Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Leaving on May 23.

I received a letter from one of my old high school buddies. The 50th class reunion is this May on the 23rd. There will be some things going on for the rest of that weekend.
I figure that as long as I'll be going past my home town of Galva, Iowa anyway; I might as well take in the reunion. After all I was the home-coming king for that year.
It will be good to see all my old classmates; at least some of them.
Concerning the move, I might get my motor home fixed in time to run it out to California. The mechanic said that he could get the clearance lights working and he might be able to get the transmission working right.
I would like to take it to Cresco and get the furnace and water heater working as well. Maybe it will work out.
I'm trying to get Brian move into my apartment. I'll leave the furniture and he wouldn't have to move his into town. Getting furniture up or down those stairs is a real hassle.
Maybe I could get him to help drive the van out to California. It would be great to have someone drive out the van whilst I drive the motor home.
I'm still trying to find my Bitcoins. I remember buying some (maybe as many as 900) in the Summer of 2010.
I haven't been able to check my statements from the Visa card that I had, then. I've checked my statements on my PayPal and my debit card. There is no sign of a payment of $45. That's what I remember spending.
That many Bitcoins would be worth over $100,000; in 2010 they were selling for a nickel a piece. Now they sell for $233 each.
I found a company that was having a grand opening in Bitcoin sales at that time.
They went bankrupt since then.
They are trying to settle with their depositors and creditor for the next month. I only have a few days to find my Bitcoins there. I can only hope that they are there. There really aren't that many places for them to be; so maybe the odds are improving for me to find my Bitcoins.

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