Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Getting Murdered in Crypto.

I'm getting whipsawed by crypto currencies again, today.
When it's going down, I bail out at a loss. Then it goes up and I buy at a peak. It's just human nature to do the exact wrong thing when you are trading something. If I just sat it out I would be in better financial shape than I am by actively trading.
I'm down to close to $100, today. The big problem is that Ether is going down; as well as the rest of the crypto currencies.
On other news, I saw that Troy (on the YouTube channel "The Do it Yourself World") bought a pop up camper for $30.
Why don't deals like that come to me?
I decided to run a "wanted" add on I'm asking for a good deal on a camper or trailer.
We'll see what happens with the add. I offered to pay in precious metals since I don't really have any money.
I didn't get to hold the sign at J.C. Penny's today. It was too windy and they didn't want anyone today or tomorrow for that matter.
I'll have to go by Manpower, Monday, and see if they have any work for an old fogy like me.
Well, ether is down again; it's time for me to take another loss.
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