in the morning, as well. I need to Just Do It. I've been trying to lose weight by reducing my food intake, but that hasn't done the job. I also need to increase my activity level. I'm afraid that the medications that I'm taking for schizophrenia is making me gain weight. Apparently it has that effect on a lot of people. I've probably reduced my food intake by 2/3s. I've been eating very little and I still can't seem to lose weight. I take vitamins but I'm afraid that I may not be getting the nutrition that I should.
I haven't been investing at all, lately. Between the car and my investments, I'm broke. I'm down to $300, that I'm going to try to buy a car with at an auction, this Saturday. It's another Voyager, but it's six years newer than mine. It has close to 200,000 miles on it so there is hope that it will go cheap. So much for storage locker auctions and investing.
I've got a metal detector but it's too late in the year to look for coins around here. The ground is frozen. I was thinking that I might find a way to go west and look for gold nuggets. Maybe I can work that out, somehow. I could sleep in the back of my van. Where there is a will there is a way. I'm back to reading books on the Law of Attraction. I never did get into tithing. I think that only works well for the churches.
Maybe I should try it, after all, things went to shit when I didn't tithe. Things were working quite well before I read that book. Maybe it jinxed me.
Maybe I'll get back, tomorrow