Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Random Rants

Something that is getting under my skin is how so-called experts on Youtube constantly say that silver and gold are going through the roof soon. Sometimes they even give the dates that they expect the market to catch up with their true worth.
They are saying that the debt ceiling (which will be reached, March 15) signals the end of the dollar.
The same people were saying that September 23 would be the collapse last Autumn. It didn't happen then and it probably won't happen now.
The problem is that I always bet a couple of hundred dollars on it, just in case. I always lose and I really can't afford to.
I'm a sucker for fear combined with greed. That's been my biggest downfall.
I've got some options on silver that expire in July and June. I've already lost $75 on commissions; maybe I should get out now and buy a fraction of a bitcoin. I don't know; I always make the wrong choice.
Instead of getting paid for a laptop I had one given back to me today. I needed the money but that wasn't happening. The woman I sold it to said that every time she fired it up someone would call her and say that there was a virus on that machine.
I did get a call as soon as I fired it up but the other end hung up right away. Somehow they know when that machine is turned on. It's probably just the NSA messing with me. Oh well.
I'm watching David Seaman on Youtube, now; so I'll sign off.

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