Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Still Haven't found any Gold

I'm rather disappointed with my self. I haven't found any gold. I went to two places this morning.
The first place (Fort Jones) I went to because of a rumor that gold had been found there recently.
I asked about it at a coffee house. They had good coffee and cinnamon rolls but hadn't heard anything about gold.
The other place is the same one that I've been going to. I hoped to improve my dowsing technique. I decided to use a pendulum for closing in on gold nuggets.
It didn't work. It turned out that the pendulum doesn't have the range that I thought it did.
The dowsing rods get me over the gold but I don't know how deep I have to go for it. The penulum only picks up on the gold if it's within 6 inches. I experimented with my gold coin at Starbucks.
I feel that the dowsing rods are getting me over the gold but it might be 6 ft. deep for all that I know.
The metal detector is worthless since there is so much wire and metal garbage in the soil. With the metal detector I end up spending all of my time digging up junk.
I'm doing research on going back to Iowa to bring out the motor home. I'll go by bus. It's cheaper. Dan isn't done with the motor home, yet, so there is no hurry. I'm having troubles with the Greyhound website. You have to figure out how to get to where you are going by yourself.
Apparently Greyhound doesn't travel on Interstate 90; I'll have ;to go on Interstae 80 instead.
Starbucks is closing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm in Yreka

I pulled into Yreka last night. I got a motel room for a week; so much for sleeping in the van.
I'll be on my way to Happy Camp this morning. I hope to do some prospecting today, yet.
The roads to get here last night were terrible. I couldn't go faster than 55 most of the night. I've never driven through so  many mountain roads. It was pretty while there was light but I can see how it would discourage most people from coming here.
Well, I've got to watch Troy on Do it Yourself World and drive to Happy Camp.

This morning, I went to Happy Camp.
I picked up a replacement membership card and a gold pan. I also picked up a map of the claims.
I'm hoping to get out to the claims today. Maybe I can find some gold.
The trip to Happy Camp is a very long and tiring effort. I'm having a hard time getting used to driving in the mountains.
Twenty years ago I was used to travailing on mountain roads; now I have to get used to them again.
I've got a motel room for a week so I'll be here at least that long. I hope to fly back and then, drive the motor home out here.
If I don't find any gold I'll just drive the van and trailer back. If that happens I'll have my tail between my legs; like a licked dog.
Now I can't find my dowsing rods. I tried to keep the things I needed for actual gold prospecting separate from my other stuff. Apparently I did too good of a job of it. Now I can't find the box that I had my gold hunting stuff in. I had two sets of dowsing rods; now I can't find either one. Maybe I can find a pair to buy, here. I'll have to shop around. Maybe I'll take everything out of the van and go through all of the boxes. I'll need that stuff.
On a more positive note; it looks like some of the best claims are near Yreka. I just need to get my dowsing rods.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm Halfway Through Nebraska

I'm making my sojourn to California. I'm at some little town east of Grand Island. I'm making  good time; but I got tired.
I don't know how long I've been up; but it's over a day.
I saw some of my old classmates from 50 years ago, this morning.
I got there early and ended up driving all over the place looking for Internet and decent coffee. I finally found it at Storm Lake.
The Harbor Freight trailer and the van are both running great. I might push through tomorrow and the next day and complete the move without stopping much.
Well, I've got a comfy bed and I'll get up tomorrow and hit it hard again.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Found a Different Mechanic

I took my motor home to Dan in Mabel, MN. He's going to fix it while I'm taking the van and Harbor Freight trailer to California.
I'm  now thinking about living in Yreka, CA. It has a Christian Science society. That might mean that they have their Sunday meetings in people's home.
It's the closest town to Happy Camp. It's near the Klamath River so there is gold there and I think we'll have some claims that the  "New 49ers" have rights to. That's the club that I have a membership to.
I'm almost done with the moving. I mostly have to clean up the place. I traded a computer and some computer help for cash and help with moving. I'm glad to get rid of another computer. I've still got about 4 too many.
I had to replace the battery in the car, this morning. It wasn't holding a charge. They said that it looked like an original part. That means that it was about 7 or 8 years old. That's old for a battery.
At least the van is ready for the move. I'm heading out early Saturday morning; probably about 2:00 A.M.
I'll keep my readers informed about the move whilst I'm on the road.

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Dark Cloud has Descended Upon Me

My motor home appears to be un-repairable. The wires to the clearance lights are simply falling apart. This portends that all the wires in the motor home are fragile and will crumble.
The mechanic says that it's not worth repairing since I will have one problem after another.
Apparently it will cost an arm and leg to even junk it. All the propane stuff will have to be taken out before a junk yard will take it. A tire is flat; even though it's new.
My plans for going to California are falling apart. I don't know what to do.
I think I'll go ahead and leave for California; I'll just have to live in a tent. I've done that for a while in the service.
I need to talk with Danny about fixing it; maybe he can get it going. I'll see him at the co-op, sooner or later.
I was in the middle of moving and now I don't know what to do. I need to get a storage locker and get most of my stuff moved into it. Then I can take a few things to California and leave most of the stuff in the locker. I've got too much stuff anyway.
Maybe I can find an apartment out there. I'll never find anything as cheap as the apartment I have now but maybe I can find gold or a job out there. Here, finding a job is hopeless because everyone here knows that I'm crazy.
The only jobs I've had for the last 15 years or so were government subsidized  jobs. My being crazy actually works to my advantage for those jobs since I'm a protected minority.
The trouble is that those jobs never pay more than minimum wage.
Maybe if I get a few thousand miles away from here I'll be able to get a real job. Of course that won't happen because all of the real jobs went to China, anyway.
I still hope to be able to find gold on the Klamath River. I've got to overcome my obstacles and get out there to give it a try.
They are starting to have a Karaoke bar here, so I'll sign off for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Leaving on May 23.

I received a letter from one of my old high school buddies. The 50th class reunion is this May on the 23rd. There will be some things going on for the rest of that weekend.
I figure that as long as I'll be going past my home town of Galva, Iowa anyway; I might as well take in the reunion. After all I was the home-coming king for that year.
It will be good to see all my old classmates; at least some of them.
Concerning the move, I might get my motor home fixed in time to run it out to California. The mechanic said that he could get the clearance lights working and he might be able to get the transmission working right.
I would like to take it to Cresco and get the furnace and water heater working as well. Maybe it will work out.
I'm trying to get Brian move into my apartment. I'll leave the furniture and he wouldn't have to move his into town. Getting furniture up or down those stairs is a real hassle.
Maybe I could get him to help drive the van out to California. It would be great to have someone drive out the van whilst I drive the motor home.
I'm still trying to find my Bitcoins. I remember buying some (maybe as many as 900) in the Summer of 2010.
I haven't been able to check my statements from the Visa card that I had, then. I've checked my statements on my PayPal and my debit card. There is no sign of a payment of $45. That's what I remember spending.
That many Bitcoins would be worth over $100,000; in 2010 they were selling for a nickel a piece. Now they sell for $233 each.
I found a company that was having a grand opening in Bitcoin sales at that time.
They went bankrupt since then.
They are trying to settle with their depositors and creditor for the next month. I only have a few days to find my Bitcoins there. I can only hope that they are there. There really aren't that many places for them to be; so maybe the odds are improving for me to find my Bitcoins.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Financial Rant

I haven't talked about financial affairs for a while; at least not macro ones.
There is a debate going on about whether we will have a massive depression or will it be hyper inflation.
I say "why not have both at the same time".
Harry Dent says that we are in for a massive depression because most of the debt is caused by banks lending out 10 time of what comes in in the form of deposits and such.  He feels that enough people will default on their loans from banks that it will cause a cascading event leading to a massive depression.
Some of the things that might lead to massive defaults are:

  1. Greece defaulting to the European Union.
  2. Detroit defaulting on it's bonds.
  3. Puerto Rico  defaulting on it's bonds.
  4. Massive student loan defaults.
  5. Another real estate collapse.
  6. Stock market collapse.
  7. Low oil prices bankrupting oil companies.
There could also be a black swan event which, by it's definition, is unforeseen.
Of course the government is trying to avoid all of these events and even some others that I've forgotten by printing incredible  sums  of money.
This is why so many of Harry Dent's detractors feel that we are going into hyper inflation. They feel that we will print so much money to avoid massive defaults that the money will become worthless.
It may seem to be contradictory to say that we can have inflation at the same time we have deflation but it happened in the 1970's when we had "stagflation". I feel that if the government pursues the path that it's on now that we will have more stagflation.
That's just my take, for now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fleeced on Ebay, again.

Well, my greed got the best of me on Ebay again.
I saw some coins from Zambia that apparently were silver. It turned out that they were only silver plated. I was bidding on several auctions but by the time it was over I only had to pay on one. That was bad enough; I'm out $45 for what I consider to be garbage.
They are pretty coins so I'll give them to my sister. She might appreciate them.
I'm also bidding on a "year of the horse" coin. It is 3 ounces of silver so I probably won't get it. It also has an amber carving of a couple of horses on the front. It's really fancy. I hope I get it.
On other news, I'm getting a small trailer from Harbor Freight. It'll be for hauling my belongings out to California. It only costs $230; since it's on sale.
That raises the question of where will I assemble it. I live in a downtown apartment. I simply don't have a place to put it together.
It will also need a floor and sides put on it; that's more assembly and costs.
I'll have to ask around and see if someone  will let me use their yard or garage.
I was thinking about hiring someone but that would be too expensive.
The move is coming along. I got the financing together.
Now I just need to get out there and find some gold.
Taking one step at a time; it will come together.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Everything's up in the Air.

Although I'm certain that I will be going to California, soon, I'm still wondering what I'll take with me.
I've been approved for a loan to buy a new trailer. I think I'll refuse the loan.
 Although it would be nice to have a new trailer of my own; now that my sister has offered to loan me her's I feel that it would make more sense to use her's.
My motor home is taking too long to repair to be usable; so I'll just go out in my van and live in the
 van and a tent.
I can borrow my sister's trailer some time in the latter part of June. That would be nice.
I'm getting a trailer hitch put on my van, next week. I would have had it done by now but they sent the wrong hitch.
I'm thinking about getting a small trailer for hauling my possessions from Harbor Freight. It will cost less than $400 but I'll have to  put walls and a floor on it. Then I could pack all of my belongings to California. Maybe  I'll get the motor home out there to live in or just find an apartment.
I could probably shovel snow in the Winter and fix old laptops as well. I hope that I'll find enough gold to not have to worry about all of that.
I'm getting the financing together for the trip. I sold a bunch of silver and transferred balances to different credit cards. I'm as ready to go as I'll ever be.