Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ebola in America, I've got to Comment

Well, the first case of Ebola that wasn't flown in on a special plane arrived in Dallas.
Actually it's happening a little sooner than I expected.
I suspect that people in Africa who feel a little woozy are spending their last dollar to get to the United States (where there is better health care).
If that is the case we'll see a lot of cases pretty soon. Every time someone gets sick and they have airfare and a passport they will run off to the good old U.S.A.
If I'm right the outbreak will get here a lot faster than I thought.
Tomorrow I'll see about getting some surgical masks and rubber gloves. I guess I'll need a spray bottle for chlorine as well. I won't start using this stuff yet but it's a good idea to have the basic supplies well ahead of the crowds.
I might have to bug out in the middle of Winter. I'll go to Arizona if I do. The "New 49ers" have mining claims in Arizona where I'll be able to isolate myself.
I think I'll be able to get my motor home ready to go within a month. I could actually drive it out right now, but I would like to get the lights in the living compartment working. I also don't know if the hot water heater and the furnace work.
The numbers of new Ebola cases seems to be leveling off a bit. At least they don't seem to be rising at the rate that I was used to. Maybe it's wishful thinking, on my part. The last that I heard the number of cases was about 6500 with slightly more than a 50% death rate.
Maybe the reality is that the numbers are distorted by not being able to get to the places where the sick people are. One of the problems is that the people doing the counting are dying as well.
I believe it was Sierra Leone that is quarantining 30% of it's population. I hope that works out well for them. I'm afraid that it will only cause deaths due to starvation. Those people simply don't have any good choices, any more. I don't know if any of us do have any good choices.
On a lighter topic, I'm thinking about buying silver on a leveraged basis. That means I'm thinking about gambling again. If that guy whose last name is Organ is right; silver should go through the roof this coming December. If it goes up 5 fold and I'm leveraged 4 to 1, a thousand dollars could become 20 thousand dollars. That would certainly finance my trip to Arizona or California. Of course, this is the same kind of thinking that has lead me down the road of poverty all of my life. I always lose.
Maybe this time I can get some one else to put up the money. Gary is my only hope.
I'll have to research it and make it happen. Maybe I could use my etchings for collateral.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Slow Saturday Afternoon

There doesn't seem to be much news about Ebola today.
Nothing is happening with my motor home.
The currency hasn't collapsed yet.
I'm just drinking coffee at Java Johns, listening to Pandora (Government Mule Station) and polishing off a bagel.
I have no idea of what to talk about.
I noticed that I have a lot of viewers from Ukraine. Maybe I should comment about that situation. Maybe not; I don't know.
I lean towards the Russian side of the conflict. It looks to me like flight M17 (or whatever it was named) was shot down by the Ukraine government to blame it on the rebels. I just don't see any reason the Russians or the rebels would shoot it down.
I hope that peace breaks out and they have a referendum or something.
I suppose I just offended half of my readers from Ukraine. Oh well, that's just the way I see it, now. I could be wrong.
If Ebola keeps doubling the number of cases every 20 days, nothing else will matter much anyway.
I see that the CDC is saying that there could be 1.4 million cases by the end of January. If that happens it will really take off, from there.
A lot of people think that it won't affect the U.S.A very much but I think that is just "Normality Bias". Simply put that means that people think that things will remain the same simply because they always have.
I think that once it gets into our cities it will spread almost as fast as in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia. Time will tell.
A lot of people on YouTube are saying that the economy will collapse this Winter. Most are saying I will happen during the latter part of October or the first part of November. Some are saying it will happen in January.
If it doesn't happen I'll have to rethink watching those things. Maybe the system is so corrupt that it can go on forever. After all, we've had paper currency since 1971 and it still goes up in value. Maybe it can continue forever. Even if it does, I'm going after gold next year. I feel that gold will always have value.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Day Off and Not Much Happening

I just signed an Internet petition to the Secretary General of the U.N. It's about increasing aid for the Ebola outbreak. Here is a link to the petition: http://one.org/ebola?referring_akid=a26210217.6663229.GNZg9V&source=conf&utm_source=email&utm_medium=emailhttp://one.org/ebola?referring_akid=a26210217.6663229.GNZg9V&source=conf&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email
I'm not sure what to click on but something above should work. I think if you click on the top link it should work.
I'm going to class today to  be a peer supporter. I don't know if I'll ever get a job at it but I'm getting paid to go and I'm out of the Peace Center for a while.
I'm getting closer to heading out to California. I'll be leaving next April.
More about Ebola. I think it will be a short-run sort of thing. After a few months it will go away. It might kill 90% of the population during that time but the survivors will be immune and it will go away, I hope.
It will destroy the economy, worldwide. Maybe I'm being alarmist but I have the feeling that it will happen that way.
Running to the mountains probably won't help anything since it will be so widespread. I think I'll do that anyway.
Well, I've got to run off to class in a few minutes.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

500,000 Ebola cases by January?

Bloomberg came out with a ,worst-case, scenario of over 500,000 Ebola cases by January. I feel that their projections are more accurate than any thing else I've seen.
They are including the fact that the numbers that are in common usage are obviously low, since nobody is getting a good count. They are also figuring in a doubling of the numbers every 20 or so days.
Last week I was calculating about a 160,000 number by January. I was using the official numbers and figuring that it doubled every month.
I think Bloomberg's numbers are more accurate than mine. This moves things up a bunch.
I'll have to get my bug out vehicle running and get moved to the wilderness quicker than I was thinking.
I got my refrigerator last week. It's ready to install.
I want to get my fuel gauges fixed and get the transmission worked on.
I'll also need what is called a dolly to tow my van behind the motor home.
That will set me back about $400. Hopefully that will be my biggest expense.
I don't expect to leave before we get 50,000 cases of Ebola in the United States.
I don't know how long that will take. I figure that when the cases get over 50,000 that the American health care system will be overwhelmed.
I'm picking up this post after being away for a few hours.
It looks like the CDC is behind the new worst-case scenario. That was the way the Huffington Post reports it. It is based on unreleased numbers but I think it will be official, soon.
At least someone in the U.S. is taking this thing seriously.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too Little, Too Late on Ebola

I feel that we should have heard what the President said today about 2 months ago.
The CDC and WHO have been saying that Ebola is "out of control" for at least that long.
I feel that if everything works out for the best ( including getting a working vaccine) we'll still see deaths in the millions.
From what I've seen, it would be better to treat the patients at home and then isolate the homes. The hospitals in that section of the world are too contaminated to bother with. There is the chance of mixing Malaria patients with the Ebola patients. And that will result in more deaths and such.
I think we have to put the people who survived Ebola to work with the active patients. Apparent they have at least some immunity to it once they survive it. They should also be put to work disposing of the bodies.
On the positive side, at least there is attention being paid to the problem. It's just needlessly late and probably too little.
A good article on the Internet to read about this is on Yahoo. It's title is something about "Ebola, a Game Changer". I probably wrote the title wrong but do a search on Yahoo with those words and you'll find it.
I don't know if it was in that article or not but I saw somewhere that the developed nations have a false sense of security. We think that our advanced health care and sanitary systems will make us immune to Ebola. That article said that the transportation system will bring Ebola to us with disastrous results. We'll be just as overwhelmed as West Africa. We'll see.
I'm redoubling my efforts to get my bug-out vehicle running. I want to pan gold while all of this is going on.
I got my refrigerator, today. It looks like it will fit in. I'm going to have to check the water heater and furnace by myself. The repair guy isn't getting to it. I'll run out there tomorrow or the next day and see what I can do.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Probably won't help my Numbers

I'm just sitting at Culvers restaurant, eating a hot fudge Sunday, and drinking coffee.
I don't have anything exciting to talk about. I think I covered the news about Ebola in my last post; the WHO was being optimistic when they said that 20,000 could die. I think it will be in the millions and if things don't start looking better, it might be in the billions. We'll see.
I didn't go prospecting today. I just feel that it's not at all hopeful.
The guy working on my motor home isn't getting anything done. I've been waiting for weeks to find out if my furnace and water heater work. I'll just have to run out there myself and play with them. I need to know where I stand on my motor home.
We're that much closer to the currency collapse. Switzerland is voting on whether to go back to a gold-backed currency. When they do (the majority of voters favor the referendum) that might topple the dollar and the rest of fiat currencies as well. China and Russia are talking about backing their currency with gold as well. Switzerland might be  the trigger for the long-awaited collapse.
Some people say that we are running out of gold and silver. That could come to a head because we are sanctioning Russia.
I'm going to see if I can get my money into gold for a while. I have to talk to Roger at the bank. I'm not allowed to handle my own money.
I was going to post a couple of pictures of the etchings I'll be trying to sell this week. I haven't gotten around to making that listing yet; maybe I'll do that later, tonight.
I think I'll go home, wash some clothes, and take pictures of and list my etchings.
Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of etchings that I just listed on EBay.

The first one is named "Sierra Before the Storm"
I forgot what the second one is named. They are both on EBay under Malcolm Childers. He's the artist.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So What did I do to Offend my Readers from Moldova?

I just want to wish all the best to all of the readers I had from Moldova. Of course, it was probably just a bunch of bots reading my posts but I kind of miss them. My readership is still elevated from my norm for the last 4 years but they really multiplied my numbers.
Not a lot is happening here. I'm drinking coffee and blogging at the Co-op. I was just thinking that I should put more images up.
Maybe I'll take a picture of my new refrigerator; when I get it. I think I'll upload a couple of pictures of the etchings that I'll be trying to sell, tonight.
About the new refrigerator, it's small but it is a 3 way refrigerator. That means it operates on not only AC and DC power, but it also runs on propane. I'll need that capability if I end up in the backwoods, away from all sources of power. It's small and portable so I can take it out of the motor home and put it into my van or even a tent. It would be a pain in the butt to backpack with it.
I bought Faye (my sister) a gold coin on a bezel that I will attach to a gold chain that I already have, for Christmas. I can talk about that, here, because I'm pretty sure she will never read this. If she does maybe I'll keep it for myself. It's pretty neat.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Jim and Sherry are getting me a gift and taking me out to dinner. That will be nice. I don't make much out of my birthday.
There wasn't much news about Ebola today. They repeated the story that Liberia feels that it could fall apart because of Ebola.
A few days ago there was an article about lessons learned from previous outbreaks.
One of the things they did was to isolate people in a tent outside of their houses. This kept them out of Ebola wards if it turned out that they just had Malaria.
They also had people who had survived the illness bring food and such to the active patients. Since they already had had the disease they weren't in danger of getting it again. That reduced the exposure to people who could get the disease.
I think these lessons could make a big difference in fighting the outbreak. I hope these lessons are going to the right people.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The End is Near

I was just watching Greg Hunter interview a guy whose last name is Organ, on You tube.
He is an expert on precious metals. He was saying that by December we will run out of silver. There is simply more being used to produce solar panels and such than is being mined. He predicted that silver will go to $200/ounce. I can't remember how high he thought gold would go.
He thinks that we will have major disruptions, then. We'll see.
On the Ebola front, an official of the Liberian government said that Ebola could destroy Liberia. There was a lot of alarming news out of Africa, today. Travel and trade is being shut down.
The good news is that money is starting to flow to Africa to fight Ebola. Bill Gates donated $50 million to fight it. That is on top of other countries and agencies spending money for the fight.
The bad news is that it's getting harder to find doctors and nurses to actually put their lives at risk to treat Ebola patients. I think we are still behind the 8 ball when it comes to Ebola.
A lot more people are using the word exponential when it comes to describing the spread of Ebola.
I watched a YouTube video on RT that discussed Ebola as an STD. It made me wonder if they saw my blog a few weeks ago. I hope they did because that possibilty needs discussion.
Well, Nick came into the Co-op where I'm writing the blog so I'll sign off for now.
I'm back. I forgot to mention that I went prospecting in a stream in Decorah. I thought that the asteroid that made the crater, that Decorah is built in, might have some metals. I found that there was nothing but limestone rocks in the stream. Therefor there is no hope of finding metals in the local streams. I might keep looking but I'm not hopeful. That is probably why no one else has found any gold or silver around here.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Vlogs

Tonight, I thought I would mention a few of my favorite vlogs. A vlog is a video blog.
I go to see what Troy is doing on "The do it Yourself World", quite often. He's building a tiny home on wheels at his homestead in New York state. It's kind of like what I want to do by getting my RV and going prospecting for gold, next year.
I went to a good vlog that Chris Martenson at "ChrisMartensondotcom" had, today.
He was interviewing Kirk Sorenson about Thorium reactors. It sounded really hopeful. He does a lot of presentations about exponential graphs. He makes it look like everything is falling apart. Maybe he's right.
Peter Schiff has a good channel. I watched him talk about the situation in Ferguson, MO, today.
Stefan Molyneux always has a lot to say. I agree with him more often than not; but he is very long-winded.
Fernando, at the "Modern Survivalist" has a lot of level-headed information about how to survive the coming bad times. He's lived through a couple of currency collapses in Argentina so he knows what to expect with ours.
I always like to talk about Ebola. Not much is happening on that front, today.
More countries are talking about spending big money fighting it in Africa. I think the world leaders are awakening to the fact that it's better to fight it there than at their home countries.
China and the U.S.A are talking about spending a lot there. There are also some world health organizations that are getting involved, like the U.N.
The quarantine in the West Point suburb of Monrovia, Liberia has been lifted. With all the bribery to get people in and out of there and the troubles getting food in; maybe it makes sense to lift it.
Talking about getting food moved around Western Africa; it's starting to mess up every one's economy, there. We might not be able to get our fill of chocolate. Also food isn't moving like it used to in Western Africa.
It's not affecting the world's economy yet; but it probably will.
On that note, I'll sign off for the day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EBay is Acting Strange

I tried logging in to EBay several times, today, and failed. It kept saying that I had the wrong password. It finally let me log on even though I used the same password that I used before  
I figure that the NSA was messing with me. I don't plug into the controlled press so I'm probably seen as a threat to them. Maybe they are trying to take away the money that I made by selling one of my etchings.
Well, we are another day closer to the inevitable currency collapse. I don't know why everything has held together as well as it has. Today someone being interviewed by Greg Hunter on YouTube said that by his calculations we should have had a currency collapse  two years ago. So much for timing economic events.
I saw on CNBC that people on Wall Street were more positive than any time since 1987. I see that as an indication of a pending collapse.
Talking about pending collapses, the Ebola outbreak may actually be getting worse. Now, they are having trouble moving food because of the fear of spreading the contagion. It may be that more people will die of starvation than die of Ebola. There was really no good news about what is going on in West Africa, today. Only time will tell how bad things will get, there. I think the WHO's estimate that 20,000 people may die of the disease is overly optimistic.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Prospecting in Decorah is Postponed

In my last posting I said that I was going to see if I could find some of the precious metals that might be in Decorah.
Well, I couldn't find my dowsing rods so I have to put that off until I can get another pair from EBay. I won't be able to afford to do that until tomorrow. Since the mail isn't working today they won't ship until tomorrow anyway.
I doubt that there is any gold or silver to be found anyway but I feel I have to try. Maybe the asteroid that hit the Earth at Decorah contained gold or some other precious metal. I did find my metal detector but I have more faith in dowsing than I do metal detecting.
It's Labor Day and Java Johns is closed. I'm hanging out at the Co-op and listening to music at Pandora. I'm too broke to do much else. I have a credit account, here; so I can buy some coffee and surf the net.
I'm not finding much about Ebola on the net, today.
Apparently it spread to Senegal. A student crossed the border and brought it into another country. The authorities, there, feel that they have it contained. We'll see.
Maybe no news is good news, but I feel it's just a case of people not knowing what is going on.
I think one of the most important things to look at for the Ebola outbreak right now is how fast it spreads in the West Point suburb of Monrovia. There are between 70,000 and 100,000 people quarantined there. If it spreads wildly, there, we'll know that it's very contagious. If people get it by the tens of thousands, there, we'll know that it probably can't be contained.
I may be wrong; after all they are quarantining those people to keep it from spreading throughout Monrovia. Maybe they will succeed in keeping it at West Point. It looks to me like the quarantine is just a delaying action, anyway.
I may have more to talk about, this evening. I'm goin home now and my Internet connection isn't very good, there.