Thursday, September 11, 2014

So What did I do to Offend my Readers from Moldova?

I just want to wish all the best to all of the readers I had from Moldova. Of course, it was probably just a bunch of bots reading my posts but I kind of miss them. My readership is still elevated from my norm for the last 4 years but they really multiplied my numbers.
Not a lot is happening here. I'm drinking coffee and blogging at the Co-op. I was just thinking that I should put more images up.
Maybe I'll take a picture of my new refrigerator; when I get it. I think I'll upload a couple of pictures of the etchings that I'll be trying to sell, tonight.
About the new refrigerator, it's small but it is a 3 way refrigerator. That means it operates on not only AC and DC power, but it also runs on propane. I'll need that capability if I end up in the backwoods, away from all sources of power. It's small and portable so I can take it out of the motor home and put it into my van or even a tent. It would be a pain in the butt to backpack with it.
I bought Faye (my sister) a gold coin on a bezel that I will attach to a gold chain that I already have, for Christmas. I can talk about that, here, because I'm pretty sure she will never read this. If she does maybe I'll keep it for myself. It's pretty neat.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Jim and Sherry are getting me a gift and taking me out to dinner. That will be nice. I don't make much out of my birthday.
There wasn't much news about Ebola today. They repeated the story that Liberia feels that it could fall apart because of Ebola.
A few days ago there was an article about lessons learned from previous outbreaks.
One of the things they did was to isolate people in a tent outside of their houses. This kept them out of Ebola wards if it turned out that they just had Malaria.
They also had people who had survived the illness bring food and such to the active patients. Since they already had had the disease they weren't in danger of getting it again. That reduced the exposure to people who could get the disease.
I think these lessons could make a big difference in fighting the outbreak. I hope these lessons are going to the right people.
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