Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Getting Murdered in Crypto.

I'm getting whipsawed by crypto currencies again, today.
When it's going down, I bail out at a loss. Then it goes up and I buy at a peak. It's just human nature to do the exact wrong thing when you are trading something. If I just sat it out I would be in better financial shape than I am by actively trading.
I'm down to close to $100, today. The big problem is that Ether is going down; as well as the rest of the crypto currencies.
On other news, I saw that Troy (on the YouTube channel "The Do it Yourself World") bought a pop up camper for $30.
Why don't deals like that come to me?
I decided to run a "wanted" add on I'm asking for a good deal on a camper or trailer.
We'll see what happens with the add. I offered to pay in precious metals since I don't really have any money.
I didn't get to hold the sign at J.C. Penny's today. It was too windy and they didn't want anyone today or tomorrow for that matter.
I'll have to go by Manpower, Monday, and see if they have any work for an old fogy like me.
Well, ether is down again; it's time for me to take another loss.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm down again in Crypto.

I'm down to about $380 in crypto currencies. My high point was $1200. That was a week or two ago.
I quit my job at Walmart and I now wish I hadn't.
I made a little, yesterday, by holding a sign for J. C. Penny's going out of business sale. Today, it was too windy to work there. The sign is 10 or 12 feet high and the wind whips it around like crazy.
Tomorrow, I'm running by Manpower and seeing what jobs they might have. They are pretty good about keeping me employed.
If I just force myself to stay at home and not go out and eat a lot, I can keep my expenses down to where I can live on my Social Security. I don't really have to work if I don't want to and I can escape my credit card bills by declaring that I'm disabled and not able to pay them. That's what the company that contacted me about debt forgiveness is a about.
I think I'll go to Manpower and keep working and pay off the cards anyway. That way I'll be in better position to get a trailer when it's time.
I still want to have a small acreage and a garden and a few animals as well.
I just have to face the fact that crypto currencies is not the way to wealth for me. It's too volatile. For every big up, there is just as big of a down.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

After a Roller coaster ride in Cryptos I still have $350.

What a ride; at one time I was over $1200 but I was taken down to $350, now. I'm out, for now.
I left my money at Kraken so I can get back in but it's too volatile for me. I thought it would just go straight up for a month or so. I was wrong. I'll be patient and get back in, later.
I quit my job at Walmart when I was up $1200. Now I kind of wish I hadn't. I need something to bring in more income. Maybe some sort of sales job wouldn't be too physically demanding to me.
 I also was contacted by an organization that will get me out of credit card debt. Apparently I just quit paying my debt and get it written off as being disabled and not able to pay it. I just have to cut back on my dining out and cut back my spending.
On a different topic, I got a check from the U.S. Treasury, today. I don't know what it was for but I put it into my bank account. There's no use in looking a gift horse in the mouth.
I'm trying to organize a group trip to Deadwood South Dakota in the middle of July. There is a gem and mineral show there, then. I'll also do some gold panning.
I think I'll add to this later.

Friday, June 9, 2017

l didn't borrow more to get into Ether but my $100 is now $280.

I decided not to borrow more to get more into Ether but my original investment is now worth over $250.
I contacted the people who are going to help me get out of debt. Instead of paying over $700/month I'll be paying the $260/month. And it's over at the end of 21 months. It sounds good to me.
I gave my 2 weeks notice to quit at Walmart. It was simply too hard for this 69 year old body. I'm doing the work but I'm drained severely by the end of the shift.
I'm going to retire; that's it for working. I might do some snow shoveling this winter because I enjoy it and nobody pressures me very much. But I'm not even running out to Manpower to see about jobs, any more.
As I mentioned, I'm doing well with crypto currencies. It's still small numbers but I doubled my money in a week. If that keeps up I won't need any other source of income.
The trouble is, that I've done this a dozen times with futures, stock options and such, and I always end up losing and regretting quitting my job. I always end up in worse financial shape when I go "all in" on whatever "sure thing" I'm trying currently.
I hope that this time is really different.
On the metal detecting, I didn't get out to Seed Savers like I said I would.
Neither Brian or Raymundo showed up and I didn't feel like going out on my own.
Something that looks hopeful is a gold panning expedition to South Dakota. I have identified at least 4 people who might be interested in going on such a trip with me. They include Dave, Brian, Dalton, and his girlfriend.
We might get something going after my last day at Walmart. That's a week from Wednesday.
I think I'll buy more gold with crypto currencies than I'll ever find in a stream bed.
Oh well,