Saturday, February 18, 2017

Progress on Land and Bitcoin; No Progress on getting a Job

I found a small acreage, near the river (Mississippi) for $16,000. I also found a cheaper trailer (used) in Ottumwa.
I might be able to get into my own trailer, on my own land for half of what I was thinking.
About my missing bitcoins, Dustin is making progress. He had to write up a little program to try all of the possible combinations of letters from my scrawling note. I should be hearing from him soon.
The book I bought about bitcoins just left me confused but it's helping Dustin a lot.
I'm hoping to hear from him soon.
I've got a bunch of computers ready to sell and a possible 2 more awaiting parts.
I listed my computers on; that's Liz's website. I've had good luck selling laptops there; but so far I haven't had any nibbles.
I haven't mentioned them lately but I have a bunch of etchings (by Malcolm Childers) for sale on Ebay. I tend to forget about them because there is little interest in them. If anyone is interested I would take bitcoins in payment for them.
Someone told me that I am too much concerned about myself in my blog.
So what if I am? I don't have any grandchildren to be concerned about. My family is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.
What else is there except the constant effort to keep ahead of my creditors and trying to find cheaper ways to live.
I, like millions of other Americans, find myself slipping deeper and deeper into poverty and despair.
Well, Conner is rocking out on the piano. I think I'll set this aside and listen.
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