Sunday, February 24, 2013

Opera and Blogger

I just tried using the web browser, Opera, while posting to my blog. It didn't work. I had to go to Safari.  Other than that, I really like Opera. It acts very similar to Chrome or Firefox. I can't use either of those because they don't work on old Macintosh PPCs. I guess that I'm stuck with Safari for tonight.
Well, I started my new job. It's going pretty well, so far. I've been loading Linux on Windows and Macintosh machines. I'm having troubles getting the Mac to work with Linux. The old PPC machines aren't supported by anyone, very much. For being as old and unsupported as they are these old Ibook G4s sure work well. I'm pretty happy with them and I just bought another one for $27 on Ebay. The shipping was another $20 so it really cost me $47. I hope I can get it going well. It comes with software and an AC adapter as well.
I messed up the network last Friday. A guy named Ken came over from Radio Shack and straightened them out. He saved my day.
Ken said that he thought Google Chrome was safe. He didn't think there was much to be afraid of as far as spyware was concerned. I think I'll load Chrome on as many computers as I can tomorrow. I'll just use Ad Blocker, and hope for the best. As it implies, the plug-in Ad Blocker blocks commercial adds from your web browsers. I think its the best protection from spyware.
I made a lot of money, shoveling snow, last Friday. We had close to 6 inches fall, mostly in the morning. I had to juggle the snow shoveling with the IT job. It worked out. I was stiff, Saturday, from all the shoveling. I think that will be the last of the major snow storms. It seemed to be melting very fast Saturday and today.
I went to LaCrosse with Jim and Sherry, today. I hung out at Barnes and Noble while they went shopping. While I was there, I ordered a couple of books on Linux Mint and LibreOffice. We'll be using those at the Peace and Justice Center.
While at Barnes and Noble, I leafed through a book by Bart Ehrman and one by Elaine Pagels. Ehrman wrote a book about the Gnostic texts that didn't make it into the Bible. Pagels had a book about the book of Revelations. I've been reading a lot about religion lately. I've even been doing the daily Christian Science bible lessons.
I'm at a fast-food chain restaurant named Culver's. I finished off a banana split and read the Sunday newspaper. I'm just blogging and listening to Itune radio. I think I'll surf Yahoo, and AOL and go home. I'm a little tired from lack of sleep yesterday.
Well, Later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Job

Next week, some time, I start my new job. I'll be an IT tech for the Peace and Justice Center in Decorah. I won't actually be an employee because I'm counted as being a participant in a program which gets a government grant. It's called Experience Works. I'll have to buy some books on networking. I hope that I'll be able to use Linux, since that is where my expertise is. I networked my home computers about 10 years ago so I'm not a complete newbie.
I picked up my etching that was framed today. I took it to Java Johns and swapped it for the etching of the wagon. I told Mary to lower the price of the etchings to $500. I spent about $187 for framing them alone. I'm still asking $1000 for the etching of the plane.
Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. Apparently it will snow all day. I'll be shoveling at Java Johns. For the next 2 or 3 weeks I might have to shovel before 10 and after 3 since I'll be working for 4 hrs. a day at the Peace and Justice Center.
I've got 3 laptops that are waiting for displays. I bought another one today. It is coming with an extra battery and an extra ac adapter. It also will have install disks for Macintosh software and an adapter for the monitor. I need all of those things so I spent $51 to get the package. I hope that the software is for OS 10.5.8 because that will stream video and audio with Flashplayer. If it's the right software I might be able to get the video to stream on all of my old Ibooks.
I need to make a list of things to buy when I have money. I need a nice pair of shoes, for instance. I won't be able to go to the food pantry at the church because I'll be working at the time that they are opened. I'll have to check on that because, if they are opened until 3:30, I ought to be able to get there in time.
The keyboard on this laptop has a problem with the K key. sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I can't afford to replace it. If I give the computer away whoever gets it will have to live with it or spend some money to replace it.
That's all for now. I might come back tomorrow while I'm waiting for more snow at Java Johns.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rainy day at Java Johns

It's a rainy day in Decorah. I'm  at Java Johns with not much to do. It's Sunday and I've done my ice scraping. Marty's house had some deep ice. It melted from the snow and built up rather deeply. I needed to at least try to get rid of it before the people went to church. I put some salt on it early in the morning but apparently the Methodists start their services at 9:00 in the morning. I was a bit late for them.
The job is coming through. I have to sign some papers tomorrow, and then there is an interview on Wednesday. I'll be working at the Peace and Justice Center. Since it's a government grant I have to avoid politics and religion. I don't know how that will work out. I'm looking forward to having a little extra money.
I'm still buying old laptops. I'll have 3 Ibook g4s working by Wednesday. I'm waiting for the displays. One will be missing the cd player but the others will both be running Macintosh 10.5.8 for the operating system. I think I'll sell one to Mary for her sound system. I'm trying to get a bluetooth sound system going at Java Johns. I need to find speakers for it but I think one of my old laptops will do just fine for streaming audio from the internet.
Selling the etchings is slowing down. I wasn't able to sell the last two. One, I decided to keep and frame.   I am going to try to sell it at Java Johns. I've got 3 on display there, now. I'll swap one and hang one on my wall. While I'm at it I might as well lower my price. I've been asking $1000 for the expensive ones. I think I'll lower the prices to $500. It's a depression, after all. Anyway, I might as well post the one that I am getting I couldn't get the image to upload so I linked to Malcolm's website. The etching I'm trying to sell now is 'Frenchy's Flathead Flyer" which is the first image in Malcolm's website. I've got 2 of these. One is framed and is on display at Java John's. The other is at home waiting to be sent out to a buyer. The other etching, which I'm having framed is "Back to Nature" I didn't get it sold. Well, that's all for now. I'm meeting Gary at the Co-op. Maybe I'll go to LaCrosse today.