Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Random Rants

Something that is getting under my skin is how so-called experts on Youtube constantly say that silver and gold are going through the roof soon. Sometimes they even give the dates that they expect the market to catch up with their true worth.
They are saying that the debt ceiling (which will be reached, March 15) signals the end of the dollar.
The same people were saying that September 23 would be the collapse last Autumn. It didn't happen then and it probably won't happen now.
The problem is that I always bet a couple of hundred dollars on it, just in case. I always lose and I really can't afford to.
I'm a sucker for fear combined with greed. That's been my biggest downfall.
I've got some options on silver that expire in July and June. I've already lost $75 on commissions; maybe I should get out now and buy a fraction of a bitcoin. I don't know; I always make the wrong choice.
Instead of getting paid for a laptop I had one given back to me today. I needed the money but that wasn't happening. The woman I sold it to said that every time she fired it up someone would call her and say that there was a virus on that machine.
I did get a call as soon as I fired it up but the other end hung up right away. Somehow they know when that machine is turned on. It's probably just the NSA messing with me. Oh well.
I'm watching David Seaman on Youtube, now; so I'll sign off.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Things are Looking Better.

Things are looking up from the last time I posted.
It snowed and I made over $100 from shoveling snow.
I got the verification code from the IRS and I was able to file my 2016 income tax. It took less time than I thought it would. I should get a refund  (at least from the state) within a couple of weeks.
I should be able to make it through this month's round of bills without being too late on most of them.
I still need a job (at least for a couple of months) to keep up with my bills. I keep applying for jobs but nothing is showing up.
On other news, Dustin is not finding my bitcoins. His program went through a couple of thousand combinations and it didn't show anything. He's still working on it.
I've got all sorts of computers working, but nobody is buying them. I have to review my add on Decorahnow.com and see if I can improve it. I think I'll email some people who've already bought my computers and see if they know anyone who needs an inexpensive laptop.
I'm not making any progress towards buying either land or a trailer. There's no hurry on either one. Maybe I'll see if I can get land cheap through a sheriff's sale. My father bought some land that way a long time ago; and it was cheap.
I would like to get both the land and the trailer before the currency collapses because I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off in the chaos that will ensure. It would be better to have a small acreage and a few chickens and goats to see me through it.
Without the bitcoins I don't think I'll be able to pull it off. I've got a little food and silver set aside and that will have to do.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Help me Decide.

Lately, I've been talking about buying land and a trailer.
I feel that I will have to get one or the other and wait for a few years to get the other. I just don't have the financial means to do both.
Today I'm going to list the pros and cons of both and try (with your help) to decide which way to go.
I'll start with buying land:

  1. I should be able to find someone who'll write the mortgage so I won't have to go through the loan approval process. That will require a lot of searching around but I have all the time in the world. 
  2. I would be able to have a garden and hunt and target shoot on it. 
  3. I could set up a tent or build a primitive structure on it without costing too much. 
  4. I would be looking for something near the river (Mississippi) so I could fish a lot. 
  5. When I get a trailer I could park it there for free.
  1. It would be years before I could actually live on it; I would have to be making payments until then. 
  2. I might be buying at a high since I feel the economy will collapse soon. 
I'm already leaning towards buying a trailer first.
  1. I would be mobile; If I wanted to I could take off and pan for gold or something. 
  2. It would be good for bugging out if it comes to that. 
  3. I could move it to someplace that had more jobs for me than Decorah has. 
  1. I would have to pay someone to store it until I either moved into a trailer park or my own land. 
  2. I would have to pay insurance since it would be financed.
Well, If you have anything to add to this just write a comment. 

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Progress on Land and Bitcoin; No Progress on getting a Job

I found a small acreage, near the river (Mississippi) for $16,000. I also found a cheaper trailer (used) in Ottumwa.
I might be able to get into my own trailer, on my own land for half of what I was thinking.
About my missing bitcoins, Dustin is making progress. He had to write up a little program to try all of the possible combinations of letters from my scrawling note. I should be hearing from him soon.
The book I bought about bitcoins just left me confused but it's helping Dustin a lot.
I'm hoping to hear from him soon.
I've got a bunch of computers ready to sell and a possible 2 more awaiting parts.
I listed my computers on DecorahNow.com; that's Liz's website. I've had good luck selling laptops there; but so far I haven't had any nibbles.
I haven't mentioned them lately but I have a bunch of etchings (by Malcolm Childers) for sale on Ebay. I tend to forget about them because there is little interest in them. If anyone is interested I would take bitcoins in payment for them.
Someone told me that I am too much concerned about myself in my blog.
So what if I am? I don't have any grandchildren to be concerned about. My family is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.
What else is there except the constant effort to keep ahead of my creditors and trying to find cheaper ways to live.
I, like millions of other Americans, find myself slipping deeper and deeper into poverty and despair.
Well, Conner is rocking out on the piano. I think I'll set this aside and listen.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Different Idea about buying Land.

I've been thinking about buying an acreage to put my trailer (which I haven't bought yet)  on. It would be between 4 and 8 acres.
I'm now thinking that it's too much. I'm just me so having any more than a couple of chickens and a garden would be about as much as I could manage.
I was pricing lots in a small town a few miles from here. They are asking around $10,000 for 1/3 acre.
I have to see if I could just live in a trailer there. I wouldn't have to bother with a well and septic system since it's in town.
I'm going to a real estate office and see about legalities in that town. Maybe I'll offer them $5,000 since $10,000 seems high to me.
About other news, I'm having trouble getting my income tax filed.
I had it done for free last year although it turns out it never got filed.
I went to an organization called RSVP. I can't remember what the initials stand for but it's retired people helping us poor folks.
During the tax rush last year, my taxes were set aside since I didn't owe anything and I wasn't expecting a refund.
Then the tax worker got sick. He didn't get to my taxes because of his health. Then he died.
I don't know how to get my information. I got online to the IRS but since I didn't have the right phone I couldn't get a copy of my last return emailed to me. I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to send me a verification code by mail.
I don't expect to get my refund for a month or two.
If it would snow or people would pay what they owe me things would work out.
Oh well, I'll keep looking for a job.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Don't have much to Say Tonight.

Well, I've got 4 computers working and ready for sale. I need one for myself so I could only really sell 3. Another computer could be working as early as next Monday. I'm waiting for an AC adapter so I can really check it out.
I need to get them listed on Decorahnow.com. That's Liz's website and I've had a lot of success with selling old laptops there. I'll do that tonight.
Not much else is happening, tonight.
I'm making progress on the bitcoins; or maybe I should say that my friend Dustin is making progress. I'm not a coder and that is what it takes to really make headway with getting my bitcoins back. Dustin is a coder.
I'm at Java John's waiting for Conner the piano player to come to work. I'm the only customer, now.
I'm going back to Manpower this coming Monday to see about a job that's 60 miles away. It's stacking lumber for 12 hrs. a day. I don't know how they get away from paying overtime, but I'm sure they will have a way.
I'm not making any progress on getting a trailer.
That will have to wait until I either get the car paid off or I get another job. Maybe it'll wait until both of those conditions are met.
I'm having a heck of a time getting my bills paid, this month.
Three people owe me money. Two owe me for computers and another one owes me for the motor home. If I could get paid it wouldn't be that bad.
I think I'll call one of the people that owe me for a computer, now.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Made Progress on Getting my old Bitcoins Back

I was watching Bix Weir being interviewed on one of my favorite financial Youtube channels the other day.
Bix mentioned that nobody knows how many bitcoins were lost by early users because they didn't think they had any value.
I was one of those people, so I wrote to that effect in the comments.
Someone named Julian replied to my comment.
Apparently he is a teacher of bitcoin. There is some hope that he can help me get my bitcoins back. At least we are communicating. I saw by his website that he is having a seminar in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Maybe I could go there and find out about my bitcoins.
On the fixing old laptops front, I bought a couple of old HP laptops last week. I got one working by heating the graphics chip.
I'm having troubles with the other one. It has the same problem but by the time I got it apart I realized that it's too complicated for me to get it back together even if it does work after reflowing the solder on the graphics chip.
Well, I've got all day tomorrow to work with it so I'll just plug along and see if I can get it fixed.
I only spent $20 for the both of them so I'm ahead by getting one of them working. I just hate having so many parts around and not being able to get the machines working.
I am concerned that with all of these computers I'm fixing by heating up the graphics chip that many of them will break again. On Youtube there are a few people who say that the fix I'm using is just temporary.
We'll see; only time will tell.