Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm Applying for Social Work jobs.

I applied for a skills trainer job today at a place called Opportunity Homes. I've applied there several times, before.
It's working with people with mental disabilities. I guess I would be a glorified babysitter. Oh well, it's a job and it simply isn't snowing enough for me to make my bills with snow shoveling.
I borrowed some money today to buy a Bitcoin. I'll trade it on margin so I should be able to make a lot of money if it keeps going up. It tripled in the last 6 months or so and I don't see any reason to think it won't continue. I feel that the reason it's going up is that Bitcoin is acting as the last "safe haven" for the currency collapse. People in India and China are buying Bitcoins heavily, now. I expect that to happen with the dollar as well.
I sent in a "pre-approved" application for another credit card, today. I don't like getting even deeper into debt but I don't see much choice. If the Bitcoin continues to go up, there might be a way out.
I was tempted to invest in gold mining options but that market is so manipulated that I avoided it. Bitcoin, at least, has the appearance of being a fair market. Nothing else does, anymore.
If I can get a full-time job I may be able to get out of debt. The trip to California really crippled me financially.
I'm not making any progress on buying an acreage or starting a prepper store. It's all I can do to keep my head above water, financially.
If I could live on my acreage or live in the store, I could get out of the apartment rent. That would help make it all doable.
Well, Tom is getting ready for some live music at Java John's. I think I'll sign off and listen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I don't feel that I'm making enough just shoveling snow.

I made about $140 last weekend. I just don't feel that it's enough per week to make ends meet.
I went by Manpower, today. They might have a job for me at a kosher pizza place in a town 20 miles from here. It sounds good to me. I need more money, not only to pay loans and credit cards but to buy silver, computers, and prepper items as well. I would like to buy land from Jim and Sherry as well as a trailer to live in on my own land.
That may sound like a delusion but with the money I save on rent I could afford to buy their land. One step at a time, I could end up with my own acreage/homestead.
I feel a little old to be starting something like that,now; but a person has to start sometime. And if I'm right about the currency collapse, a homestead might be the only thing that makes sense in a Post-Apocalyptic world.
Right after doing my bible lesson the other day I asked myself how I could get started with a prepper store and a homestead. It came to me to do crowd-funding. The idea of using GoFundMe came to mind. If I can get a team together maybe we could do some videos about prepping and building a homestead. Maybe that's the way to get my homestead and store off the ground.
I borrowed $1000, today, to invest in Bitcoin. I was tempted to buy some gold mining options but I feel that the precious metals prices are so manipulated that it's a bad risk.
I feel good about Bitcoins. Every day it's becoming more apparent that Bitcoins will replace the rest of the currencies in a few years. Bitcoin went up over 300% this year. I can margin it at 3 to 1 and it doesn't move so much that I'll get wiped out overnight. I feel good about it.
It took 3 days to get my money to the bank and then it's another 3 to 8 days to actually buy a Bitcoin. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.
There is snow predicted for this Monday. I hope we get a lot of snow even though I have a hard time physically keeping up with it.
I bought two old laptops on Ebay for $40 each. I also bought some items for my new shotgun. Now I'm back to being broke.
Well that's usual.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tomorrow is a Snow Day.

It's predicted to snow tomorrow afternoon. That's a Friday so I probably won't get paid until Monday.
Maybe I can track the guy who owns the bed and breakfast place and get paid this weekend. He now owes me $20 and by Saturday he'll owe me at least $30.
I owe Jim the barber $10 for a haircut, tonight. I was pretty shaggy.
I asked him if I could pay him in coffee and donuts at Java John's; but he said to just pay him when I've got the money.
I'm hoping that it snows Sunday; but they are predicting rain for that day. That's Christmas day but I might be busy shoveling. Oh well.
Not much is happening, tonight. I think I'll dress up a bit and go watch Tom play the piano at Java Johns.
I'm hoping to see Brian there and I'll give him a book by Jim Rickards about the coming collapse. I got it for the price of shipping and handling. In fact I got two books from him.
The book I just finished reading was one of the best I've read about the coming collapse.
All I can do to get ready is to stockpile food and buy silver. I should have bought more Bitcoin; it's going through the roof. It gained $50/coin, today. I've got 1/20 of a coin. I'm just too poor to really get ready for the coming currency collapse.
At least it keeps snowing enough for me to make my bills which are massive due to all the money I spent last year going to California to pan for gold. I never learn.
I just got home from Java John's and Bitcoin is up to $870; so should I borrow $1000 at an absurd interest rate and buy 1?
I don't know; I'll think about it tomorrow. Knowing me I'll probably do it and Bitcoin will go down from there. Greed and fear always taint my decisions about trading and I do the wrong things.
Maybe I should buy the gold miners ETF named GDX. I could get options. T. Harv Eker would tell me to do both. I probably should.  Decisions.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Long-term Goals

I was just watching a video by someone named Brian Tracy.
He made the point that people need long-term goals in order to move towards a vision.
It helps us keep pointed and focused on what we do in our everyday life.
Since I failed to find any gold in California, I need to get refocused on something that will keep me going in a long-term basis.
There are two things that interest me; and they are not mutually exclusive.
The first is to start a small business selling prepper items. One of the main advantages is that I'll be stockpiling items I could use during a currency collapse or something similar.
The second is to have a small acreage to become self-sufficient. At least I would have a source of food and such during an emergency.
The trouble with having a store is that it would take financing and nobody, here, has any faith in me. I am an acknowledged schizophrenic and everyone see whatever I do as a symptom of my disease. Coming up with hundreds of thousands of dollars is probably out of the question. I also have no experience with business.
Maybe I could combine things and have a store on my acreage.
I have two friends who have acreages that they would like to sell. Maybe I could swing something with one of them; like asking them to write the mortgage.
The next step would be to get a camper to live in.
My old motor home didn't work out since it cost too much to repair; a new camper would be better. I could make payments on it and it would work out.
Tomorrow I should be busy, shoveling snow.

Banner Snow Year.

The snow shoveling seasons is starting out with a bang.
I made as much this weekend as I normally make in 3/4ths of a week working for someone.
It looks like this week will be even better; by the weather report.
Last year was a bust; I hardly made enough to pay my bills. I had to sell precious metals to keep up.
This year, too, I'm working harder to get into shape to work at Seed Savers. In the Spring we'll be planting things so it will require a lot of stooping over. Last year I couldn't  handle bending down to the ground to harvest things. Maybe I'll be flexible enough to do that work this year.
I haven't commented on Trump winning the election. I'm all for him but it worries me that some of his cabinet members seem to be " swamp creatures" that he was supposed to get rid of.
Well, that's all I have for now.
I'll  probably update this later on today.